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Chapter 92 - Becoming Siblings

「A Reincarnation Dragon is an individual who was born again as a new dragon from a Dragon Heart using the dragon tribe's secret technique. That is to say, he is a Reincarnation Dragon reborn using the Dragon Heart of the Black Rock Dragon Giove, who was subjugated 600 years ago.」

All present said「I see」at Ao's explanation and looked at Aka. And Aka supplemented Ao's words.

「It's important to remember than only the Dragon Heart is the same as Giove's, and I'm a completely different dragon. Burning Rock Dragon Aka is my name.」

He said while pointing to himself with his thumb.

「Well then, what was the Giove we defeated in that dungeon?」

Ao answered the confused Yumika's question.

「That was the earth's memory. Giove's soul information remained in the Naga Line and was reconstructed and placed in a Childstone. It was the same as the Giove that once existed. The only difference was that his core was a Childstone instead of a Dragon Heart.」

「Well, that means that dragon kid in the Childstone is like my sibling.」

「Sibling, you mean Aksama is Karza's older brother?」

Sieg showed the Childstone to Aka. Then a soft white light shone faintly from the Childstone.

「That's how it is. That's why I came, to say h.e.l.lo to him.」

「So that means our Minshiana guardian dragon and the West Dragon Village's Gatekeeper-sama are siblings. Sieg's influence is truly strong.」

Yuuko-nee said with a beaming face.

「Oh. If you need anything please consult with me. Summoned dragons and ordinary dragons are a little different, but I should still be more familiar with anything concerning dragons than a human being. I'm your elder brother, so I'll surely help you, Karza.」

Sieg's Childstone blinked with a pale light in response to Aka's words. It seemed to be gratefully accepting.

Aka said「let me borrow him for a little bit」and Sieg let him borrow the Childstone, which Aka held in his palm and started talking to. It seemed a conversation between fellow siblings was being done. While watching that Ao started talking with「well then.」

「With that, Aka's matter seems settled. There are three reasons we came out of the dragon village. The first is for Aka and Karza to meet and vow to unite as siblings. Ah, it's not a contract or anything, just an elder brother and younger brother introducing themselves.」

Sieg's expression heightened in caution, but Ao antic.i.p.ated the question and answered it before it was asked.

「Another reason we came was to make a request for the delivery of『a certain package』to the East Dragon Village in Hyvern. I will make an official nominated request through the adventurer's guild.」

Kazane frowned a little at that. Somehow we're only receiving nominated requests...was Kazane's thought, but based on their achievements Kazane's party was already as strong as a rank A party, and it wasn't unusual for a rank A party to no longer do free requests and continually receive nominated requests.

「For the final reason, perhaps you already know the answer, but it was concerning the existence of a new dragon that was something like a twin to the white dragon Karza. So we came for validation.」

At Ao's remark everyone looked at Kazane's face. Kazane chuckled as she raised her hand and replied「yes, it's me.」

「Do you mean you can summon a dragon?」

The true nature was a little different from Ao's question.

「Well, I can summon, or perhaps I should say I can become?」

Since the nature was also unclear to Kazane she wasn't sure how to answer, so she answered according to her own awareness.

「What does that mean?」

Kazane looked to Louise for Ao's next question. She was an expert in magic and summoning, and had examined Kazane's『Dragonization.』However, Louise had no answer to return to Kazane's gaze.

「I am sorry. I also don't understand. It's like a summon with herself as the core, but it seems the main const.i.tuent is still Kazane.」

The core summoning done by the devil Diablo used Tiara as the core to summon the Ruby Griffon. However, according to Louise, even if Tiara's body was subst.i.tuted for the core, the main const.i.tuent was still the Ruby Griffon. But Kazane's transformed dragon moved by Kazane's own will.

「Then would it be possible to actually show it to me?」

If they don't understand it, there was no choice but to to check it himself. With that thought Ao checked with Kazane. Kazane thought if her ability to transform was already known there was no need to hide it. She also felt like she wanted to know her own condition.

