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Chapter 502    [I also know how to sing love songs]

Hearing Liu Yi's confession, w.a.n.g Yuzheng is stunned for a while.

At that instant, the sun outside suddenly turns very eye-piercing and very hot, causing w.a.n.g Yuzheng to have a thought of fainting.

"So….so….be my girlfriend okay?"

If Liu Yi previous sentence caused w.a.n.g Yuzheng to sink into confusion, then his later sentence completely frightened her.

Liu Yi is waiting apprehensively for her reply but w.a.n.g Yuzheng suddenly turns around and runs upstairs!

The bouncing b.u.t.t causes Liu Yi to covet it…but what is the matter with his la.s.s? Why did she run away?!

Liu Yi frantically asks Lin Tong who is also confused, {Immortal Fox sister…this is not what we expected…what should I do?}

{What the….how do I know…what is this situation….could it be that this la.s.s no longer likes you? Shouldn't be ah…}

Lin Tong starts to think, despite she being the one who keeps giving him instructions, but they seem to have forgotten a matter…before getting to know Liu Yi, Lin Tong herself has also not dated before…

{Master, I feel that it is the confession method that is wrong!}

Xuefeng who is by the side gives a suggestion, {I feel that we should go and ask those people who have experience.}

{Do you have a lot of experience?}

Liu Yi gives Xuefeng a begging looks.

{That…master….actually I also have never dated before….we have a rule that officials cannot date…}

What the….h.e.l.l actually has this kind of weird rule.

Liu Yi feels that it is really weird, but if I am going to ask someone for help…who do I ask from…

{Right…looks like I can only go and ask him.}

Liu Yi immediately rushes back to his dormitory and shakes away Chen Cai who is taking an afternoon nap.

Chen Cai yawns as he stretches and asks Liu Yi, "What the heck ah…boss…why did you find me for….I had only just managed to take an afternoon nap…."

Currently, Lai Junwen and Su Junping are both not in the dormitory, perhaps there are going out on a date with their girlfriends.

"I ask you, you and that Snake Woman…"

Chen Cai reminds, "Ding Xiaochun, boss, she calls Ding Xiaochun!"

"Fine, fine, fine. I don't care what kind of Chun, have you manage to get her?"

"Still okay I guess…there are still some obstacles in my techniques, but I believe that I will be able to break through soon!"

Chen Cai pats his chest, "Based on my years of experience chasing after girls, Ding Xiaochun will not be able to escape from my palm!"

"Fine, then you help me you."

"What? Boss, what matter do you need me to help with?"

Chen Cai is slightly shocked. No matter what Liu Yi do, he always likes to be in control and very seldom does he ask people for help.

Even though he is his little brother Liu Yi did not ask him to do anything before.

Did the sun rise from the west this time?

"Tell me boss, who is the one needs a beating and needs my help to beat up!  As long as boss gives the word, I will go and settle it…"

"Help me pick up a girl."

"What, isn't that very easy. Let me go and take the saber…ah wait? Boss, what did you say?"

"Help me pick up a girl…"


Chen Cai nearly vomits out blood, "Boss are you joking with me? You still want to pick up a girl? The number of girls who like you can be lined up all the way to QingBei university okay?! And you still want to find more?"

Liu Yi's face turns serious and ask, "It is not like I am a gigolo….speak seriously. Are you able to help?"

"This… I can…but, boss, who do you want to chase ah? Which girl actually made boss personally go and chase after her? This is weird ah! I must definitely go and take a look at who she is…."

"You have seen her before, w.a.n.g Yuzheng"

Liu Yi's sentence causes Chen Cai to be almost crazy.

"Boss!!! Are you for real?!?! Isn't w.a.n.g Yuzheng your girl already?"

"Stop messing around, what do you mean that she is already my girl. There is no such thing. Are you able to help me? If not, go and find someone who is able to!"

"Oi, oi, oi, boss don't look down on me! I will help you make an a.n.a.lysis!"

Chen Cai sits down on a stool and thinks deeply, and says, "Boss. First I feel that w.a.n.g Yuzheng is a very very soft girl…of course, this is only her exterior. Actually, her inner heart is very firm and she is also a girl who has her own plan…."

"Oh…you understand her quite well…"

Liu Yi did not expect that Chen Cai would be so accurate with his a.n.a.lysis.

"Sweat, boss. After all, we are all cla.s.smates with each other for three years okay! I have already seen through this bit!"

"Fine then, it is me who is slow to react…"

"This…boss is indeed extremely slow on love relationship….could it be that boss is unable to see that during the past two years w.a.n.g Yuzheng always liked you a lot?"

Chen Cai's question causes Liu Yi to be silent.

As for this question, although he knows of it he does not know how to face it.

"What the point of saying all of this. Just say how should I chase her."

"Fine then…towards w.a.n.g Yuzheng this kind of girl, actually it is suitable for you to use a few romantic methods to move her! Boss, both you and her lacking money is not a bad thing but an opportunity! As long as you use this chance and make her sense your real feelings, I believe that she will obediently enter your embrace."

"Oh? Is that it?"

Liu Yi is slightly suspicious of Chen Cai, "Are you sure?"

"Boss, when using people don't be suspicious ah! Since you come and find me then believe in my methods!"

"Fine then… then what should I do?"

