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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 231 What Basa Says

Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by anks

Lao Ling slowly walks with his cane toward Jiang Yuan. "I'm quite fond of this child. I was hoping you'd allow her to stay at our residence for a few days. It seems you've encountered a problem that would make it difficult for her to continue living here."

In contrast to Lao Ling, Jiang Yuan's att.i.tude is tougher. "No! If An Chuxia is gone, then Basa Li will definitely become Han Qilu's fiancee? Anyway, as long as I live, I won't accept any other girl as my son's fiancee!"

Lao Ling takes Jiang Yuan's rambling as a good opportunity! Taking An Chuxia home would be the perfect moment to make her the Ling daughter-in-law. Clearing his throat, he says, "I brought Hanyu along so we can sit down and talk. Tell me what's happening. Maybe this old man can help figure out what's unnecessary."

At first, Jiang Yuan didn't hold out any hope until Lao Ling showed up. She didn't want An Chuxia to leave. She takes a deep breath to pull herself together. Lao Ling may look tranquil but she's in turmoil. Isn't this what ancestors do?

As long as Basa Li doesn't become Qilu's fiancee. It doesn't mean An Chuxia becomes Ling Hanyu's fiancee. Long live Buddha… .

"I'll always claim An Chuxia is Han Qilu's fiancee. But since Basa Li showed up, it doesn't mean Chuxia means nothing. An Chuxia may live with the Lings for a month, but she still belongs to the Han family. Don't hurt An Chuxia. Otherwise, you'll have to answer me," Jiang Yuan says.

Although Lao Ling is there for selfish reasons, he didn't say what they thought is justified. If An Chuxia lives with the Lings, despite Basa's innocence, she won't stay forever.

Instead of sending her away, it would be better for her to live with the Ling family. She won't have to worry about her safety. Would that be the only reason?

Taking another deep breath, Jiang Yuan looks at Chuxia. "It seems like the only way… However, stay here tonight. Let's sleep over it, okay?"

Jiang Yuan looks at An Chuxia. There's no reason she should refuse, but it would be cruel as well. She nods her head and looks at Ling Hanyu. "Hanyu, I hope you won't mind being disrupted tomorrow."

His gaze shifts from the manga to An Chuxia. He doesn't say a word as he reverts his eyes back to the comic book. It looks like tonight's war won't take place. However, he's worried about what would eventually happen.

"Auntie!" A familiar voice echoes down the hall. An Chuxia turns and sees Basa Li, carrying a bag. Is it possible she's spending the night?

Things would go well today… What a joke! Why did she come? What is she afraid of? It's only the tiny Basa Li.

CHAPTER 232 You Don't Have to Go

Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by anks

TL: Laotaiye(老太爷) – sir/esteemed father

Everyone in the room raises their heads. Basa Li smiles like a virtuous lady until she sees An Chuxia. Suddenly, she is stupefied, dropping everything in her hands, making a jarring sound.

"How… why are you here?" Basa Li reaches out and points at An Chuxia. Her eyes are full of resentment. For the first time, she was slapped by the person she hit. It it weren't for Han Qilu's presence, she would've been harsher with her! She hasn't been this angry since Han introduced An Chuxia.

Basa wants an apology from An Chuxia so she can save face. However, she can't seem to care.

An Chuxia smiles like a Cheshire cat and nods to her. "We meet again." You monster, I loan you a thousand leopards and you dare not fight back?! Bite me!!!

Suddenly, a man appears behind Basa. Han Qilu enters the hall and sees Lao Ling immediately. He is momentarily surprised but recovers with a smile. "Laotaiye, what do we owe this visit? Is anything wrong?"

Lao Ling gets up slowly with the aid of his cane. "I came by to visit. However, this trip isn't by accident. You see, I have to entertain myself with your hospitality!"

Smiling gently, Qilu can't see past the old man's stoic emotion. He takes a few steps forward to help the gentleman. "You're not going to collapse, are you? Don't you want to sit a bit longer?"

"No. Hanyu and I will return tomorrow for Chuxia's things. Tonight, she'll be staying to have a good talk with your mother." Lao Ling laughs, ignoring the young man's stunned expression as he and Hanyu leave.

Han Qilu sends off grandfather Ling and Hanyu with a smile. But as soon as they leave, he looks at An Chuxia. "What did old man Ling mean when he said they're taking your things? Why?"

Despite the light in his eyes, his gaze is cold. An Chuxia looks at him and Basa lightly, and smiles. "Since we're trying to be sincere here, all this is unwarranted. It's only natural for me to request a place where I can stay."

All this time, he was worried about Chuxia's response to Basa. However, he didn't think she would be this cool. She's too calm; no trace of anger. This isn't to say An Chuxia has no feelings about this situation. What is going on? He has never been denied anything. In addition to that… .

He doesn't want to let go of An Chuxia!

"You don't have to go!" His eyes move. It seems he wants to say more as he looks at her, then at Jiang Yuan.

Basa Li couldn't stand feeling left out. She takes big strides toward Jiang Yuan and says loudly, "Auntie, I'm Basa Li, your… ."

"The only daughter-in-law I acknowledge is xiao Xia! Seeing you makes me sick. I've decided to… ." She looks up to Han Qilu. "I've decided to let her reside at the Ling mansion for a few days. I'll wait until unpleasant things leave, and allow my xiao Xia to return."

Basa Li has no idea who she'd slapped and what her relationship is with Han Qilu, but Jiang Yuan's confession renders her speechless. She is so stunned, she just stands still.

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