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Didn't know whether it was related to pregnancy or not, but after being pregnant, Guan Xin Mu's skin was more glowing than before, it was smooth and l.u.s.trous white like a porcelain. Her both eyes were so brimmed like the star. Fei Jun's both palm was holding her face, he examined her expression that was full of teasing. His body was getting hotter, and some part was severely provoked. If she was not pregnant, he would immediately swallowed her wholly.

"Fei Jun, you are feeling difficult to bear~" Guan Xin Mu extended her forefinger and poked his chest, she noticed his crafty gaze.

Fei Jun groaned, his hand lingered on her legs, until her thigh. He slightly pinched and rubbed it, Guan Xin Mu blushed very quickly, she was displeased and annoyed: "What are you doing, I'm a pregnant woman. Don't provoke me."

"You let me feel unwell, I also want you to feel it." Fei Jun said, "Fair dealing."

At last, Fei Jun barged softly into the part in the middle of her legs, along with her desire, the rhythm was getting faster. That tender skin provoked he to feel overwhelming with joy, it was really pleasurable. Every side of that tall body was strained, like full a bow string that full of tension. It was until his some part already be ferocious that Guan Xin Mu feared he would explode, he used his hand on between her leg to finish.

Of course until he is not really content, his brow brought remaining of l.u.s.t, like it could be ignite once more.

He bent over, and kissed her lips. Then he stood up to take a towel to wipe clean part of her.

"Beast." Guan Xin Mu flushed and scolded her, then she pulled the blanket high to cover her face.

Fei Jun moved closer, kissed her forehead, pecked her tip of nose. She tried hard to avoid it, but his numerous and close together kisses were everywhere, made her ticklish. She finally couldn't control herself to laugh. She moved sideways and pounced inside his embrace. Her bright eyes looked at him, asked: "It's still long time to go, could you hold it?"

"Even though I couldn't hold it, but I also need to hold it."

"You will not look at that movies on the computer?"

"My computer doesn't have that kind of things." Some Fei said straightly, and bit her neck.

"Fei Jun." Guan Xin Mu's stomach rumbled, "I'm hungry, I want to eat beef noodle."

Fei Jun had to stand up and go downstairs for his kids and wife to cook a beef noodle. Guan Xin Mu didn't forget to remind him: I want a lot of beef, then green onion and ground pepper.

When Fei Jun was cooking the beef noodle, Guan Xin Mu already quietly went to beg him, her arm hugged his waist, and said lightly: "Do you know there is post with a question: "A man is most handsome when he is?


"Washing the dishes and cooking."

…. Fei Jun was silent then said, "It is only an excuse because you all women are lazy.

"Hmmm hmmm." Guan Xin Mu said, "I am lazy. My dishes are difficult to eat. Now I have Baby, of course I couldn't go near the kitchen."

"You really good at use Baby, this trump card, as an excuse."

"Of course~ this is your baby. Your own flesh and blood. Forever you will only have this baby." Guan Xin Mu said it so smoothly. This period of time even though Fei Jun was somewhat hardly tolerate her, but she would say this.

"How many times more do you want to say something like this?" Fei Jun turned his body, hisplam patted her head, "If you are not bored, the baby is already bored because of it."

Guan Xin Mu took a breath, she could smell the fragrant smell of the beef noodle, she couldn't help to swallow her saliva: "It's almost done right, the baby already really hungry."


On Monday on Fei's company meeting, Fei Jun mentioned to used 5 % of company's fluid funds to use for green project advertis.e.m.e.nt, this idea immediately met with Fei Mao Xuan's group's opposition. They came to a deadlock. At last, Fei Jun said with calmness yet serious: "In regard to funds transfer aspect, next week there would be conference of board of directors, and it would be decide directly by voting."

Fei Mao Xuan's eyes were getting sharp after Luo Jian Zhong was taken by the discipline inspection commissions, they had formed a small group to advance an investigation in Fei company. He and Luo Jian Zhong's doing of making some falsified accounts that were hard to trace, yet if professional auditor and lawyers are meticulously penetrated deeply to study about this, they may noticed many leaks. He already antic.i.p.ated the worst result, that is he would placed all the responsibilities to Luo Jian Zhong. As a compensation, he would give some moneys to both daughter of Luo Jian Zhong to go to America to study. On the phone, Luo Jian Zhong had agree tacitly about this clause.

The one that let him worry was his ex-wife, Xiao Li's, phone couldn't be reached. He called his daughter, Fei Zi Shan. Fei Zi Shan said that her Mama is on a holiday trip to Spain. She didn't want anyone to disturb her, so she turned it off.

Yet Fei Mao Xuan felt this had some odd.

Before the meeting start, an accident happened, the vice president, w.a.n.g Hai Sheng, under the banner of Fei Company which is the company of drink illegally transferred its trademark to a company in B city. That company that was under banner of Fei company, but Fei company was not ther largest shareholders, also four whole years, there was not transfer of profit made to Fei company's general headquarters, this obviously broke of the law. Apart of this, that company also silently supplied goods to Fei company's compet.i.tor, Fei Jun was flying into a rage.

Fei Mao Xuan remained to be calm and collected, but inside his heart he already felt panic. That company was registered under his name in Cayman Islands, he is the largest shareholders, he cleverly borrowed Fei company's name, invaded and occupied the sales of beverage company under Fei Company. It was already four years without any trouble, how could this be discovered at this crucial moment.

