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Set away to cool. When cold, cover with thick white paper, and put on the tin cover. Pack the mould in salt and ice for four or six hours.

At serving time, wipe the mould free of salt and ice and dip for a moment in warm water. Take off the cover and paper, and turn out.

Serve with quince sauce.

Peach Pudding.

Pare and cut fine one dozen ripe peaches. Sprinkle with three table spoonfuls of sugar, and let them stand one hour. Make a custard the same as for frozen cabinet pudding, No. 2. Have the peaches in a deep gla.s.s dish, and, as soon as the custard is partly cooled, turn it on them. Set away in a cold place for six or eight hours. When convenient, it is well to make this pudding the day before using.

Orange Pudding.

One pint of milk, the juice of six oranges and rind of three, eight eggs, half a cupful of b.u.t.ter, one large cupful of granulated sugar, a quarter of a cupful of powdered sugar, one table-spoonful of ground rice, paste to line the pudding dish. Mix the ground rice with a little of the cold milk. Put the remainder of the milk in the double boiler, and when it boils, stir in the mixed rice. Stir for five minutes; then add the b.u.t.ter, and set away to cool. Beat together the sugar, the yolks of the eight eggs and whites of four. Grate the rind and squeeze the juice of the oranges into this. Stir all into the cooked mixture. Have a pudding dish, holding about three quarts, lined with paste. Pour the preparation into this, and bake in a moderate oven for forty minutes. Beat the remaining four whites of the eggs to a stiff froth, and gradually beat in the powdered sugar. Cover the pudding with this. Return to the oven, and cook ten minutes, having the door open. Set away to cool. It must be ice cold when served.

Orange Pudding, No. 3.

One cupful and a half of granulated sugar, six table-spoonfuls of the powdered, six eggs, six large, or eight small, sweet oranges, half a package of gelatine, one quart of boiling milk. Soak the gelatine for two hours in one cupful of the milk. Put the remaining milk in the double boiler. Beat together the yolks of the eggs and the granulated sugar. When the milk boils, stir in the gelatine, and then the beaten yolks and sugar. Stir constantly until the mixture begins to thicken (which will be about five minutes); then remove from the fire and put away to cool. Pare the oranges, and free them of seeds and tough parts. Put them in a large gla.s.s dish, and when the custard has cooled, pour it over the fruit. Let this stand in a cold place six or eight hours. Beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth, and gradually beat in the powdered sugar. Cover the pudding with this, and serve.

Royal Diplomatic Pudding.

Soak half a box of gelatine in half a cupful of cold water one or two hours. Pour on this two-thirds of a pint of boiling water, and add the juice of a lemon, a cupful of sugar and half a pint of wine. Stir, and strain. Have two moulds, one holding two quarts, the other a quart.

Put a layer of jelly in the large mould, and place on ice. When hard, garnish with candied cherries, cut in two. Pour in a few spoonfuls of liquid jelly, _not hot,_ to hold the cherries, and then pour in enough to cover them. When the jelly is perfectly hard, set the small mould in the centre of the large one, and fill the s.p.a.ce between with jelly. Fill the small mould with ice, and set both in a basin of ice water. When the jelly is again hard, remove the ice from the small mould, which fill with warm water, and lift it out carefully. The vacant s.p.a.ce is to be filled with custard made by the following recipe: The yolks of five eggs, half a cupful of sugar, two table- spoonfuls of wine, one teaspoonful of vanilla extract, half a box of gelatine, soaked in half a cupful of cold water, a scant cupful of milk. Put the milk to boil. Add the gelatine, and the eggs and sugar, beaten together. Strain, and add the wine and vanilla. When the custard begins to thicken, add half a pint of cream, whipped to a stiff froth. Pour the custard into the s.p.a.ce mentioned, and let it stand until it hardens. Turn the pudding out of the mould, and serve with soft custard poured around it.

Orange Diplomatic Pudding.

Make one quart of orange jelly. Arrange this in the mould and make a filling the same as for royal diplomatic pudding. Flavor the filling, and the custard for the sauce, with orange.

