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Chapter 882 - 882 Zero Points?

882 Zero Points?

Qin Man had continually shown off her partic.i.p.ation in the Math Olympiad. If she didn’t perform well, she’d lose face.

“What are you so afraid of? Your Uncle was the one who said that he knew a judge from the Math Olympiad; he said so himself! This has nothing to do with me.”

Qin Man shook off her hand.

In public, everyone knew Yao Ran as the most educated and well-mannered lady in the inner circle. It was one thing for her to say that her daughter’s grades had slipped, but it was another for someone to accuse her of this.


If they didn’t clear things out now, who knew what the others would say?

“Don’t bother with her,” Jiang Wan reminded. “Today is your mother’s birthday, so just let it go.”

The guests were all watching from the side like they were overseeing a tennis match.

Looking at how the scene had unfolded, he knew that it was better to not make such a big fuss. He took a deep breath and suppressed the urge to call his friend.

If they had really reached that stage, they wouldn’t be able to quell it.

Seeing that Yao Rong didn’t make a move, Qin Man became even more confident.

As expected, he was lying.

“Didn’t you say that you know one of the judges?” Qin Man mocked. “You’re obviously lying, right? Maybe you should take better care of your child than spending all those days slandering mien?”

They were obviously useless.

Her words instantly ignited the anger in his heart.

His eyes flashed. At this point, he couldn’t care less about anyone else.

Yao Rong immediately dialed his friend’s number. “Old Cai,” he said lightly. “You know my child’s score, right? Today is my grandmother’s birthday, and I would really appreciate it if you give me the results a little earlier. She had always been invested in Tangtang’s academic achievements, so it would definitely be a gift to remember.”

After receiving an affirmative response, he shoved his phone back into his pocket.

He didn’t dare ask his friend to tell him his daughter’s results. Qin Man would obviously call him out if this man had told her over the phone. No.

He needed something tangible.

That way, Qin Man would find no fault with it.

That also meant that he wouldn’t be able to hide Yao Ran’s score any longer. When the time came, everyone would find out whether Qin Man was lying or not.

On the other end of the line, however, Cai Shu couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows in confusion.

Today was really Old Madam Yao’s birthday celebration. However, her grandchildren had scored a perfect score and a zero. No one would know whether this would bring her joy, terror, or just plain surprise.

However, as his friend had asked him for a favor, he had to give him face.


After hearing Yao Rong’s words, Qin Man snorted. “Do you think I believe that you know this judge? You must be joking!”

She still did not believe it.

However, after two minutes, someone yelled out in surprise, “The results are out! The results are out!”

Everyone immediately glanced at their phones.

Some of them logged onto the official website of the Math Olympiad. As soon as they saw the first page, they all gasped at the banner, “Congratulations, Student Yao Tang for achieving a perfect score!”

“Oh my G.o.d, this student got a full score again!”

“Yao Tang, right? I heard that she’s the granddaughter of Old Madam Yao. She’s also attending No. 1 High School! Her grades had always been very good.”

“You have really educated your kids well,” someone congratulated. “Congratulations!”

“This really calls for a double celebration!”

Qin Man quickly turned to her daughter. “Check your results!”

Yao Ran lowered her head and turned on her phone. Her heart was racing in her chest.

However, when she saw the official website, her face paled.

Her mother impatiently grabbed her phone.

However, when she saw that Yao Ran had scored zero points on her finals, she was so surprised that she had almost dropped her phone onto the floor.

She actually got zero points?

What the h.e.l.l was going on?

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