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Chapter 416 A Rotten Jerk

Night had descended. Smog from Beidu enveloped the sky. One could not see the moon or the stars.

Han Wei was standing on the balcony of his small maisonette, his eyes gazing at the village entrance. A country road was there without any street lamps, engulfed in darkness. He was looking quite anxious, with some uneasiness in his eyes.

He was “Department Head Han” of the Sunset Old Folks' Home. The appearance of Ning Tao in the day left him uneasy, like a mouse encountering a cat. But strangely, he could not put his finger on the reason why.

His small maisonette was the grandest building of the entire village, and he the wealthiest man here. His former playmates and cla.s.smates regarded him as their idol and toadied to him, hoping he could help them make money. But he did not accede to their wishes. The reason was that his fortune was made from underhanded means, and could not see daylight.

Suddenly a light shone in from the road at the village entrance.

Han Wei's eyes narrowed to a crease, as he focused at that light source.

The source of that light was approaching rapidly. Light from the neighboring farms had illuminated it. It was an electric motorbike, approaching at a speed of 60 kilometers an hour. Under the light, Han Wei could see the face of the rider. His tense nerves instantly relaxed.

On the motorbike was a woman, his neighbor Wu Moli. She was pretty with a lovely figure. Her husband worked in the city and seldom turned up here. Once, Han Wei had a drop too much and ended up in her bed. After the deed, he offered her some money, but she did not accept it. Nor did she inform her husband. After that, he would drop by her house often, occasionally inviting her to his house for a romp.

Wu Moli rode the electric motorbike to her gate, stopped and lifted her head to glance at Han Wei.

Han Wei said, “You've knocked off?”

Wu Moli nodded. She pushed the electric motorbike through the gate into her courtyard. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, as she locked her bike, she jutted out her b.u.t.tocks as her jeans stretched tight. Her curvaceous figure was exposed, s.e.xy and enticing.

Han Wei felt some heat in his eyes.

Wu Moli raised her head and said, “I just bought pig's kidney from the supermarket. Come and eat it after I pan-fry it.”

Han Wei glanced in the direction of the village entrance. “I'm afraid I can't tonight. I'm waiting for someone.”

Wu Moli went silent for a moment before saying, “I have something important to tell you.”

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“Let's talk tomorrow.” Han Wei seemed quite impatient. He turned and was about to enter his house.

Wu Moli suddenly opened her mouth and spoke. “Wei, I'm… pregnant.”

Han Wei was stunned, rooted to the spot.

Wu Moli said, “My husband hasn't touched me for three months. The baby's yours.”

Han Wei's lips quivered, and he only spoke after a few seconds. “I will open the backdoor for you. Let's talk in my house.”

Wu Moli nodded, taking out the pig's kidney from a bag in her car. Then she went to her backyard and walked out after opening the gate.

Her backyard was a wheat field where the seedlings were growing well. A little farther beyond the field was a stretch of birch woods. The leaves had almost all fallen, as their bald branches trembled slightly in the evening breeze.

The backdoor separated by a wall opened. Han Wei appeared there, beckoning Wu Moli.

Wu Moli brought the pig's kidney with her, walking in.

Han Wei shut the door.

Behind the wheat field, in the birch woods, three people and a dog were standing in a row. Their eyes converged at that shut backdoor.

The Howling Celestial Dog's ears p.r.i.c.ked up slightly, its canine mouth mimicking the man's voice. “You said you are pregnant and it's my child. How can you prove that?”

Then, its canine mouth mimicked the woman's answer. “My husband hasn't touched me for three months. Throughout this period, I had only slept with you. Who else could it be? Han Wei, what do you mean by this? You mean you won't admit it?”

“So this is your only proof?”

“I will deliver the child and take it for a DNA test. If it isn't your child, I will dash my head against a wall and kill myself before you!”

“Are you threatening me?”

“You… boohoo…”

“Why are you crying? Even if the child's mine, I don't want it. Abort the baby. I will give you money.”

“I don't want any money. I just want to be with you! Wait for my husband to turn up, and then I'll break with him. I will divorce him!”

“Don't be ridiculous!”

Jiang Hao suddenly reached out to cover the Howling Celestial Dog's mouth.

“Woo… woof…” In the Howling Celestial Dog's mouth came a mingled sound.

Jiang Hao said, “Don't report anymore. It sounds awful.”

A few seconds later, she uncovered the Howling Celestial Dog's canine mouth. The dog glanced at Ning Tao. It would be his master's decision whether it should report or not.

Ning Tao said, “Forget about monitoring the man. No use listening to such trivial stuff. It will defile our ears.”

Jiang Hao said, “It's all you rotten men's fault. You make a woman pregnant and refuse to take responsibility. The woman's so pitiful. She's pregnant and can't tell her husband, nor will her lover admit it.”

Ning Tao gave a wry smile. “Hao, don't tar all men with the same brush, alright? I never had affairs outside. Even now, I'm still a vir…”

He suddenly shut his mouth.

Jiang Hao and Qing Zhui's eyes soon converged on his body.

The Howling Celestial Dog also turned back its canine head, glaring its large eyes at Ning Tao.