「That's fine, but here is a little impossible. I will grow to 5 meters.」

「Standard size, huh? Your Majesty the Queen, may we borrow the courtyard outside the window?」

Yuuko-nee still nodded, but she groaned to Ao's proposal.

「Well, I think it will startle our soldiers. Roger, for now will you contact them? Tell them that from now on we will use the courtyard for training Sieg's white dragon, so they shouldn't be surprised.」

Roger was waiting behind the scenes and said「yes」to Yuuko-nee's words as he left the room.

「Well then, first of all Sieg. Summon your Karza and go down to the courtyard. His appearance was unveiled at noon so they should recognize it, and if you take position first I don't think Kazane will be attacked when she transforms and then descends after you.」

At Yuuko-nee's words Sieg nodded and said「I understand,」and after the Childstone was returned by Aka he went to the balcony outside the window and summoned the white dragon Karza. Then Sieg got on Karza and descended to the courtyard.

「Houho. That's my younger brother's appearance? Isn't it aesthetically pleasing?」

Aka looked happy as he observed Karsa. Ao also watched and said「that's right」with a nod.

「Well then, I will go.」

Kazane also went to the balcony and said「Skill・Dragonization」as she jumped down to the courtyard. A pale blue light overflowed from within Kazane, which formed into a dragon before she descended to the courtyard. And like mirror images, the identical figures of a white dragon and a blue dragon were standing there. Both shed a pale magical light into the dark night.

「Wait a minute, hey there.」

Aka looked even more delighted as he laughed while saying「me too」before he leapt from the balcony and released his true form.

「Ah, hey! Really, come on.」

Ao sighed as he watched.

With a thud Aka alighted with the appearance of a large 10 meter red dragon. And that appearance bore a striking resemblance to the white dragon and the blue dragon.

『What's this?』

Blue Dragon Kazane was surprised as she looked up at that appearance.

「It's about the same size as that Black Rock Dragon.」

Sieg murmured from atop the white dragon.

「Growing dragons tend to settle around that size.」

With a thump Ao descended from the balcony and explained. The party venue's balcony to the courtyard was not a height that could be readily jumped down, but this person called Ao was also not a human being.

「At any rate, I didn't expect from what you said that you would really become a dragon. That appearance is an extension of the appearance of the dragon Giove. That means you are a branch dragon from Giove.」

『I see. In other words, I now have not only a younger brother, but a sister as well.』

『In other words, you're my Onii-chan!』

『Hahaha, little sister. Jump into your older brother's chest.』


Aka spread his arms, and Kazane and Aka embraced.

『Gururu, guru』

「Eh, yeah. Okay.」

White dragon Karsa and Sieg understood each other, and Sieg agreed while being astonished. Karsa walked over and also embraced Aka with Kazane.

『I got a younger brother and a younger sister all at once. What a good day. Hahahaha』



Yuuko-nee and Yumika and the other members, as well as the surrounding soldiers, were dumbfounded as they watched the three dragon siblings.


「Younger sister.」

Even though they became humans again the two were still clinging to each other, and the surrounding people thought「enough already,」but Yuuko-nee only shivered a little. She was the only person who knew Kazane's taste.

Intelligent macho. This was Kazane's taste in men. Yuuko-nee knew that Kazane would drool over and mutter「I want to be held by them」while viewing gravure of muscular foreign models. Well, if one of the muscle models were to become intimate with Kazane it could only appear to be a crime, but from that point of view it was natural that Sieg wouldn't be muscular enough, considering his age. By the way, Audin also had a well toned body, but it was the slim and handsome body type. Besides, the old man Audin left a bad impression in the battle against Diablo. That's why to Kazane he was a no thank you. By the way, the Heroic Spirit Sieg's face matched her aesthetics, but under his clothes was a terrible match. Super scraggly.

And since he didn't seem to be an idiot and had red hair, a rough and pa.s.sionate aura, and an appearance in his mid-twenties, Aka was a straight pitch for Kazane's taste. The opponent was a dragon, and even though he didn't seem to be wanting more than a sibling relationship so mishaps shouldn't occur, it was the appearance of an extremely powerful rival for Sieg. Or perhaps it should be said it wasn't even a match. Therefore, Yuuko-nee told Sieg:

「You must become that, Sieg. You cannot win unless you do it.」


Sieg could not understand the meaning of his beloved mother's profound words.

