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Today, as always, the National Diet is in the middle of deliberations.

Many might wonder whether deliberations really do take so long, but actually they don't, barring any significant extension.

Incidentally, some people have been wondering what would happen to the reverse-summonings when the Diet happens to not be in session, but even the author does not know.

It'll be fine. Surely Amaterasu-sama will do something about it. Maybe.

"Ahh, I just remembered. There will be a reverse-summoning today. So then about the matter that Councilman Okita had been drawing attention to since quite a while ago……"

"Did you just offhandedly mention something of extreme gravity, Prime Minister?!"

The importance announcement that Adachi-kun slipped into his response as an offhand comment evoked a tsukkomi from the Tsukkomi Onii-san aka the young Diet member.

Whereas the other Diet members have somewhat given up already, this young member who is still going strong with his tsukkomis is actually surrept.i.tiously enjoying a rise in popularity. But the person himself is not glad at all about the fact that his ratings are rising because of his tsukkomis, so he has been secretly considering whether he should give up as well.

"In the first place, where did you get such information from?"

"From Linbel-san."

"Excuse me? Why Linbel-san?"

The surprising answer causes all Diet members to turn their gazes towards the corner of the Diet hall where Graios-san and Linbel-san are together on standby.

"Actually, Linbel-san's deep religious faith has been acknowledged by Amaterasu-sama, and she has been officially ordained as Amaterasu-sama's miko."

"Miko?!" 1

Shocking news. In the modern world is born a dark elf miko who serves the Sun G.o.ddess.

When she comes to the Diet, she wears a suit out of consideration for the place's atmosphere, but it seems that the time for her to wear her true uniform as a miko is not too far off.

"So from now on, Amaterasu-sama's august words will all come through Linbel-sa—"


As if to overwhelm Adachi-kun's voice in the middle of his explanation, a hoa.r.s.e, manly voice reverberates throughout the Diet hall like a bomb.

"Kuh…… finally, finally my greatest wish has been granted."

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