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"Cough, cough, cough!"

Ling Fei, who had woken up at some point, smiled as he saw this sight. Seeing Chu Yunna's young and handsome face, it was like spark to a pile of tinder. He quickly coughed to remind them of their surroundings and be mindful of their actions.

It was only then that Ding Ning realized his breach of etiquette, as if shocked, he quickly let go of Chu Yunna and laughed awkwardly. "Haha, Uncle Ling, you're awake. How do you feel?"

Ling Fei's mood was clearly greatly improved and he had no issue at all with his future son-in-law holding another woman and kissing her. After all, Chu Yunna was as dear to him as his own daughter.

He even began to ponder an absurd idea. Ding Ning was not a man to be tied down by a single woman. If Yunna and Ling Yun both married him, it might reign him in a little.

After twenty years of painful torment, matters of life and death have ceased to become so serious and his nature had changed, thus it was no wonder he was so open-minded.

Particularly since Ding Ning had managed to do what that mysterious organization had failed to do, this made Ding Ning rise, again, in his estimation.

Ling Fei heard Ding Ning's sincere inquiry but he did not reply. He just walked to the wall of the cave, summoned his strength and, with an explosive cracking of bone, he sent a powerful punch toward the wall.

With a crash, shattered pieces of rock flew out. A deep, bowl-sized hole had appeared on the solid wall and the entire cave seemed to tremble with the strike. However, Ling Fei's fist was completely unharmed.

Ding Ning was dumbstruck. He could also do such a thing and had even done more than that in the past but he needed to summon his True Qi to do so.

He could tell that Ling Fei had never cultivated before and it was impossible for him to summon True Qi. He had accomplished this purely through the strength of his body. How could Ding Ning not be shocked?

Ling Fei wore a satisfied smile on his face. "Who would have thought that something good would come out of all this? My strength is many times what it used to be and not only are my attacks more powerful, even my defense is better."

Before his words were done, as if to prove his words, Ding Ning smashed his head ruthlessly against the wall of the cave. Another crash rang out, shattered rock flew everywhere, and a basketball-sized hole appeared on the cave wall.

Ding Ning opened and closed his mouth. With a chuckle, he joked. "Congratulations, Uncle Ling, on mastering such power. You are sure to go far!"

Ling Fei glanced at him with a smile. "d.a.m.n kid, what cheek!"

"Hehe, if Aunt Chu and Ling Yun knew about this, they would be incredibly happy. Hurry home and see them."

Halfway through his words, Ding Ning's expression darkened but he hid it very well and quickly recovered.

It would be a lie to say that Ling Yun's matter was not a blow against him. No matter what, he could be considered a pretty boy and had many years of affection with Ling Yun. Even if it was the affection of siblings, he still did not feel good about being abandoned like this.

Ling Fei had trained as a special operative and was particularly skilled at observation. Naturally, the flicker of expression across Ding Ning's face did not escape his notice.

But he did not say anything and made no move to speak on Ling Yun's behalf. He did not want to interfere in matters of the heart.

Furthermore, he could see that Ding Ning was not a man to be held back by a woman. He was not a good match for Ling Yun.

All he could do was be neutral. The younger generation would do alright on their own. Ling Yun would have to rely on herself to move forward.

Speaking of which, it was amusing that Ling Fei and Chu Yunxiao's att.i.tudes toward Ling Yun's love life were two complete and opposite extremes.

Ling Fei shook his head. "Now is not the time to reunite with them."

Ding Ning paused but caught on quickly. Yes, Ling Fei had already disappeared for over twenty years, a death certificate had even been issued.

If he abruptly went home now, not only was there the matter of whether the mysterious organization would allow him but even the government would probably question him about his experiences these years.

Particularly as he had returned to normal, that would certainly pique the interest of the mysterious organization. They would use all possible means to bring him back to question.

Even if Ling Fei could protect himself, what about Ling Yun and his wife? When faced with the mysterious organization, there was no chance of rebellion.

Although he still had some grievances toward Chu Yunxiu and her daughter, Ding Ning would still not allow them to walk into danger.

Furthermore, there was the matter of Chu Yunna's ident.i.ty. Although it was easier to explain a disappearance of three years, the mysterious organization would probably not let go of her.

After thinking furiously for a moment, Ding Ning made up his mind. Solemnly, he took out too bio-emulated skins. "Uncle Ling, I have an idea but I hope you two will keep it a secret for me."

"You saved us, we would not be so ungrateful."

Ling Fei's eyes narrowed and he made the promise for him and Chu Yunna. Chu Yunna quickly nodded along in agreement.

With a serious expression, Ding Ning said, "Weren't you curious about the disguise I wore earlier? In reality, that wasn't makeup or prosthetics. Rather, it was a kind of bio-emulated skin that my teacher created. Once this kind of skin touches water, it becomes a thin mask that covers a person. A person's entire appearance can be changed at will and the mask sets after two minutes. Even the person's fingerprints and DNA is that of another person's, and it is impossible to tell the difference. I'll give one each to you and Yunna, so you can reunite with your family."

Ling Fei's eyes lit up. In a shaky voice, he asked, "Who was your master? Is there really such magic? Can this thing change one's height?"

Chu Yunna was also very shocked but her bright eyes were more filled with a lively excitement.

