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Chapter 447  [Great G.o.d Sect’s movements]

Under the stage, Gao Feng frowns. Given that he is able to receive Cui Yi's sword with a single hand, looks like Liu Yi's strength is not so simple.

But compared to me who has trained to Human Sword realm, it is not enough!

Let you be arrogant first for now. Afterward, I will deal with you.

Thinking about this Gao Feng starts laughing in his heart.

On the stage, Cui Yi is very shocked as he did not expect that his flying sword could be grabbed by his opponent!

How is this possible!

Liu Yi, who is holding onto Cui Yi's sword did not forget to nod his head towards Cui Yi and say, "So this is the sword technique of Concealed Sword Pavillion? Thank you for your teachings."

"d.a.m.n it! Who can stop my Concealed Sword Pavilion's sword-play!"

Cui Yi immediately moves his hands and forms two-handed seals, trying to control his sword to return.

He put in so much effort until his face turns red! He seems to have used even the strength to drink milk but his sword is still being grasped in Liu Yi's hand unable to fly back.

The sword is like grown from Liu Yi's hand and is unable to listen to Cui Yi's command!

"Come back, come back….come back ah!"

Cui Yi keeps shouting making Liu Yi shakes his head before relaxing his fingers.


The sword instantly flies backward like lightning and hammers into Cui Yi's shoulder and sent him flying backward, rolling on the stage.

"d.a.m.n it ah!!!!"

Cui Yi's shoulder is in pain but it is not a heavy injury. He stands back up as both his hands form seals, causing his sword to float in front of him, afterward his hands split apart.

Instantly the single sword split into 2, 2 split into 3 and soon over tens of flying swords float in front of Cui Yi.


With a wave of Cui Yi's hand, the tens of swords instantly shoot towards Liu Yi.

-dang dang dang!-

Liu Yi only stands there as he controls his own Taiji sword and knocks away the swords that are flying towards him.

Liu Yi reminds kind-heartedly, "If you do not use all your strength then you would no longer have a chance."

"I indeed look down on you!"

Cui Yi takes two deep breath, "Raising Immortal Palace Hall Liu Yi, you are indeed very strong! Thus now I will use my strongest move to defeat you! Concealed Sword Pavilion Earth Character's swordplay is the real sword technique!"

He flies up into the sky and floats there.

At the same time, countless swords are released by him surrounding his left and right.

Liu Yi mocks, "Although I am fine with what you say, I am afraid that your Sky Character Senior brother Gao would be the first to disagree ah!"

"Who needs you to care! Go and die!"

Cui Yi shouts as hundreds of swords start descending like a sword rain towards Liu Yi.

"What is the use of taking out a bunch of trash metal."

Liu Yi stops smiling as he forms a sword seal before pointing at Cui Yi in the sky.

"Go Xiao Taiji!"

-ding, ding, ding!-

Liu Yi's Taiji sword shoots out like a green lightning from his side towards the descending sword rain.

"Want to use a single sword to defend against my ultimate technique?"

Cui Yi laughs loudly, "Soon you will be beaten into mincemeat by the sword rain!"

"Is it?"

Liu Yi declines in commenting as he laughs, as his Taiji sword enters the sword rain.

Like a wolf entering a flock of sheep, Taiji sword which is carrying green light destroys the sword rain that clashed against it!

Like destroying rotten wood, in just a single round, Cui Yi's sword rain is completely smashed! While Taiji sword has already broken through and pierced towards Cui Yi's head.

Cui Yi is stunned as he falls from the sky.

Taiji sword chases after him and Cui Yi is unable to escape at all.

He closes his eyes in despair, dead…I did not expect that I would die during the top 32 compet.i.tion. Originally I thought that this time around I would be able to get into top 8 and help Concealed Sword Pavilion Earth Character gain fame. But unexpectedly…I am going to die now.

At this moment he suddenly has some regret. Why did I go and provoke this Raising Immortal Palace Hall person?

"The results should be out now right."

At this moment he suddenly hears the voice of Liu Yi. Cui Yi opens his eyes to see the Taiji sword's tip stop just in front of his forehead.

Liu Yi is standing there as he asks Mo Tian.

Mo Tian is not unreasonable as he declares, "Winner, Lui Yi."

"Manor head is smart!"

Liu Yi cups his hands before flying back down the stage.

After Cui Yi stands up, he feels like the world is going round and round as he muddleheaded get off the stage.

He returns back to the resting area and Gao Feng stands in front of him without any expression.

"Senior, Senior brother Gao…So, sorry…"

Cui Yi lowers his head and apologizes to Gao Feng.


Gao Feng did not say anything and gave him a slap, instantly sending him flying away until he smashes into a wall by the side and smashes out a hole.


Gao Feng only says this word before walking to the side.

"So heartless towards your own people ah."

Liu Yi who is sitting on a chair by the side smiles merrily at Gao Feng, "What an expert demeanor."

"Don't be proud."

Gao Feng looks at Liu Yi coldly, "Cui Yi is a person from Earth Character. Although he had managed to get into the top 32  he is nothing but trash in my eyes. You defeating him is only clearing out the trash that's all."

"You say that your own junior brother is a trash?"

Liu Yi sneers, "It is you who is the real trash."


