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Meg Merrilies' Soup.

Grouse Soup.

Stewed Terrapin.

Turtle Steak.

Larded Grouse, Bread Sauce and Crumbs.

Broiled Quail on Toast, Currant Jelly.

Potato Croquettes.

Escaloped Tomato.

Roast Loin of Venison, Game Sauce.

Potato Puffs.

Cauliflower, with Cream Sauce.

Roast Ducks, Olive Sauce.

Potatoes _a la Parisienne._

French Peas.

Dressed Celery.

Lemon Sherbet.

Charlotte Russe.

Nesselrode Pudding.

Crackers and Cheese.




Boned Turkey (one).

Tongue in Jelly (two).

Chicken Salad (six quarts).

Escaloped Oysters (six quarts).

Two quarts of olives.

One hundred _small_ rolls, b.u.t.tered.

Fifty Sardine Sandwiches.

Jelly (four moulds).

Orange Bavarian Cream (four moulds). Frozen Pudding (three gallons).

Chocolate Ice Cream (two gallons).

Vanilla (ten quarts).

Pistachio (ten quarts).

Mixed Cake (three baskets).

Coffee (twelve quarts).


Chicken Sandwiches.

Tongue Sandwiches.

b.u.t.tered Rolls.

b.u.t.tered Slices of Bread.

Richmond Maids of Honor.

_Gateau St. Honore._

Dominos and other Small Cakes.

Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream.

Candies and Fruit.

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