After all, it was not the same for her as it was for Ling Fei, who regularly went out at night. In three years, she had never gone out even once as she was scared she would not be able to resist drinking blood if she saw someone.

For her, as someone in the prime of their youth, this was the greatest torment. She had long desired to breathe the air outside.

Furthermore, she wanted to be by Ding Ning's side forever. With this magical bio-emulating skin, all of this was possible.

"Height is the other problem I mentioned. I know a skill called "Bone Locking" and can reduce the distance between one's own bones and thus change the height. But I do not recommend you changing your height. Not only is the skill very difficult to cultivate, even if you master it, it is impossible to maintain it for very long after using the bio-emulating skin. As time pa.s.ses, the bones will become damaged."

Ding Ning kept nothing back and said with confidence, "Of course, if you want to learn the skill, I will teach it to you. I just don't suggest you use it after changing your appearance. After all, there are countless people who are the same height."

Ling Fei nodded. "That's true. With the bio-emulating skin, I can reunite with my wife and daughter in a different form. At most, there will be some nasty rumors going around that Yunxiu has remarried but I believe she can deal with such things. After all, I will tell her my ident.i.ty."

It was true. Ling Fei was 1.78 meters tall, and there were countless people of that height in Ninghai. As long as his fingerprints and DNA could not prove his ident.i.ty, there would not be a problem.

On the other hand, it was Chu Yunna's height that was a problem. After all, although there were girls who were 1.75 meters tall, it was not common. Particularly given her the figure of ideal ratio and her height, it would be very easy for those with agendas to grow suspicious.

But as long as she was careful, it should not be a problem. After all, unlike Ling Fei, she did not have a family, which was his largest potential problem.

Although they did not plan on using it, Ling Fei and Chu Yunna still wanted to learn Bone Locking. After all, a skill did not weigh a person down and who knew when it could come in useful?

Ding Ning kept nothing back and taught them everything he knew. It was impossible for him to not admire Chu Yunna's intelligence. In just two short hours, she was now able to change her height at will and was amusing herself happily.

It was until dawn that Ling Fei managed to change his height but he was only able to grow a few centimeters shorter. Ding Ning found this very strange.

But when he tried to demonstrate it himself, he found, with shock, that he was the same. After thinking hard for a long time, he abruptly remembered that his bones were probably the same as Ling Fei's and had undergone changes.

With apprehension in his heart, Ding Ning faced the wall and threw out a punch. With a giant boom, the three of them looked at the wall with shock and surprise.

A half-meter deep hole appeared on the mossy and damp cave walls. Ding Ning had to exert a great deal of strength to pull his arm out again.

His entire arm had entered into the cave wall with this one punch. It was evident how much his strength had changed.

This was not the strangest thing. Through the entire process, Ding Ning did not feel any pain. His bones had hardened to an unbelievable degree.

Even Ling Fei, who was always steady and calm, could not resist cursing, "F*ck, you're going against natural order."

Chu Yunna stared at Ding Ning with pure and affectionate eyes, pride wrote all over her face. She almost blurted out that this person was her master.

Ding Ning rubbed his nose with embarra.s.sment. "I didn't know that there would be such rewards from curing an illness. My strength has increased manifold."

"Then can you communicate with wild beasts?"

Chu Yunna asked, her eyes bright.

"Right, since you can use my superpower, you should be able to use Yunna's superpower, right?"

Excitement flashed through Ling Fei's eyes. Ding Ning's miraculous powers once again refreshed his knowledge.

"I haven't tried communicating with wild beasts but I think I know ventriloquism."

Ding Ning said these words shyly but it froze Ling Fei and Chu Yunna where they stood because Ding Ning had said these words with ventriloquism. His mouth had not moved at all.

"Wow, brother, you're amazing. We can communicate with ventriloquism in the future."

Chu Yuna jumped with excitement. Pulling on Ding Ning, she laughed and jumped. "I'll summon King Bat and you try to communicate with him."

After she finished speaking, Chu Yunna pouted her lips and made a strange sound. However, Ding Ning was mysteriously able to understand it.

King Bat flew over but did not leap into Chu Yunna's arms as he usually did. Tilting his head, he looked consideringly at Ding Ning and Chu Yunna. His blood-red eyes flashed with a confused light.

Ding Ning pursed his lips and made a soundless sound-wave. It was as if King Bat had found his family and he flew straight into Ding Ning's arms and rubbed his little head against Ding Ning's chest.

Chu Yunna pouted and said indignantly, "Hmph, what an ingrate. Now that you have brother, you don't want me."

Although she spoke like this and sounded very jealous, there was only great joy on her face and not a trace of anger. In her eyes, Ding Ning was her sky.

Ling Fei was completely stunned. With some confusion, he asked, "Ding Ning, why is your method of communication with King Bat different from Yunna's? I didn't hear you make a sound."

"I also found that strange. I can sense a wild beast's emotions and can send them messages of comfort and goodwill, thus communicating with them. The more soulful the animal, the easier it is to communicate with them. For animals without souls, I can only ensure that they do not attack me but it is very difficult to give them orders. Brother, how did you do that?"

Chu Yunna asked, also very surprised.

"I don't know either. I just imitated King Bat's sound-waves."

Ding Ning explained vaguely but his heart was overtaken with a wild joy. There were some things he could not say, not even to Ling Fei and Chu Yunna. After all, this was related to his greatest secret and was too shocking.


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