Killing intent emerges from Gao Feng.

"What about me. You want to fight, is it? Come I am willing to accompany you anything."

Liu Yi immediately stands up not fearing the aura that Gao Feng is emitting. After all, I am also carrying a strong aura making the surrounding people have some pressure.

"Looks like this year it there will be some difficulty for number 1…"

Gu Yu looks at the two of them going t.i.t for tat as she mutters apprehensively.

"If you have problems settle it on the stage."

Mo Lan raises her halberd and brings it down in between the two of them, "If you guys fight now, then you will lose your qualification!"

"Hmph, just you wait for me to kill you on the stage!"

Gao Feng tosses out a sentence before leaving.

Liu Yi turns around and says to Mo Lan, "Miss Mo he wants to kill me ah. You need to protect me."

Mo Lan rolls her eyes, "Scram you are a big guy and you need me to protect you? Do you have no shame?"

Liu Yi nods his head, "Indeed…then…how about I treat you to a meal to repay you?"

Mo Lan spits, "Are you just taking advantage? Do you really think that I am stupid?"

Liu Yi is shocked, "Eh you are not?"

Mo Lan starts trembling, "You want to fight is it, Liu Yi?"

Liu Yi immediately smiles, "Hehe, if we fight we will lose our qualification!"

"You just wait to die on the stage!"

"Miss Mo wants to kill me! Yuan Tong, you need to protect me ah!"

"Amitabh…this monk will help Benefactor Liu to chant Buddhist scripture for your soul to find peace…"

"Get lost!"

While Liu Yi performing a show there, the compet.i.tion on the stage continues on.

After a day has pa.s.sed, the top 16 were chosen.

Like what Liu Yi predicted, Gao Feng, Gu Yu, Mo Lan, Yuan Tong have all advanced!

What shock him is that Bai Xiaowei and Li Heqiang have actually advanced as well! Is Nimble Gate really so strong?! Isn't the strongest spiritual beast summoning sect Burning Heart Valley?

Looks like this year Nimble Gate will rise!

What makes Liu Yi most curious about is Bai Xiaowei's summon beast!

The beast that she summons is not her spiritual cat Tuantuan. Instead, it is an enormous fierce beast! This fierce beast has outstanding strength and within a few rounds, it blasts Bai Xiaowei's opponent out of the stage.

Why did this girl no longer use her cat and changed to wild beast ah….this way can I still call her Cat Lady? This is really too regretful.

Gu Yu's performance is very normal. After blasting out a whole bunch of Immortal Snow Peak magic spells and the opponent surrenders.

Looks like top 32 is not enough to make everyone take out their full strength ah…really don't know how would tomorrow's top 16 be.

"You indeed grew a lot."

During the top 32 compet.i.tion, Wenren Qian is standing on a building far away secretly observing Liu Yi.

"But…this time round win, I will not give it to you…"

With G.o.d-father's command hanging above, she must comply.

After all, this command would not endanger Liu Yi's safety. For G.o.d-father, for the Great G.o.d Sect, I must complete it.

What Wenren Qian does not know is that outside the World Manor, a group of people is getting closer.

One of the underlings secretly ask, "Vice-sect leader….we going against Sect Leader's command and come here…is it really okay?"

Vice-Sect leader says with clenched teeth, "Less nonsense. Sect Leader's heart is basically not on the Great G.o.d Sect! In his eyes, there is only himself and his G.o.d-daughter! If we want to revive the Great G.o.d, we can only rely on ourselves! Everyone here is Great G.o.d's enemy! They will block us from reviving Great G.o.d. So taking advantage of this chance they must all die!"

"But will the thing that we have to obtain work?"

"Of course it is able to work. This thing is enough to flatten the entire World Manor!"

"Can it be able to break through World Manor's defensive barrier…."

"Clucks…this, naturally Law Protector Wenren will help us deal with it…"

Vice-sect leader sneers before continuing to cast his magic technique to keep his group of people hidden within the barrier.

Other than the first night dinner, when it is meal time, there will be servants who bring the food to their room.

After Liu Yi enters top 16, the happiest person is Liu Haisheng.

This old man would run to Liu Yi's room 3-4 times a day to cheer for him to the point of wanting to give his own treasure sword to Liu Yi which Liu Yi hurries and decline.

Liu Yi gently pats his own Xiao Taiji and says, "Thank you Sect Head Martial Uncle, but my treasure sword is also given to me by my master. It is very powerful!"

"Enough do you think that I do not know that junior brother of mine. He is so miserly. This sword of yours is only a third grade, too low. You see this treasure sword of mine. This is an immortal sword pa.s.sed down through many generations of Raising Immortal Palace Hall, Through Sky, eighth grade. If you take it, it'll be like giving wings to the tiger and you a large chance to get into top 8!"

So this old man target is top 8 only?

"Relax Sect Head Martial Uncle. I will definitely be able to enter top 8. Through Sky sword still, needs to remain in Sect Head's hands!"

Chapter 447   [Great G.o.d Sect’s movements]

Today’s teaser

*******after a long talk and chasing away the Sect Head Martial Uncle, Liu Yi lies down on the bed.

Seeing that it is now midnight, feeling h.o.r.n.y he takes out the drawing and                               

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