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There are times where I swear, we are An Chuxia… I can admit, I’ve thought and questioned things like she does. With that being said… there are times where her naivete makes me realize how innocent she really is! ?  ~newbienoona

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Despair… These days, how can even the advertis.e.m.e.nts be so annoying! She looks up and glances at the soda shop, silently cursing her heart: she needs a grenade to blow it up… .

Her phone chimes as if to say, "Hey, you have a new text message, and you need to check it out." She takes out the phone slowly and clicks on the VIEW b.u.t.ton. She's suddenly dumbfounded.

– Do you have an enemy you want to kill? Do you have an idea how to solve the problem by force? Our store sells a variety of forbidden weapons: grenades, daggers, pistols, Swiss Army knives. Any interested parties, please call Mr. w.a.n.g's mobile phone x.x.xx.x.xx.x.xx.x.x.-

What kind of coincidence is this? Even at this time, SMS ads are timely! T-T

She ends up wandering around A City in the afternoon. She can't go to school. She can't go back to the Hans. If she goes back, uncertainty awaits. All she can do is meander.

Unconsciously, she ends up in an inconspicuous park and sits on one of the benches. She sighs. Then, she feels a tap on her shoulder.

"Miss, can you lend me twenty yuan?" She hears a cold voice from behind her. His tone is comparable to Han Qilu's; maybe even colder.

She turns her head slowly. An Chuxia sees a head with dark green hair, and a face full of blood.

Her first reaction is to yell, "Ghost!" and run away. But in reality, she's too stunned and scared to even stand up.

She just can't take off and run, but is there really a ghost in broad daylight? She carefully looks into the person's eyes. She can't tell whether the blood is real, but she can tell that the his eyes are clear and transparent, and this person is broken. No one can resist looking away.

"Are… ." She forgets her fear for a moment. "Are you okay?"

The man is caught in surprise. He's gone up to ninety-nine people today, and when he met their gaze, they are stunned to silence, then run away. All he wanted today is money for a cab ride.

"Please lend me twenty yuan, and I'll pay you back a thousand times."

As she listens to him, she gives him a once-over. He is very tall… and definitely muscular [salivates]. His clothes are ruined, and blood is smeared everywhere, but one can tell that he's wearing limited edition, brand name clothes.

Is this rich boy chased by enemies? Her mind jumps to such a conclusion.

"Twenty… ." She stands up and touches her pocket. She only finds her card. "Hey, I don't have any cash on me, but I have my card."

"I… I only need twenty for a taxi." He hesitates and looks at An Chuxia. "And… and you're not afraid that I'm bad?"

Bad? There are too many bad guys already. She doesn't know what half-baked thinking she's concocted to suddenly make a judgment call at such a crucial moment.

"Look, even good people get bloodied, right?" She smiles back and laughs. "Why don't I go get you some clothes and get some change back?"

She then turns and runs away. As he looks at the girl leaving, his gaze becomes blurry.

… A few minutes later….

"Here's some clothes and money. Take it. " She smiles. "I've copied my bank card number and my name. You can return the favor a thousand times. Don't forget it!"

CHAPTER 348 Don't Touch Again

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

The man takes the bag of clothes, the twenty yuan, and the piece of paper with information. The name clearly reads: An Chuxia.

"This outfit isn't expensive. It's two thousand eight, after discount."

"Thank you," he says before putting the outfit aside and starts undressing.

"Hey, what are you doing?!" An Chuxia takes a few steps back while she looks at him in horror. He doesn't even look at her despite taking off his clothes, throwing it on the ground, then donning on the new garments.

The clothes unexpectedly fit him perfectly. The blue shirt with the white collar immediately makes him look taller and completely different from his haggard appearance. She stuns herself when she starts wondering if he's actually good looking once he washes the blood off his face.

As soon as the idea pops in her head, she bites her tongue. When did she start thinking that way?

"Thank you," he says, glancing at her. "An Chuxia."

The moment he mentions her name, she becomes weak in the knees. She inhales deeply, trying to hide her emotions. "That… blood on your face. Is it okay?"

She didn't expect him to raise his eyes and say coldly, "Not my blood."

The north wind blows~

"It better not be your blood… So can it possibly be…[period]." "The period" isn't spoken. He has already turned and left as she stands alone.

What kind of att.i.tude! Doesn't one have to show grat.i.tude before leaving? How is it still like she owes him money instead of the other way around?! This is frustrating!

She looks up at the sky. It's still not too late. She walks out of the park. She finds a familiar note in the trash can at the entrance of the park.

Isn't that the note she wrote her bank card and name on? He didn't even lose it! It turns out, he's really just a liar! And she even fantasized about making a big profit!

It doesn't matter… whether it's two thousand-eight or two hundred-eight, she's already lost the money. It may not be much, but it's enough to be painful.

So really, it does matter.


The next morning, she stretches and settles in comfortably [in her bed]. She turns, and b.u.mps into something firm. Her hand touches something soft… furry… .

"Don't touch my head again." It's a man's voice! Startled, An Chuxia's eyes widen. Han Qilu's smiling face greets her eyes.

She lets out a sigh of relief before screeching the next second… There's a man in her bed!

"What nerve you've got to kick me away!" An unhappy Han Qilu rubs his bottom as he stands up. His chestnut hair is messy, but innocent-looking.

"You deserve it!" An Chuxia sits up, but not before she gives herself a once-over. Fortunately, her pajama top and bottom are still on her. "What made you suddenly appear… Hey, wait!… Aren't you supposed to be in the United States?"

Han Qilu sits on her bedside as he stares at her like she is an idiot. "Can't I come back? Or is it more precise to say… you don't want me to come back?"

"Of course I wanted you to come… Hey!" She pretends to spit. "I mean, why are you back so soon? Weren't you supposed to be gone for a week?"

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