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CHAPTER 407 Are You Sneaking Out?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"Hey, An Chuxia!" With hands in his pocket and a smile on his face, Han Qilu's happy disposition changes to livid as he walks to the edge of the bed. "Are you deaf? I've been calling your name, still you didn't open your door!"

She hasn't heard him at all! She looks at the door and sees that the lock has been broken, and there's a depression on the door. What a brutal son of a bi*ch!

Han Qilu's vents out his anger and sighs. He steps closer, suddenly showing a fearful look. "Ah, An Chuxia!"

The drowsiness in her eyes are now gone as she watches Han Qilu jump into her bed with his shoes on. He closes the gap between them. Her heartbeat accelerates, and her cheeks redden out of control. "You, you… what do you want?!"

"Don't look at me like you're going to do something violent. Otherwise, I'll be tempted to do something." He looks at her solemnly. "Have you been heavy-handed with your eyeshadow? You look like a panda."

After making the statement, he reaches out for the mirror on the bedside table and shows her reflection. Dark circles rim her eyes, although it's not as serious as Han Qilu made it sound. She grabs the mirror from his hands. "You're the panda! Get out! I need to get dressed!"

He climbs off her bed. "Were you out sneaking off last night to see a man? Rarely do you get up this late."

Those words trigger the anger An Chuxia has been holding back. If it weren't for him messing with her mind, she would've been able to get up from bed! Without thinking, she spits out, "You're the man who stole my night! If it weren't for you… ."

He's prepared to argue with her, but her statement makes him hold back. A wicked smile curls up his lip. "Because of me? What happened? You don't think… ."

"You're overthinking!" An Chuxia says loudly. "If it weren't for this school excursion, I wouldn't be so tense going to bed."

He shrugs before touching his nose. "Get dressed. Otherwise, we'll be late."

He doesn't bother to repeat himself, and this makes An Chuxia sigh. She quickly washes her face and changes her clothes before heading downstairs. Han Qilu has finished his breakfast. She looks at the clock and realizes they're going to be late. She takes a sandwich and a bottle of milk.

"An Chuxia!!!" Jiang Yuan chases after her as Chuxia gets into the car. The tapping on the window makes her gasp.

An Chuxia rolls down the window. "Mommy, what's wrong?"

"There's eleven minutes left." Han Qilu looks at the window as he glares. "Steward Han, looks like we are going to be delayed. Make a phone call to clear the streets."

Steward Han smiles slyly, knowing what the master is implying. He knows that Jiang Yuan would say something that's needless. However, Jiang Yuan ignores her son. "An Chuxia, there is mosquito repellent, lotion, and sunscreen. This trip is supposed to be fun, but as a girl, you have to take care of your skin."

CHAPTER 408 Your Husband Won't Abandon You

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

T/N: Stiff-arm- keep a person at an arm's length/distance

(Chuxia looks at her with this expression =_=)

"Yes, Mommy, I will remember to take good care of my skin." An Chuxia takes the small box Jiang Yuan hands her and puts it between her and Han Qilu as she looks at him with contempt.

As the car starts, Han Qilu grabs the box to toss it away, but An Chuxia holds on to the box to avoid hurting Jiang Yuan's feelings. Finally, Han Qilu stares at her. "Wouldn't you be throwing it out anyway?"

"How many times do I have to say it? I'd dispose it off the way I deem fit!" She is livid. At first, she is upset that Jiang Yuan would be angry. But now, she's upset that Han Qilu is acting like he's the boss of her!

"Well, you're stiff-arming me. Aren't you going to listen to your husband's words?" Han Qilu wants to talk to her, and now, he just turns to her and smiles. "An Chuxia, are you afraid you'll get sunburned, your skin becoming unsightly? I won't dislike you. Be obedient, and throw this away. As your husband, I won't abandon you."

An Chuxia looks at steward Han, who is peering at them through the rear-view mirror. He is trying his best not to smile. She grinds her teeth and glances at Han Qilu. "Don't be narcissistic. Anyway, I won't throw what Mommy gave me. She gave me good stuff!"

Han Qilu, who didn't get the response he wanted, suddenly becomes serious. "You really don't want to throw this away?"

"I don't want it thrown away!!!" she answers firmly.

"You're sort of good!" Han Qilu sneers as he looks outside the window. As soon as the car stops, he walks out of the vehicle and walks toward the cla.s.s.

"I hope brother-in-law is fine!" Meng Xiaonan is in a good mood today. She walks up to his side to say h.e.l.lo.

"Hey!" Han Qilu glances over to her at the tip of his nose before coldly walking away.

What's going on here? Meng Xiaonan maintains a bright smile, albeit going from natural to stiff. Is he this cold to everyone?

"Ha ha ha!" Xiao Mingluo laughs. "Our flower girl's face has become heated (in embarra.s.sment)!"

She gets annoyed as she hears his statement. "Go away! Stick to your cold friend."

Seeing the disappointment in Meng Xiaonan's eyes, Xiao Mingluo's smile brightens a bit more. "What's that saying? Oh, right. A friend can't be bullied… ."

"What's it to you? I was just greeting my future brother-in-law. There's nothing to think about!" Meng Xiaonan stomps away. "And don't call me flower girl!"

Xiao Mingluo shrugs. "Obviously, there's something awkward that happened between Qilu and his baby, Chuxia. Don't be upset. Lighten up~."

Seeing that she rebuked Mingluo despite his good intentions, Meng Xiaonan backs off. "You mean you're not like him?"

"Do you mean you want me to treat you like he does [like they are in a relationship]?" Xiao Mingluo states as his smile widens.

"… Go to h.e.l.l!" Meng Xiaonan kicks him but Xiao Mingluo steps away and flees with his shadow.

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