Lemon Diplomatic Pudding.

Make one quart of lemon jelly, and prepare the mould with it the same as for the royal diplomatic pudding. Make a lemon sponge, with which fill the cavity. When hard, serve with a custard flavored with lemon.

Bird's Nest Pudding.

Half a package of c.o.x's sparkling gelatine, six oranges, three cupfuls and a half of sugar, one pint of blanc-mange. Take the peel from the oranges in quarters. Put it in two quarts of water, and let it stand over night. In the morning drain off the water. Cut the peel in thin strips with the scissors. Put it in cold water and boil until tender.

Make a syrup of half a cupful of sugar and a pint of water. Drain the straws of orange peel on a sieve. Put them in this syrup and simmer half an hour. Turn into a bowl, and let stand until next day. Put one pint of sugar and one pint of water on to boil. Cook rapidly for twenty minutes; the syrup will then fall from the spoon in threads.

Put the straws in this and boil half an hour. Take out, and drain on a sieve. As they dry, put them in a dish, which place in the warm oven.

These are for the nests. For the jelly, soak the gelatine two hours in half a cupful of cold water; then pour on it enough boiling water to make, with the juice of the oranges, two cupfuls and a half. Add one small cupful of sugar and the orange juice. Stir well, and strain through a napkin into a shallow dish. In one end of each of six eggs make a hole, about the size of a cent Break the yolks with a skewer, and pour the eggs into a bowl. (They may be used for puddings and custards.) Wash and drain the sh.e.l.ls. Fill them with the blanc-mange.

Have a pan filled with meal, in which to stand the sh.e.l.ls. Set away to cool. Break the jelly in pieces with a fork, and put in a flat gla.s.s dish. Arrange the straws in the form of nests, six in number, and arrange them on the jelly. Place the eggs in these, and serve.

Quince Iced Pudding.

Beat three eggs very light; then add one cupful and a half of powdered sugar, and beat until foamy. Put two cupfuls of sifted pastry flour in the sieve, and add one teaspoonful of cream of tarter and half a teaspoonful of soda. Stir half a cupful of cold water into the beaten eggs and sugar; then sift the flour on this. Mix quickly and thoroughly. Have a tin mould similar to the border moulds shown in the chapter on Kitchen Furnishing, but of oval shape, higher and plain. It should be about four inches high, and six wide and eight long, top measurement--the mould tapering. The s.p.a.ce between the outer and inner walls should be an inch and a half. b.u.t.ter this mould and pour the cake mixture into it. Bake slowly for forty-five minutes. Let it stand in the mould until nearly cold. Turn on a flat dish. Put the whites of two eggs in a bowl, gradually beat into them one cupful and a half of powdered sugar, and season with half a teaspoonful of vanilla extract Ice the cake with this, and set away to dry. In the meantime, make a cream with one generous quart of cream, one cupful of sugar, one table-spoonful of vanilla and one pint of soft custard. Freeze the same as ice cream. Spread the inside of the cake with a large tumbler of quince jelly. At serving time pack the frozen cream in the centre of the cake. Heap whipped cream on the top and at the base, and serve immediately. This is an elegant pudding, and is not difficult to make.

Princess Pudding.

Soak for an hour in a pint of cold water one box of c.o.x's sparkling gelatine, and add one pint of boiling water, one pint of wine, the juice of four lemons, and three large cupfuls of sugar. Beat the whites of four eggs to a stiff froth, and stir into the jelly when it begins to thicken. Pour into a large mould, and set in ice water in a cool place. When ready to serve, turn out as you would jelly, only have the pudding in a deep dish. Pour one quart of soft custard around it, and serve.

Apple Porcupine.

