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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 245 Someone Else's Fiancée

Translated by nightcache

Edited and proofread by anks

The maid gathers herself and respectfully nods before answering: "They say there is an emergency that they must take care of first, probably in a few more weeks."

Grandfather Ling nods thoughtfully while looking toward the sky, and sighs. "Telephone him, send word that Hanyu has a fiancée. As a father, he shouldn't spend all his days abroad; rather should be concerned about his child."

Once again nodding, the maid helps Grandfather Ling into the house. The Ling Shu, that Grandfather Ling mentions, is his son, Ling Hanyu's father. Several years ago, Ling Hanyu's grandma had a fatal stroke; she wanted to see her son one more time. Therefore, Ling Hanyu called him. During that time, Ling Shu was at a bar drinking with a woman; so he never answered.

Alas, she never got to see him. Because of this incident, Ling Hanyu's mother found out about her husband's affair, and drowned herself. This resulted into Ling Hanyu and Ling Shu became like strangers. Whenever Ling Shu tries to talk to Ling Hanyu, Ling Hanyu would pay no heed to him. Ling Shu stopped after being repeatedly ignored despite his good intentions. Owing to this deficit, it was simply better to stay abroad year-round. The relationship between father and son has became more and more diluted.

Today's weather doesn't seem to be great; a little brooding with no trace of wind. It looks like it is about to rain.

Several black commercial cars come to a stop outside the entrance of Stein Royal College, instantly attracting and gathering countless fellow students. Due to the Ling family's background, problems related to safety are specifically a.s.signed to them.

An Chuxia's brown creases as she looks at Ling Hanyu. "Strange. In the past, has there always been a crowd when you arrived at school? Ever felt like an animal, like the ones at the zoo where they are constantly being looked at by different people?"

Ling Hanyu doesn't reply. Instead, he opens the car door and walks out. His grandpa has insisted for him to live at the Ling house, and to be sent off to school properly. Previously, he had always driven himself to Stein Royal College.

"Who is this girl? How come she's inside young master Ling's car?" "d.a.m.n! You are stupid! This is young master Han's fiancée!"

"Thinking about it, they were in yesterday morning's headlines! I am jealous to death!" "But I heard that young master Han's fiancée is someone else. How could this be?"

The moment An Chuxia steps out of the car, she could hear this sort of conservation. Curling her lips while taking long strides, she enters Stein Royal College's gateway. The speed with which gossip spread is comparable to the speed of light, that in an instant, it was everywhere. She walks under the Chinese parasol trees that are planted on both sides of the boulevard. Perhaps, it's about to rain; it would be cooler and more comfortable. It is necessary for her to move, or else, her forehead would be sweating profusely.

She checks the time; there's still twenty minutes before cla.s.s start. An hour after the bell rings, it will be the precise time for the college exam. For some unknown reason, she suddenly feels her stomach churning, and she must find some place to throw up.

She helplessly sighs, preparing to go, when she hears a scream. Turning her attention toward the sound, she witnesses a girl fall to the ground from a tree. The girl apparently has some experience jumping from trees because she immediately rolls herself several times when she lands on the ground.

Not wanting to be meddlesome, she prepares to leave, but an inflaming headache abruptly erupts. She steps forward and whisper-shouts: "Meng… Xiaonan?"

CHAPTER 246 Wicked Things

Translated by nightcache

Edited and proofread by greenapple

Meng Xiaonan is climbing a tree when she hears someone venting. A branch snaps and and she falls to the ground. She was about to curse the person who's given her a headache when she sees An Chuxia's stern face staring at her.

"Laoda?" She looks surprised. The place is quiet and secluded. How did she appear without making a sound?

Wiping the sweat from her forehead, An Chuxia smiles in slight embarra.s.sment. She points at Xiaonan and says, "Pink cherries… in your underwear?"

"Ah-!" She screams once again. Students pa.s.sing by look her way. Meng Xiaonan roars, "What? You've not seen a beauty practice her vocal chords?"

Shrugging her shoulders in frustration, An Chuxia steps forward slowly before poking Xiaonan on the shoulder. "Can't your first day in school be peaceful? Also, aren't you afraid something would happen to you while you're in the tree? Let me tell you… ."

Xiaonan can tell Chuxia has her "I-know-what's-best-for-you" mode. Chuxia extends her index finger and points at the tree. "I happen to be familiar with The Royal College, and as I pa.s.s by, guess what?"

Rolling her eyes impatiently, Chuxia says, "I see you, up on a tree, looking for a bird's nest! Are you a child who can't outgrow a habit? It's a miracle you're still alive since you can't be helped… ."

Meng Xiaonan shamelessly hugs An Chuxia's shoulders. "You guessed right! I clearly see a bird's nest. Why shouldn't I poach it? These rich kids don't know what is prudent. Their pocket money won't feed us, so why shouldn't we steal the eggs and eat them? What do you say about that?"

With force, she loosens Xiaonan's arms before rolling her eyes again. "Meng Xiaonan, you're now one of the "wealthy children". You need to start managing your image, okay? Don't fill your days with these stupid stunts all day long. Don't go stealing eggs any more. You might fall from the tree!"

Xiaonan frowns innocently. She may have fallen off… But is stealing eggs that heinous? Saying that is harsh… [Oh her young friend never learns~]

"No!" Meng Xiaonan reacts suddenly. "Whether it's climbing trees or stealing eggs, laoda, you're the one who taught me!"

When they were younger and didn't have pocket money to buy snacks, they looked for birds' nests and stole the eggs to cook and eat. It's hard to think of those days, despite being fond memories.

Both of them are silent for a while.

"Jiangnan! This girl… I've been looking for you everywhere!" [Jiangnan is Xiaonan's real name] A middle-aged man's voice booms. An Chuxia looks toward the sound of the voice and sees Xiaonan's father. She vaguely remembers him.

"Didn't I say I was looking for you everywhere? Didn't I tell you to return immediately? I've been looking for you for a while." His tone is rather impatient. Her father didn't seem angry; rather, he looked anxious. He pulls out a card from his pocket and hands it to Xiaonan. He looks at An Chuxia and nods before leaving.

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