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The clear morning greetings echo into the serene blue sky.

Today as well, the maidens who a.s.semble in the Virgin Mary's garden pa.s.s under the tall gate with pure, angelic smiles on their faces.

Clad on their pure bodies and souls were deeply-colored school uniforms.

So as to not disturb the pleats of the skirts, or to flutter the white sailor collars, walking slowly is the standard here. Of course, the likes of such an ill-mannered student that would run when when on the verge of being late surely doesn't exist.

This is Lillian's Private Women's Academy.

Founded in Meiji 34, it is a traditional Catholic ladies' school; an establishment originally for the daughters of the peerage cla.s.s.

Located in downtown Tokyo City. At this district that still remains full of greenery in the shadow of Musashino, watched over by G.o.d, the maidens of the garden are able to receive a consistent education from kindergarten to university.

The times change, but even today in the Heisei era where the era name has changed three times since the Meiji era, it is a precious academy where there still remains a system of which it is said that should this sheltered upbringing continue for 18 years, a pure cultured young lady can be produced.

The humid rainy season was over, and the refreshingly clear season that arrived was invigorating.

However, she couldn't get too carried away. Lurking before the enjoyment of summer vacation were the unavoidable end-of-semester tests.

Somehow, if I just finish this. Things like textbooks, notes, reference books, dictionaries, synopsis, and timelines were piled up on the desk, and even watching her favorite variety show, she crammed as much of each subject as she could cram into her head.

Of course, there's no complaint if all is retained, but if that's impossible, then at least while in the midst of tests do things like going to school cautiously, so as to not move the head lest the knowledge tumble out from the brain.

Somehow, if I just finish this.

Waiting beyond that, is the enjoyable summer vacation.

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