"Where is w.a.n.g Yuzheng now then? Boss? Do you know?"

"Eh…she should still be in her dormitory."

Liu Yi thinks for a bit, afternoon resting time is so long, w.a.n.g Yuzheng would not go far away.

"Hehe…than boss let us use a cla.s.sic old-fashion method to confess."

Around ten minutes later, Liu Yi and Chen Cai are standing under the female dormitory. Liu Yi is hugging a guitar with a slightly concerned expression.

"This method…can it work?"

"Will work boss. w.a.n.g Yuzheng is a traditional girl to her bones. This kind of old-fashion confession method will have the biggest potential."

Chen Cai only gives Liu Yi an encouraging gaze, "But boss…do you really know how to play the guitar? I have only heard w.a.n.g Yuzheng playing the guitar before and she is quite good."

"Relax…I know how to…"

Liu Yi already let Little Jade activate the musical instrument master. This way, he can play any kind of musical instrument. Playing the guitar and the likes is not a problem.

Currently, there are a lot of pa.s.sersby walking past the dormitory, a lot of people are looking at Liu Yi.

"Eh, who is that person. He looks very familiar."

"Isn't that the famous Liu Yi….what is he there for, he is also carrying a guitar!"

"Do not know…could it be that he is confessing?"

"Get lost. What era is it already? Who would use this kind of method to confess….so uncouth…"

"But….he is already starting to sing!"

A group of people see Liu Yi leans against a tree and starts singing as he hugs the guitar with wide open eyes.

What the…Liu Yi's voice….is really like pigs being slaughter….

The hoa.r.s.e voice is like a devil music drilling into the brain, making a lot of people feel like crying…

The second-floor window is instantly thrown open as a girl carries a basin of feet washing water and tosses it out.

"d.a.m.n it! It is bright in the morning why are you shrieking for!"

Liu Yi and Chen Cai dodge as the feet-washing water splashes onto the ground.

Chen Cai scolds, "What the heck, do you have any civility!"

He glances at Liu Yi apprehensively.

"Boss…can you….sing with a better pitch…"

"This…let me try…."

Liu Yi is helpless, looks like I am not talented in singing…

{Little Jade can you help me calibrate my pitch?}

Liu Yi can only look for his AI for help.

{Yes, I can directly stimulate the brainwaves of master's and calibrate the area where you make sounds.}

As a super AI, the number of things that Little Jade is able to do is indeed a lot which causes Liu Yi to be slightly surprised.

{That is great then…Little Jade, help out…}

{Okay master…please wait a moment…}

A loading bar pops out in front of Liu Yi's eyes which swiftly starts to fill up.

After which his brain feels like lightning has rushed through it, but it is not painful, instead it is very comfortable.

{Done master. The calibration is done, you can start singing.}

"Mmm…let me try…"

Liu Yi first sings a few sentences with a lower voice while Chen Cai listens by the side and instantly gives a thumbs up.

"Boss…this is then call singing ah! Beautiful! Continue singing this way!"


With Chen Cai's confirmation, Liu Yi also has more confidence.

He hugs the guitar and continues singing with Immortal Qi based on the tempo and melody in his heart.

Zhang  Hongliang's .

Although it is an old song, it is a song that Chen Cai went through a lot of trouble to choose for Liu Yi.

Liu Yi's sing voice is like a mischievous specter, that digs into the heart of the people listening. Those people who are originally covering their ears and watching the show starts to lower their hands and stare at Liu Yi.

As for the fat girl who was planning to toss another basin of water down also lowers the basin and listen attentively to Liu Yi singing.

Soon the fourth-floor window is open as w.a.n.g Yuzheng's figure appears.

She looks down towards the guy downstairs, just now he seemed to be crazy…and suddenly confessed to me…

But this kind of confession is too not official already….originally I planned to go back and put on makeup, after dressing up I planned to go down and reply him…but unexpectedly this foolish person is actually singing downstairs?

For a while, w.a.n.g Yuzheng is slightly shy with a red face and feels happy in her heart.

The girls in the other dormitory are envious.

"Isn't that Liu Yi…"

"Aiyah…it seems like he is confessing to our w.a.n.g Yuzheng ah!"

"Wuwuwu, if there is someone who is willing to confess to me like this, I will definitely agree!"

Liu Yi's reputation in KeDa is very high. Students in KeDa might not know who the headmaster of KeDa is, but they will definitely know who Liu Yi is!

The video of him beating Tetsu Ronkou is still on top of KeDa's BBS! The ranking is very high and has a lot of clicks!

A lot of girls dream of have Liu Yi as a boyfriend! His appearance is not bad and he gives off a sense of safety!

"w.a.n.g YUZHENG! I LIKE YOU!"

The length of a song is not really long. After Liu Yi place down the guitar, he shouts loudly,


He pulls out a bouquet of red rose from the black plastic bag that Chen Cai is carrying.

Under the gaze of the so many people, Liu Yi's face is slightly red.

This is the first time that…under the gaze of so many people he has done such a crazy thing…

Chapter 502     [I also know how to sing love songs!]

Haiz as usual Little Jade is basically a super plot armor…just how many times have she saved him……

And phew he had did it though I think this is how the author confessed to his first girlfriend back then hehe, just my opinion XD

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