「Ufufu, Onii-chaan!」

Kazane was in supreme bliss as her face was buried in his firm pectoral muscles. It was the smiling face of a bad person being honest with their desires. That Aka was something like a family member did not stop her feeling.


Ao's throat clearing echoed in this now chaotic place.

That was an excessively huge cough to the surrounding people….but Aka jumped and stiffened. He could see the vision of a huge angry dragon, and that wasn't just his imagination.

(O, Onii-chan, is he getting angry or something?)

(He's serious now. For the time being, listen to him talk)

Like a perfectly loving elder brother Aka gave a warning from his own experience to Kazane.

「Since I don't want to leave it as a half-baked story, it will be fine to finish explaining, right?」


Everyone nodded obediently.

「So with that, the third purpose for which we came is accomplished. Although Aka's siblings increased by an unexpected amount, I've understood that Kazane inherited the power of a dragon, and in that case deem it acceptable.」

「Yeah. I am also satisfied.」

「Your satisfaction is inconsequential.」

Ao glared at Aka with an irritated face.

「So you understood Kazane's Dragonization?」

Yuuko-nee asked in her feigning innocence Queen voice for visitors.

「That's right. Kazane becomes an existence equivalent to a Childstone summoned dragon. Frankly speaking, it can be said that she is both a human being and a dragon.」

「So does that mean something else is inside me?」

After Kazane asked, Ao considered for a bit before he shook his head.

「No. Before transformation you're only a human, after transformation you're only a dragon. There isn't much difference from the dragon's transformation technique we use to appear as humans. Though it's likely there is a considerable difference in the consumption of Magic Power.」

「That binge eats Magic Power. They get good fuel consumption? That would be nice.」

Yuuko-nee's body double Iria grumbled.

「Well, Kazane should be allowed to immigrate to our village, if she were so inclined.」

「I will welcome you.」

Aka suddenly gave a thumbs up and Kazane said「waーi」as she dangled from his outstretched arm. His biceps were amazingly strong. As expected, Tiara's jealousy flared from yesterday's kiss and the current situation with the elder brother so she flexed her arm, but was moved to tears as her muscles didn't even twitch.

(I cannot satisfy Kazane......)

Thus, from this day Tiara decided she would train her body. Whether it would be a good thing for the results she wanted to appear was not discussed.

In any case, Ao somewhat sharply continued to talk. Ao was considered to live fast among the long-lived dragon tribe. Even though they said that, there weren't many dragons that have lived as long as him.

「As for the second purpose, I will speak of that now; I would like you to deliver this item.」

Ao put a dark red pulsating jewel on the table.

「It's a Dragon Heart. But it's extremely big.」

Kazane saw it had the same shape as in the game and said that.

The surroundings somewhat stirred. There were a surprisingly high number of people who had seen a Dragon Heart in that place: Yuuko-nee, Jinrai, Louise, Mefirus, and Iria, and if the game counted Yumika had also seen it and was able to recognize it. But that heart was twice as big as any Kazane and the others were aware of.

「This is the Dragon Heart of our West Dragon Village's longtime enemy『Black Dragon Hagasu.』」

「That was the beloved dragon of the Dragon Emperor Gaieru from the Human-Dragon War.」

The conversation reminded Tiara of a fairy tale she had heard a long time ago.

「That's right. The wicked dragon that was once subjugated by Tsuvara's Hero King Tatsuyoshi was born as a reincarnated dragon in the northern dungeon and was released to the outside.」

At those words, everyone except for Yuuko-nee, who had already heard, and Aka, who already knew, opened their eyes wide and looked toward Ao.

「Although reincarnated dragons from a dungeon have a Childstone core, it is by no means an inexhaustible supply of magical power. If they leave the dungeon they lose the supply of magical power from the Heart Orb, so the stone by itself doesn't generate enough magical power to maintain the dragon body. She humanized and escaped that place, and an allied group from our Dragon Village and the northern kingdom Ortho's soldiers pursued and successfully subjugated her. At that time she was beheaded by Aka.」

After that was said Aka scratched his head bashfully.

