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Chapter 884 - 884 Yao Yan

884 Yao Yan

Yang Ming naturally recognized Director Wen. The Wen Group led the export industry, so they were extremely well-known. If the Yang Family had the opportunity to cooperate with them, they’d certainly rise to a new level.

He couldn’t help but walk toward him.

If he had the opportunity to cooperate with the Wen Family, then this trip would be worth it.

Yao Yuan took a deep breath, trying to calm his beating heart. He knew for a fact that Director Wen came here for him, but everyone was surrounding him like flies!


He didn’t waste any time as he waved him over. “Director Wen, I’m over here. Are you looking for me?” he called out. “If you have any operation you’d like me to manage, we’re open to talking things out.”

He stared at him in antic.i.p.ation.

Who would’ve thought that Director Wen would come all the way here for him? It seemed that his dreams were finally coming true.

However, he only received a look of confusion.

The old man looked him down a couple of times, not being able to recognize him.

“h.e.l.lo, may I ask who you are?”

CEO Wen furrowed his eyebrows.

Without even hearing his reply, he looked around once again before his gaze landed on a certain someone. His eyes widened in surprise, and he lost all pretenses.

He ran toward Yao Yan.

“Director Yao!” he exclaimed. “I knew you were busy, so I decided to bring the contract over. I hope I didn’t disturb you. It’s just…this is a really important arrangement.”

He hurriedly handed the contract over.

Yao Yan’s face showed no emotion.

“Okay, bring it over for signing.”

When CEO Wen saw that the man wasn’t the slightest bit annoyed, he slowly relaxed his shoulders. He waved over his man who had brought him a pen and contract to sign over.

Everyone gasped audibly.

Director Yao? Didn’t someone say that he had spent his entire time just lazing around? Didn’t they say that he didn’t have a decent job at his age? They furrowed their eyebrows.

If all of that were true, why would CEO Wen come all the way here?

“What’s going on? Am I seeing things?”

“So the reason Director Wen had come here was for Yao Yan?”

“How is this possible?”

“But I thought he was supposed to be useless? What’s going on?”

“How could they be looking for him?”

No matter how surprised they were, their gazes locked on the scene before them.

This just couldn’t be made up!

Yang Ming was immediately taken aback. He couldn’t figure out how a small family like theirs was able to get in touch with CEO Wen. They had even earned the man’s respect.

Who were they ?

Even Qin Man was surprised.

She was the one who had spread the rumor that Yao Yan had really been lazing about. However, it wasn’t because she believed them to be false, but rather true.

She had always believed that Yao Ran was better than her cousins.

After all, the second family didn’t even partic.i.p.ate in any banquet. They usually eat and drink at home, and they dress so modestly! She just thought that they didn’t have the money to afford such a luxury.

As such, she couldn’t help but stare at the scene in complete disbelief.

Had CEO Wen been deceived by this man? He was doing absolutely nothing all day long, so how did he manage to own such a big company? How did he manage to catch his attention? This must all be made up!

Her heart stirred in her chest.

They should be the most powerful family out there. How could the second son surpa.s.s the oldest? She gritted her teeth.

“Perhaps you should verify his ident.i.ty, CEO Wen.” Qin Man crossed her arms over her chest. “As far as I know, he’s a hoodlum who doesn’t have a proper job. Perhaps he’s been relying on the Yao Family name to swindle the public. I suggest that you won’t be so easily fooled.”

Their gazes changed.

That’s also possible.

“So it’s because of the Yao Family’s reputation that he had gotten this opportunity.”

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