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Chapter 23

“……hm? Morning.”
When I woke up, I was sleeping buried in Ketorami-san.
Ah, oh yeah. I ran out of MP and collapsed.
“What time is it now!?”
When I rushed into the lab, it was already too late.
“……12 midnight……”
I, I messed up……what did they do for dinner? As I thought that, there was writing on the blackboard.
[You wouldn’t wake up, so we just ate what was available and went to sleep. Good work.]
……a—h……my job as a maid……
……nothing can be done, guess I’ll sleep. Okay, let’s sleep buried in Ketorami-san. Mhm, let’s do that…… Ketorami’s consolation of ‘Don’t force yourself’ actually makes it hurt more……

insensitive dog

It’s morning.
It’s 4. Because I slept a lot. I woke up quite early.
To make up for missing out on dinner yesterday, let’s work hard this morning.
But even if I say that, it’s just rice with soup, a light meat dish and fruits though.
We can’t eat that much in the morning anyway……
As a form of resistance, I made the soup with proper stock.
its smth
I’m free until everyone wakes up, so while letting the soup simmer, I tried testing out my new skills.
First is [Fire Magic]. Uhaha, I finally became able to use magic too!
Like this I can burn away all the fi—lth! I can do it! is what I thought……
Ah, not the hydroxyl group. It’s an exclamation.
No, it was just so shabby, I unintentionally said that.
……the fire magic I can use, it is……for comparison, a [Stove’s High Heat].
No, I can do low heat as well, but it’s not like making it weaker raises its offensive power! It just decreases! What’s this!
As expected of the maid profession! It doesn’t betray my expectations! Of course in a bad way!
……well, this makes cooking delicious rice easier, so it’s fine……
Starting off low and then going strong in the middle, is unexpectedly a lie for cooking rice, rice is more like, start with relatively high heat to boil it, then let the water evaporate off with low heat.
Until now, I had been doing this and that, trying my best to adjust the heat, but like this I can do it just by focusing on it.
……to test it out, I tried creating 3 fires like a stove.
……mhm. 3, came out.
Th, then, 1 at high heat, 1 more at low heat, and the remaining extinguished, all at once…..
……mhm, I can do it.
Ah, okay. Isn’t this useful?
It felt disappointing because it’s called [Fire Magic], but if I think of it as [MP Stove], it’s very useful!
This makes me happy. I can use high heat without having to work hard at supplying kindling, with this I’m free to make fried rice!
freid rice magic
Okay, next is [Puppet Making]. It seems different from [Puppetise], but what is skill is this? With that thought, I tried sewing (I somehow didn’t want the clothes and cloth Minehara-san and the others had looked through, so I burned them.) and made dolls.
When I focused on [Puppet Making] with the cloth in my hands, my hand moved smoothly.
Hmhm, a—h, I see. This is also a skills do it all kind of thing.
My hands are moving like they know how to make it.
And a Ketorami doll was made.
Mhm. Quite well made.
It’s nice how the texture is furry like this. This is also all thanks to skills, just by focusing on it I managed to make it in one try. Iya—, amazing. It makes me look lik

e an idiot for doing trial and error for weaving.
use what you can
And [Puppet Manipulation].
Okay. Move, when I prayed that, the Ketorami doll twitched.
Walk, when I prayed that, it walked in a straight line.
Ah, not that way, right right, when I thought that, it went to the right.
……it has been confirmed they can move quite freely.
And if I can move puppets, I want them to move independently!
“Go and open the door.”
When I gave that order, the Ketorami doll tottered over there, jumped up and unlocked it, then jumped again onto the handle and opened the door skillfully.
O—h, amazing amazing.
But it seems batter to move it myself for precision.
Well, of course.
And [Puppet Manipulation] eats quite a bit of MP.
Mh—m, can this be improved by using dyed cloth for the puppets themselves? I’ll experiment later.
how was Minehara controlling so many
But, if there are puppets that can move independently, then I feel like housework would be a lot faster……cleaning together or something.
Then again, a puppet’s a.n.a.log cleaning is useless compared to the [Cleaning] skill. But it’s romance. Romance.

maid puppet please

As I quickly got started on making maid-san puppets, everyone woke up.
“Ah, Maito, you okay now?”
“Okay? Why?”
“No, yesterday you really were so still that we got worried.”
……apparently when I ran out of mana, I was so still it was at the level of ‘Isn’t she dead?’. Never mind turning over, I was apparently lying there so qui—etly that there wasn’t even the sound of breathing.
That would be worrying.
“Sorry for that. By the way, where are Minehara-san and the rest?”
“A—h, Saegusa and the others brought them back for now. They haven’t [thanked] her yet either, so they’ll be doing their own things themselves. Just that, they said they might come back here once things settle down. And they apologised a lot to Toriumi and Kariya.”
Mhm, I’m relieved to hear the last one.
From what they told me, apparently it was Minehara-san’s followers that pushed Toriumi and Kariya into the herd of monsters. Leaving Toriumi and Kariya and running is kind of that, but hearing about the situation, mhm, can’t blame them.
Since they didn’t know Kariya could [Purify], from their point of view, if they didn’t abandon Toriumi and Kariya and escaped, they would die too.
It wasn’t something for them, who were not the culprits to apologise for, but they still apologised, so, well, they shouldn’t be bad people.
Actually, the information room group seemed to be having problems dealing with Minehara-san and those girls, then with Minehara-san getting the [Puppetise] skill, things got worse and worse.
They also thanked me for [Cleaning] the [Puppetise] skill.
Just that, because of that, well, I ended up in a situation where they weren’t sure if I was alive or dead, so they also apologised profusedly for that……
……mhm. Minehara-san and those girls should get plenty of thanks.