Wai Hai Sheng also occupied a seat in board director, he was his political party, regarding any decision-making by voting, he always has the same identical opinion as him. Looking at how he is in trouble before the meeting, how could this be so coincidental?

"This matter should be investigated strictly, throughly investigated. Some network company should look into our company's interest. Walking into a secret pa.s.sage." Fei Jun said, "No matter who is it, he should received a severe punishment.

Fei Mao Xuan didn't know whether his trump card is already on Fei Jun's hand or not, but if he was discovered as the largest shareholder of that company, then it would be troublesome. For this reason, he should looked for Fei Jun first.

A s.p.a.cious and bright office, Fei Jun was signed an agreement, the time Fei Mao Xuan entered his office. He raised his eyes and smiled slightly: "Great uncle, it's your first time to come here."

"Fei Jun, don't we said any code word. That B city company….." Fei Mao Xuan didn't say anymore.

Fei Jun tossed a pile folder to the table, his voice was really cold: "This company was registered in Cayman Island, the company's shareholder is you and a foundation in B city. The predecessor financial affair manager already left, now the manager is your wife, Lu Yun Yun's older male cousin, and the director of that company is your wife Lu Yun Yun's uncle. Uncle, you really did it quite good."

Fei Mao Xuan's face was immediately strained. Before his coming, he expected Fei Jun would knew about this, yet didn't expect him too knew this throughly, he was silent for a moment, then opened his mouth: "Fei Jun, what do you want? Pa.s.s this information to the discipline inspection commission and judicial department?"

"This is the proper procedure."

Fei Mao Xuan suddenly laughed, he said: "Which one of the company who is clean? For benefit going to some dark ways are the unwritten rules in this society. Fei Jun, you want to publicly have a big fight with me? You thought in Fei company there would be a lot of people who support you, how long have you been here? In Fei company, I have a connection and network more than you, then a network of suppliers. If you make trouble for me, do you think they will still have cooperation with Fei company?"

"Uncle, for this matter don't you worry." Fei Jun stood up, he threw his pen to the table. He looked directly to Fei Mao Xuan's eyes. "If what your so-called foundation was established by trickery, damaged company's interest, satisfying individual's personal gain. I think these foundation is unsteady."

Fei Jun finished, then when Fei Mao Xuan hadn't responded: "One more thing, you may not know. But Auntie Xiao already sold her 10% shares to me."

Fei Mao Xuan was shocked, almost disbelief about this. Before his divorce with her, they went to the court about one year to deal about the division about their wealth, she was arguing strongly for what is right, how could she sell it to Fei Jun?

"So, now I'm the largest shareholder of Fei company." Fei Jun stated the truth, "Luo Jian Zhong had made a scandal of financial affair, w.a.n.g Hai Sheng was illegally registered a trademark under Fei company. And you, with your B city company, if a professional tracked it out, definitely they would discover a marvelous thing.

Fei Mao Xuan's face was paling, his breath was rushing. He extended his forefinger to Fei Jun: "What do you want, tell me."

"I want all of your shares on your hand. Don't worry, I would give you the best price." Fei Jun said.

"Impossible." Fei Mao Xuan said: "You want to kick me out? What Fei company had today was my complete hard-work, it was all my planning. Fei company could branched out to hotel, restaurant, supermarket. Which one of it without my contribution? If we followed your father's weak and conservative way of thinking to go straight, then today there would be this Fei company!"

"I'm not denying your contribution. But my father is the founder. Fei company is belong to my father." Fei Jun said, "Uncle, if you alway didn't have selfishness, you are wholeheartedly for Fei company, and not make some falsified accounts with Luo Jian Zhong, embezzled fund, or on the other side totally initiated a new company, illegally registered Fei company's trademark. I wouldn't be this ruthless, instead I would respect you. But now you only have two roads. One is give up the Fei company's share. Two, I give the materials to the discipline to prosecutors and discipline inspection commission.

"I wouldn't admit defeat." He smiled slightly, "These many years with great storms, I could pa.s.s it. For this I also wouldn't admit defeat."

He said it, then turned to left.

Fei Jun's phone rang this time.

Fei Mao Xuan paused his step.

The call was from Guan Xin Mu, she was chewing happily of her beef jerky. She asked whether Fei Jun would go home on time.

"Today I would go home on time." Fei Jun's cold voice turned to soft. "Is your stomach okay today?"

Fei Mao Xuan walked out of the room, and threw off the door hardly.

Certain Guan hung up the phone, and kept on chewing her beef jerky happily.

Today Fei Mao Xuan's mood fell to the lowest point. He admitted he was looking down at Fei Jun. Now he was caught unprepared. Wanted him to give up his shares, it is same as giving up his all. Fei Jun actually forced him to the corner. He was really anxious, he took the tea gla.s.ses and threw it.

Because of the loud noises, the little boy, Tong Tong, who was crawling on the floor, was crying so hard.

Lu Yun Yun commanded nanny to appease Tong Tong, then she came over and lashed him out: "What are you doing?"

"Don't you say anything to me." Fei Mao Xuan said coldly, his eyes were gloomy. "I want to kill people."

Lu Yun Yun didn't dare to provoke him, she just groaned then left.

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