Sixteen large apples, two large cupfuls of granulated sugar, one lemon, one quart of water, one tea-cupful of powdered sugar, one quart of milk, one table-spoonful of corn-starch, half a teaspoonful of salt, six eggs, one pint of blanched almonds. Put the water and granulated sugar in a sauce-pan. Have ten of the apples pared and cored, and as soon as the sugar and water boils, put in as many of the apples as will cook without crowding. Simmer gently until the fruit is cooked through. When done on one side the fruit must be turned. Drain, and cool them on a dish. Cook ten apples in this manner. Have the six that remain pared and quartered and stewed in one cupful of water.

Turn the stewed apples into the syrup left from cooking the others.

Add the grated rind and the juice of the lemon. Simmer until a smooth marmalade is formed. It will take about twenty minutes. Set away to cool. Put the milk on in the double boiler, reserving half a cupful.

When it boils, stir in the corn-starch, which has been mixed with the cold milk. Stir well, and cook five minutes. Beat the yolks of the six eggs and the whites of two with half of the powdered sugar. Gradually pour the boiling mixture on this. Return to the boiler and cook three minutes, stirring all the time. Add the salt. Turn into a pitcher or bowl, and set away to cool. Heap the cooked apples in a mound, using the marmalade to fill up the s.p.a.ces between the apples. Beat the four whites of eggs to a stiff froth, and beat the half cupful of powdered sugar into it. Cover the apples with this, and stick the almonds into it. Brown slowly in the oven. Set away to cool. At serving time, season the custard with lemon, and pour it around the porcupine.


Rich Wine Sauce.

One cupful of b.u.t.ter, two of powdered sugar, half a cupful of wine.

Beat the b.u.t.ter to a cream. Add the sugar gradually, and when very light, add the wine, which has been made hot, a little at a time.

Place the bowl in a basin of hot water and stir for two minutes. The sauce should be smooth and foamy.

Creamy Sauce.

Half a cupful of b.u.t.ter, one cupful of _powdered_ sugar, one- fourth of a cupful of cream or milk, four table-spoonfuls of wine, or one teaspoonful of vanilla or lemon extract. If lemon or vanilla is used, add four table-spoonfuls of cream. Beat the b.u.t.ter to a cream.

Add the sugar, gradually, beating all the while. When light and creamy, gradually add the wine, and then the cream, a little at a time. When all is beaten smooth, place the bowl in a basin of hot water and stir until the sauce is smooth and creamy--no longer. It will take only a few minutes. This is a delicious sauce, and if well beaten, and not kept in the hot water long enough to melt the sugar, it will be white and foamy all through.

Foaming Sauce.

One cupful of b.u.t.ter, two of powdered sugar, the whites of two eggs, five table-spoonfuls of wine or three of brandy, one-fourth of a tea- cupful of _boiling_ water. Beat the b.u.t.ter to a cream, and gradually beat the sugar into it. Add the whites of the eggs, unbeaten, one at a time, and then the brandy or wine. When all is a light, smooth ma.s.s, add the water, beating in a little at a time.

Place the bowl in a basin of hot water and stir until smooth and frothy, which will be about two minutes. This sauce is for rich puddings.

German Sauce.

One cupful of sugar, half a cupful of water, three eggs, one table- spoonful of b.u.t.ter, three of brandy, or a teaspoonful of any extract you like. Put the sugar and water in a sauce-pan and boil for fifteen minutes. Beat the yolks of the eggs, and stir them into the boiling syrup. Put the basin in another of hot water and beat the mixture with the whisk until it begins to thicken; then add the b.u.t.ter, the whites of the eggs, beaten to a stiff froth, and the brandy. Stir one minute longer, and serve.

German Sauce, No. 2.

The yolks of five and whites of three eggs, one cupful of powdered sugar, one pint of cream, and any flavor you choose. Beat together the yolks of the eggs and the sugar, and add the cream. Put this mixture in the double boiler (having first beaten the whites to a stiff froth), and stir until it begins to thicken; then add the whites and seasoning. Beat thoroughly, and serve.

Lemon Sauce.

One cupful of sugar, half a cupful of water, the rind and juice of two lemons, the yolks of three eggs. Boil together the sugar, water, lemon juice and grated rind for twenty minutes. Beat the yolks of the eggs.

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