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You Will Always Protect Her, Right?

Should An Chuxia go home with Ling Hanyu or Han Qilu?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Did she just say young master Qilu didn’t find An Chuxijie? How can he not find her?

Fei Lixiya is on the verge of tears when Han Qilu says faintly, “In the toilet.” To be honest, he thought she would follow him out. He deliberately slowed down, but both security and An Chuxia didn’t emerge. He wants them all to pick up their pace.

If he were to admit An Chuxia is his, he, too, would feel uncertain. Some people are easy to read, but with An Chuxia, it could be anyone’s guess. In the end, what kind of person is she? At that moment, he’s relieved that she is truly safe.

Just as he takes a step down the stairs, he hears Fei Lixiya scream. “An Chuxijie!”

The moment he hears her scream, Han Qilu turns and runs back to the toilet. His foul mood is shoved to the back of his head, forgetting what happened. If he paid attention, he would’ve noticed how pale she was. But because of his anger, he deliberately ignored her.

Sure enough, the moment he enters the ladies’ room, he sees Fei Lixiya crouched over An Chuxia’s collapsed form in the bathroom, crying. She is crying, trying to get herself up.

“I’m coming!” Han Qilu closes the gap, and elegantly picks up and Chuxia and cradles her in his arms. She purses her lips, wincing at the pain.

He scoops her up quickly and takes her out of the bathroom. As they pa.s.s Kuni, he stops and asks, “Don’t you have a specialist (doctor) at the Ling’s?”

It took Kuni a while to comprehend what Han Qilu was asking. He was about to answer when Han Qilu walks away impatiently with An Chuxia. Quickly, Kuni takes his rope and secures it on the porch railing. The other bodyguards follow suit. Then from the fourth floor, they jump.

Fei Lixiya thought what she saw was strange. She watched several stoic people wearing police uniforms jump all the way down. Her face ashens.

She almost chokes on her own saliva. Are they committing suicide? Then, she gets a hold of her emotions. They just went downstairs in an unorthodox fashion. She didn’t want to think about such morbid things when they stand firmly on Hanyu’s side.

“Actually… .” She doesn’t say a thing. Everyone knows Ling Hanyu’s bodyguards are G.o.d-like. But she thinks otherwise. They’re magical! She turns and runs down the stairs. In any case, hovering like a shadow on the fourth floor is really creepy.

“How is she?” Ling Hanyu stands up from the edge of the flower bed. He can see An Chuxia being carried in Han Qilu’s arms. He rushes over to Han Qilu’s side. He carefully glances at An Chuxia. It seems like she’s in a coma.

Hearing his question, Han Qilu’s steps falter before Hanyu. He looks at his friend and says, “If An Chuxia prefers you, will you always be with her and protect her?”


I’ll Take Her Back to My House Tonight

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Ling Hanyu looks confused. He gives Kuni a look, and he and his men disappear. Hanyu, then, gives Qilu an arrogant look. “Han Qilu, ah, I won’t permit you to scold yourself like you’re garbage after what happened to An Chuxia. This isn’t like a manhua, okay?!”

It may have been his illusion. Otherwise, how could he see Han Qilu sigh in relief after listening to his words. He has never seen this expression on Qilu.

But Ling Hanyu’s eyes refocus on Han Qilu when he simply says, “Tonight, I’m taking her back to my house.”

“No!” Ling Hanyu immediately replies. Han Qilu’s lips tug. “An Chuxia is now in a coma. Do you think she’ll be happy if she wakes up at your residence only to have that foreigner not leave her alone? For now, it’s still safer for her to stay at my place.”

Although Han wants to apologize to her by taking care of her, Ling Hanyu’s argument isn’t unreasonable. He clenches his teeth while taking a step toward Hanyu. Hanyu isn’t worried, knowing Han Qilu would listen to his words. Sure enough… .

After Ling Hanyu follows him out from the school grounds, Han Qilu lets go of An Chuxia. He doesn’t follow them to the car.

He makes sure she’s safely secured in the car before walking back to his own vehicle. Soon, he is out of everyone’s sight.

Ten minutes later…

“How is she?” Ling Hanyu is surprised to see the old man concerned about An Chuxia. Once Hanyu carried An Chuxia into her room, he sees the doctors waiting to care for her.

The Ling maid standing next to the old man respectfully says, “Young master Hanyu came back with An Chuxia, but I heard she has fainted. So… .”

As Lao Ling watches people come and go from An Chuxia’s room, he takes his cane and walks to the girl’s room. She’s dressed in pink, lying safely in her bed. Her eyes are shut. A dripping sound ticks from the saline line threaded in her right hand.

“How is she?” The old man’s voice trembles. And here he thought, he finally has a quasi- granddaughter-in-law. It’s gone so quickly!

The only person left is the Ling’s personal physician finishing up his conversation with Hanyu. The old man walks toward them and listens to their conversation. “The doctor said that fatigue, coupled with anemia, led to the coma. She should wake up soon, and she shouldn’t have any major problems.”

The old man asks, “Why is she suddenly fatigued?”

An Chuxia is definitely not the delicate kind, that’s for sure.

It is Ling Hanyu’s first time lying to his grandfather. “Today’s the city exam, and she probably took the test too seriously. How about you go rest first?”

Just this time… .

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