「Well. She was a bit strong, but I was able to win. I also had this Dragon Killer.」

He patted the hilt of the sheathed sword as he said so.

「But since we discovered she was born in a dungeon, it's possible the same thing will happen again. In the worst case scenario this heart would be stolen by her. Up until now our family have been sealing it, but there is an even more secure place ... so we decided to entrust it to the East Village.」

「That's how it is. Since G.o.d Dragon Emperor Naga is over there. We'd like Kazane and the others to go to the East Village with this.」

「That should be fine, but wouldn't it be better to take it yourselves?」

Kazane asked the obvious question. A dragon can fly through the sky. Rather than entrusting it to Kazane's group, they would be able to arrive more quickly to keep it secure.

「I would very much like to do so, but this heart generates more magical power than a heart ball and is thus considered a weapon, and crossing human borders with it would be inviting unnecessary discord.」

「What do you mean?」

「If nuclear weapons were moved, what would surrounding countries say....that sort of thing.」

Ao nodded at Yuuko-nee's remark. However, other than Kazane and Yumika no one understood the meaning of『Nuclear Weapon』so they tilted their heads.

「In addition, why I don't take it myself is a splendid question. With my position as an a.s.sistant in the dragon village I am reluctant to rile up not only people, but the other dragon villages as well by bringing such a thing to another village. Which is why I wish to entrust its transportation to people who have the same sealing technique as I do.」

「The same sealing technique?」

Kazane tilted her head. But Kazane raised a surprised voice to what Ao said next.

「It's about the Item Box, Yuihama Kazane-san.」

「You, maybe...」

Behind Kazane, Yumika also leaned forward in excitement and asked. He could use the Item Box. As far as she and Kazane knew there was only one way that could be true, which revealed the true ident.i.ty of the person in front of their eyes.

「My real name is Aoi Shintarou. Once a man, I became a dragon. It's likely I am the oldest living player.」

Ao grinned broadly to the astonished Kazane and Yumika.

Name: Yuihama Kazane

Occupation: Magic Swordswoman

t.i.tle: Ogre Killer, Dragon Slayer

Equipment: Staff 『White Blaze』, Two Handed Sword『Black Fang』, Silver Breastplate, Silver Gauntlets, Silver Sheep Clothes, Carapace Bull Trousers, Berserk Ogre Greaves, Indestructible Cloak, Mysterious Pouch, Crimson Saint Coffin, Heroic Spirit Summoning Ring, Circlet of Wisdom

Level : 29

Health: 101

Magic Power: 170+300

Strength: 49+10

Agility: 40

Endurance: 29

Wisdom : 55

Dexterity : 33

Spell : 『Fly』 『Torch』 『Fire』 『Heal』『Firestorm』

Skill : 『Warrior's Memory』 『Night Vision』 『Crushing Blow』 『Dog’s Sense of Smell』 『Golem Maker: Lv2』 『Rush』 『Fire Principle: Third Chapter』 『Healing Principle: Second Chapter』 『Air Jump: Lv2』 『Killing Leg: Lv2』 『Fear Voice』 『Invisible』 『Tiger Eye』 『Wall Walking』 『Intuition』 『Cheat Death』 『Nimble』『Charge』『Material Shield』『Information Link』『Optical Camouflage』『Dash』『Bloodsucking Blade』『Dragonization』

Kazane:「Right now I would like to settle a troublesome story before returning to normal business. That was Yuuko-nee's misunderstanding.」


Kazane:「When I said『I want to be held by them』it wasn't a s.e.xual meaning, but a muscular『Super like! Hug me!!』meaning only. It's completely different.」

Yumika:「What you're saying isn't convincing at all, Kazane. Besides, didn't you you say you gave Jinro-san's macho group a wide berth?」

Kazane:「Muscles that are not properly managed are like weeds. Not beautiful, and moreover the sports types are a little.....extreme.」

Yumika:「Don't say cruel things.」

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