arigataya~ arigataya~

And after having breakfast, we decided today will be for stocking up on food, so everyone went out with Ketorami.
They had wanted to ride Ketorami since before, so I lent him to them.
At around this time, they should be riding him and playing around.
So, I will be starting on the experiment I was curious about before breakfast.
I dyed cloth with laurels, rosemary and mint+rosemary with [Dyeing] and made ap.r.o.n dressed for the puppets with each of those.
I put that on the maid-san puppets and, experiment start.
I made the maid-san puppets jump around the table top with direct control and independent movement, checking the MP consumption for each of them.
make them dance
……it became very complicated.
Err, first, the puppets seem to be treated as part of my body when under direct control and I could use all of the effects, increased maximum MP, increased MP recovery speed and MP recovery.
By the way, interestingly……for me, there was the phenomenon of after reaching a certain surface area of cloth, increasing the dyed cloth did not increase the effect but……
The puppets seem to be calculated separately from my capacity.
Basically, if I equipped laurel dyed cloth to the limit and wanted to raise my maximum MP even more, I just need to control puppets with laurel dyed cloth equipped.
wont that use MP?
But, when moving independently, they are not treated as part of my body.
Meaning, when I let them move independently, I just keep losing MP. Nothing from the puppets to me.
But the puppets use the benefits themselves.
Basically, when moving independently, for increased maximum MP, the puppets’ maximum MP increase, increased MP recovery speed reduces the MP taken from me and MP recovery is used by the puppets on their own to recover MP.
……it became something like that, now then, what to do.
puppet army!
For example, I could directly control a super large amount of puppets and equip them all with laurel dyed cloth to the limit, increasing my maximum MP alot.
Or I could equip the directly controlled dolls with mint+rosemary dyed cloth and use them as an MP battery.
If I were to let them move independently, then rosemary would reduce the burden on me the most.
But if they equip laurel dyed cloth, the puppets’ own MP increases……meaning the things the puppets can do increases.
When I gave a puppet with laurel dyed cloth the same instruction from before, ‘Open the door’, it opened the door without touching it.
Is it that? Magic? Is it magic? Puppets use magic? Is this a fantasy? Oi.


……in the end, I chose to use two, three independent puppets and have them help with meals and other things.
So it would be better to reduce the burden on me, I dressed the three maid-san puppets with rosemary dyed ap.r.o.n dresses.
“Okay, it’s about time to prepare lunch, maid-sans, help me!”
The three maid-san puppets lined up and saluted.
……wow, they’re kinda cute.


During the preparations of lunch, I found out that the puppets can do different things based on form.
The maid-san puppets filled the pots with water and stirred them, but the Ketorami puppet couldn’t do that.
……well of course, Ketorami walks on all fours.
In exchange, I found out the Ketorami puppet was fast. They went out for a bit, then came back with three bay leaves.
I feel like they go as fast as, or faster, than my full sprint.
The maid-san puppets’ speed isn’t that fast, so there might be a need to take care of which to use at certain times.

slow like maito

And as I was doing that, they came back.
“Welcome back maste—rs.”
“The maid……incre, ased……?”
When I went to meet them with the three maid-san puppets, oh my, to put it one way, I got a nice reaction.
“Wa—, what’s this, so cute.”
“It’s soft! So soft!”
“They’re cute right? They’re cute right? I’m not giving them.”
When Katori and Hariu poked the maid-san puppets, the maid-san puppets show various responses, responding to it and trying to run away, obediently letting itself be poked and starting combat with the finger.
……the puppets also seem to have their own personality.
to the death!
Okay, they had brought back fish.
Seems like while 7 of them were fishing, 1 was enjoying Ketorami-riding.
You guys seem to be having fun…… Ketorami’s mine okay?
Ah, fish will be for dinner. Lunch is already prepared.
by the maid-san puppets!
Anyway, lunch.
Today’s lunch is pasta. With meat sauce.
With tho—se, with dairy products, I could’ve done cream sauce tho—ugh.
I want dairy products. Isn’t there a cow lying around somewheree?
dig for it
“So, we forgot to ask, but is it that? [Puppet Making]?”
“Mhm. Since I got them, I tried out [Puppet Making] and [Puppet Manipulation] and it turned out like this.”
They’re cute right? When I showed them off the Suzumoto, the maid-san puppets matched me and tilted their heads at the same time. Seeing that, Suzumoto made an indescribable expression.
“……if only Minehara-san used it this peacefully……”
Kadomi-kun is right, Minehara-san should’ve been able to use the skill like this too. Despite that, she (probably) used [Puppetise] to make humans puppets and expressively controlled them, so either its her hobby, or her personality, or she is stupid, or something like that.
“But rather than just puppets, using humans as puppets seems more efficient, being able to use skills alone is a large advantage.”
Well, what President says makes sense too.
Puppets that can use skills are definitely user-friendly.
Can’t you just let them move independently?
Ah, that’s definitely good. If I could do it too, I might’ve done it.
……no, never mind. Even without using [Puppetise], having them fight normally as humans is fine.
The reason Minehara-san didn’t do that……there was no trust, between them, since she made them into puppets, probably.

ofc not

“These maid-san puppets can’t [Clean] even though they’re maid-sans? I see.”
Katori seems to have taken a liking to the maid that allowed itself to be poked and is continuing to poke it.
If you like it that much, shall I give it to you?
“As expected you can’t [Share] skills with maid-san puppets hu—h.”
……eh? What did you, just say?

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