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Chapter 886 - 886 A Betteer Fiancée

886 A Betteer Fiancée

After all, why would his own relatives speak badly of him?

The crowd peered at Yao Yan, wondering this very same thing.

President Wen did not appreciate Yao Ran’s remarks. He harrumphed and said, “Since you are all President Yao’s relatives, how is it that you don’t even know his ident.i.ty? The way I see it, it’s your family that’s more suspicious.”

Yao Ran was rendered speechless.


It was true that she didn’t know Yao Yan very well, but for President Wen to put so much faith in him that he was willing to speak up for her cousin in public… Did Yao Yan have another, more prominent ident.i.ty?

Yao Ran thought back to Old Madam Yao’s words and her reaction when she saw Yao Yan.

She was both relieved and overjoyed that her grandson was able to come to her special day.

Surely, if she wasn’t aware of Yao Yan’s other ident.i.ty, Old Madam Yao wouldn’t have been so excited by his attendance.

Going off from this presumption, it would seem that only Yao Ran was unaware of Yao Yan’s other ident.i.ty.

Yao Ran grew irritable at the thought.

Things were spiraling out of her control and worse still, she had no idea who Yao Yan truly was. Like Qin Man, Yao Ran also thought that her cousin was just a lazy b.u.m.

When she recalled their past treatment of him, a keen sense of foreboding came over her.

Yang Ming, who stood watching from the side, noticed the shift in President Wen’s expression. He knew that something was not right.

Just what in the world was going on?

Was President Wen implying this other ident.i.ty of Yao Yan was so profound that even he would personally seek out a cooperation?

Yang Ming thought back to President Wen’s manner toward Yao Yan this entire time, and felt that he was missing something. He just couldn’t figure out what it was.

But then another realization hit him, and it sent a shiver down his spine. He had never investigated the people of the Yao family beforehand.

He usually looked into the backgrounds of a banquet’s guests as a precaution, so as not to offend them in any way.

This time, however, he had chosen to be lax, since this was simply a small birthday party hosted by the Yao family.

It was nothing like the grand gatherings back at the capital, and Yang Ming had presumed that there was no one in this banquet he would want to befriend, anyway.

And so, he didn’t send anyone to investigate these people. He hadn’t seen the need to do so.

Obviously, it was a grave mistake on his part. Even Yao Ran seemed oblivious about her own cousin’s ident.i.ty, and she was about to drag Yang Ming down with her for her blunder.

If this young master from the second branch was really as powerful as he was made out to be, then he was completely done for.

Yang Ming grew anxious. “Yao Ran, do you honestly not know who your cousin is? You share the same surname, so how can you be worse than an outsider?”

Even President Wen knew about this matter, yet the entire Yao family was clueless. It didn’t make any sense.

Yao Ran was already annoyed as it was, but after getting scolded by Yang Ming in front of so many people, she was incensed.

She had come here today to make a glorious reappearance, not to make a fool of herself.

“How am I supposed to know when he took great lengths to hide it from me?”

Yao Ran snapped impatiently, her face filled with grievance.

Yao Yan barely even acknowledged Yao Yuan and Qin Man as his elders. How could they be expected to know the details of his life?

Yang Ming shook his head in frustration.

This Yao Ran was really useless!

He now saw it as his good fortune that Old Madam Yao had not agreed to their marriage. And since he had already obtained the medicine, the research inst.i.tute was well on its way to dissecting its properties.

Even if he broke their deal now, neither Yao Ran nor her parents could do anything to him.

At the end of the day, Yao Ran was not qualified to be his fiancée, after all.

They would have had a good relationship with mutual benefits, but she had made him lose so much face today. Perhaps he had overestimated her value.

But now that he had made up his mind, he needed to revise his plans and look for another, better fiancée.

Yang Ming’s thoughts immediately drifted off to the other young miss of the Yao family. If he remembered correctly, her name should be Yao Tang.

Just a while ago, he had heard someone mention that she had gotten a perfect score in the recent Math Olympiad Compet.i.tion.

Now, that was a person who was genuinely proficient in academics.

Additionally, before this whole debacle, he had also heard that Yao Ran had almost become Yang Nian’s fiancée. However, after spending some time in the same school and getting to know both girls, Yang Nian had eventually chosen Yao Tang for himself.

If even Yang Nian was propelled to go against his family’s arrangement, then this Yao Tang must really be something.

The more Yang Ming thought about her, the more curious he got. Judging by what little information he had gathered, Yao Tang was definitely a more suitable candidate than Yao Ran. Moreover, her older brother, Yao Yan, held a mysterious ident.i.ty that even the mighty President Wen revered. And all the notable men in suits who had paraded their gifts just now all had something to do with Yao Tang. Yang Ming could use these elements to his advantage. They would help him a lot.

Certainly much more than anything the brainless Yao Ran had to offer.

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