Ning Tao pointed at the Howling Celestial Dog's nose and warned fiercely, “If you dare to disclose this to outsiders, I will stew you as dog hotpot!”

The Howling Celestial Dog shook its canine head.

The atmosphere had suddenly become awkward.

Jiang Hao and Qing Zhui were staring at Ning Tao. His secret as a virgin did not surprise them. After all, these two women had been vying over him. His first time was a matter of great importance. Neither one would give up the chance to the other.

Each time Qing Zhui tried to bed him, Jiang Hao would intervene as a third party at the crucial moment.

Each time Jiang Hao wanted to, her own body would prove an insurmountable hindrance.

It had become a vicious cycle.

The other men saw Ning Tao and were envious of him having a wife and a concubine. He could be intimate with them and enjoy dual conjugal bliss. But who knew of his sufferings?

“Well…” Ning Tao broke the awkward atmosphere in the woods. “That fellow said someone was coming. It must be that agent. Howling Celestial Dog, continue monitoring him. Report what you hear to us.”

The Howling Celestial Dog's canine ears shivered and it continued monitoring. Soon, his mouth spoke in a voice mimicking Han Wei's. “Here's 10,000. Whether you want it or not, you have to abort the child! How can I have one? I'm still so young and have never thought of marrying you, let alone have our child!”

“Boo… hoo…”

“Don't cry, you b.i.t.c.h! Take the money and go!”

“Han Wei, I've finally seen your true colors. I was deceived into thinking you're a dependable man. I must have been blind like a dog!” The Howling Celestial Dog suddenly interrupted with his own comment. “Blind like a dog? Is she one?”

Ning Tao slapped the Howling Celestial Dog's head. “I told you to read more. It's just a figure of speech. Continue monitoring.”

“Woof!” The Howling Celestial Dog a.s.sented. It continued to monitor and report their words. “I don't want your stinking money. I'm not with you because of money. Ask your conscience: we have slept so many times, since when have I ever taken your money? It doesn't matter if you won't acknowledge the child. I will deliver the child and bring it up myself!”

“F**k you, you d.a.m.n wh.o.r.e! I've already given you enough face!”

“Come, beat me! Best if you beat me to death! Me and your child will die in your hands. I submit to my fate!” When it reported these words, the Howling Celestial Dog suddenly said, “Dad, that fellow Han Wei is beating the woman quite savagely.”

Ning Tao sprinted towards Han Wei's maisonette.

Two women and a dog followed closely behind him, stepping on the wheat field towards the maisonette.

In the living room of the maisonette on the second story, Han Wei was slapping Wu Moli. She had toppled to the floor, her ears buzzing. Her mind was in a complete blank as blood gushed out from the corner of her lips. The greatest grief is when you are bereft of expectations. Han Wei's brutal beatings had broken her heart. She no longer harbored any hope.

“You won't abort, eh? Then I will bash you!” Han Wei suddenly kicked Wu Moli's lower abdomen.

“Ah—” Wu Moli shrieked.

Han Wei seemed to have realized something. He frantically pounced on Wu Moli's body and started throttling her. He said savagely, “No yelling! This is my house!”

Wu Moli did not struggle. Two streams of tears rolled down her cheeks.

Han Wei said coldly, “Let me ask you one last time. Will you abort the baby in your womb?”

Wu Moli was breathing strenuously but she did not struggle. She stubbornly shook her head.

“d.a.m.n, I will kill you!” Han Wei's hands brutally throttled Wu Moli's throat.

Wu Moli's face soon turned liver color due to the lack of oxygen. She opened her mouth wide, either because she wanted to breathe or to speak. But Han Wei did not release his hands. Instead, he tightened his grip. A few seconds later, her eyes popped out and she gradually lost consciousness…

Han Wei's hands were still violently throttling her, his face grotesque, his neck full of protruding green veins. “You stinking wh.o.r.e, I will kill you! Kill you!”

There was suddenly a gust of wind.

Before Han Wei could recover, there was an intense pain on his shoulder. He turned his face frantically to the side and looked. It was the furry head of a dog. This Chinese Field Dog with golden fur was almost about to bite off his shoulder!

The Howling Celestial Dog flung him with his canine mouth and Han Wei soared into the air, overturning a tea table and crashing heavily onto the floor. Before he could get up, the Howling Celestial Dog had pounced on him. It opened its canine mouth and sank its teeth into his thigh.


Fresh blood splattered!

“Ah—” Han Wei gave a hideous shriek. At this moment, he suddenly saw three people in his living room— a man and two women. He could now make out distinctly that man's face and suddenly recalled something. Blood drained from his face, his eyes full of terror.

That man was Ning Tao. He had pushed Ning Tao in Sunset Old Folks' Home and Ning Tao had nearly toppled to the floor.

That strange feeling of a mouse encountering a cat revived again. It had now become a reality, intense like never before!

Ning Tao raised a finger to his lips. “Shhh— don't yell. If you yell again, my dog will chew off your neck.”

The Howling Celestial Dog glared ferociously with its canine eyes, keen as a blade.

Han Wei bit his own lip.

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