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Maou’s Anger

I headed toward Maou Castle Duvallberg.

The same transition s.p.a.ce as last time.

The same check as before, but this time it was a simple kind.


“I have urgent business for Maou-sama.”

There was the fact that she said it with an unusual serious expression, but there was the fact that I had been inspected on one occasion perhaps.

I lightly bowed my head to the magician who introduced themselves as Jii-chan’s acquaintance last time, and headed towards the audience room where Maou-sama is.

“However, as always it’s a lengthy path, huh.”

I spontaneously leak idle complaints.

“It’s only my second time, but I have confidence in getting lost next time I come.”

“Well, that’s natural. Since each time Maou Castle randomly changes form each time.”

“……I see.”

No wonder I had no déjà vu.

Rather, this person is without getting lost, smoothly going forward, but if you become Army Corps Commander Cla.s.s, I wonder do they teach you the random map’s regularity.

I wanted to ask, but before that we reached the audience room.
This time I was allowed to enter together with Sefiro.

Maou-sama was already waiting on the throne.
I kneel on one knee simultaneously with Sefiro, and lower my head.

“7th Army Corps Commander Sefiro, as well my subordinate, Undead Brigade Commander Ike, have come to visit you.”

Sefiro said that, and Maou-sama was with her usual pet saying.

“Is that so.”

She uttered such words.

We received permission to raise our heads at the same time, so we raised our heads.
The one there is as ever a beautiful girl.
You could also express it as an unequaled beautiful girl with well ordered looks.

Sefiro appearance is also cla.s.sified a beauty as well, but she’s a beauty of a different vector.

If you were to express Sefiro in a single word, bewitching,
If you were to express Dairokuten-sama in a single word, lovely,
I suppose.

Particularly, around their chest might be the two’s big difference.

Sefiro’s chest is large fruits,
Dairokuten-sama’s chest is a washboard,

would be it I suppose.

When I thought as such, Maou-sama suddenly opened her mouth.

“Ike. Since some time ago you have been staring at my face, is there something on it?”

I instinctively felt shocked.
Since I didn’t think I would be spoken to.

“No, there’s nothing there.”

When I answered as such, she said.

“----is that so. There’s nothing on my face huh.”


I silently nod.

“In that case it’s almost like I’m like Nopperbo huh. I have no eyes, nose, or mouth, is that it?”

……oh no. I wonder is she angry.
She’s expressionless, so I don’t understand very well.

This person’s past life, I believe it’s certain it’s the renowned Oda n.o.bunaga, but speaking of Lord n.o.bunaga, they’re were famous as quick to anger.

Here I should say compliments or something.
No, it’s fine not to flatter her. If I simply say my frank impressions it should be fine.

“----no, I have never seen someone with as beautiful a face as Maou-sama.”

“……is that so.”

Rather, since this person only says, “Is that so”, and doesn’t changed her expression, I’m really troubled.

When I thought such things, Maou-sama opened her mouth.

“……incidentally, you understand the reason I called you two this time right.”

----my heart pounds.

I glance sideways and confirm with Sefiro, but that Sefiro is unusually seemed to be in a cold sweat.

Well that’s natural.

Until just recently internal quarreling was unfolding.

Of course, it was due to the 3rd Army Corps Corps Commander Besteo’s scheme, but before making that defense she was beat to the punch, of course she’d break out in a cold sweat.

Nevertheless, as expected of our superior Sefiro, she has considerable nerves of steel.
She immediately remakes her expression, and calmly states the truth.

“The 3rd Army Commander, The blood smeared headless duke Besteo, schemed to have our vice commander and brigade commander betray our army corps.”

Scheme----is it. The reason is?”

Maou-sama asks expressionlessly.

“Yes, most likely to betray Maou-sama, and in order to become the next generation Maou. For that purpose, he started undermining you from our army corps.”

“Is there definite evidence?”

“Under these circ.u.mstances, that is to say, during the war with the humans, holding back other army corps is evidence above all else I believe.”

Sefiro a.s.serts that, and awaits Maou-sama’s response.

I also closely observe Maou-sama’s reaction.
She quietly closes here eyes, and she doesn’t move.

Since her chest is slightly moving up and down, she’s breathing I’m sure, but if she didn’t she would look like a doll.

After she closed her eyes for a while, she suddenly opened her eyes.
And uttered her usual remark.

“----is that so.”

However, this time she continued with different words after that.

“……so Sefiro says, but Besteo, what’s your excuse?”


Sefiro and I simultaneously raise our voices.
Since Maou-sama said unexpected words.

Maou-sama gave a fleeting sidelong glance, there the 3rd army corps commander, the blood smeared headless duke, Besteo himself stood.

While carrying his own head under his arm Besteo opened his mouth.

“I stated just before as well, but there grievance is a clump of lies. It’s them that hold a spirit of rebellion against Maou-sama. That they secretly erased Jace, who having gripped that evidence came to report to me, is the particulars of this time’s case.”

“Wha, absurd! The one who tempted Jace to betray us was you right!”

Sefiro frantically objected.

“In the first place, believing the words of the lot fighting between themselves in the middle of this battle with the humans is unreasonable isn’t it?”

Saying so, Besteo leaked a loud laugh.

Sefiro unusually raised her eyebrows, and flushed her face.
It’s very aggravating I think.

She had a vigor that at this rate seemed she might even attack Besteo, but that the on that stopped that was Maou-sama.

“The two of you refrain yourselves!”

Sefiro and Besteo who heard that immediately kneel on one knee and lower their heads.
I as well.

“Do you believe I am not aware of anything.”

When Maou-sama spoke as such, she said to Besteo.

“That you hold a hostile heart, I knew long ago. However, do you understand, why I haven’t dealt with you?”


Besteo responds with silence.
Maou-sama ignores that and continues.

“There’s no demon that doesn’t hold a spirit of rebellion against me. The more excellent they are, the more they’ll want to stand at the top. That’s what demons are like. However, if I were to penalize with the reason of having a rebellious spirit, there would be no end.”

Saying that, this time she turns towards Sefiro.
Sefiro unusually curled up.
It’s the first time I’ve seen such an appearance of that Sefiro.

In a sense, I was able to a valuable sight, but it’s not just someone else’s problem.
If Sefiro is punished, then it’s a crisis of the 7th Army Corps dissolution.

No, Sefiro more than being my superior, she has a side that’s like a real older sister. If that were to happen, I wouldn’t be able to bear it.

Maou who turned towards Sefiro spoke.

“Sefiro, I’m aware that you don’t hold a hostile heart. However, this time’s time matter, you’re aware it’s your oversight right.”

“Of course, I’m aware. It’s my management negligence.”

Sefiro meekly admitted her own fault.
Maou-sama who confirmed that, said her standard remark,

“----is that so.”

and continued like this.

“There’s the phrase, in a quarrel both parties are to blame. However as for me, it’s not my desire to lack two excellent army corps commanders at this stage.”

Saying that, she continued like this.

“In that case, shall we settle this like demons.”
“……like demons, is it?”

I reflexively interjected.
Maou-sama didn’t seem to mind, and turning towards me spoke.

“A duel. Whichever side wins is correct, that’s demon like, correct.”

When she declares as such,

“I’ll speak of the duel’s means later. Until then wait in the anteroom.”

like that, she rose from the throne.

The three at that spot, “Yes!” respectively lowered their heads.

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