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Chapter 403   [There is still me]

The golden hourgla.s.s finally completely spoiled as the time freeze stops.

Mingyue Xuefengs sits on a chair by the side and waves at Liu Yi. This la.s.s’s heart is really quite big…

w.a.n.g Yuzheng and the rest completely do not know what had happened as they look at Liu Yi in worry. After all the current score is now 30 15 and Liu Yi is behind.

No one notice that on a chair by the side, there is another beauty.

"Your loss is already a foregone conclusion."

Li Heqiang sneers and says, "I feel that this match no longer have any meaning. How are you Wei Wei's opponent."

"Don't call me Wei Wei."

Bai Xiaowei is somewhat unhappy, "How many times do I have to tell you!"

"Sorry junior sister…"

Li Heqiang quickly finds some excuse but Liu Yi is able to see a deep unresigned look in his eyes.

Looks like this fellow is interested in Bai Xiaowei ah…this is the so-called, the pavilion closes to the water enjoys the moonlight first. The two of them are together for so long but he is still unable to get her. No wonder this fellow's gaze will make people uncomfortable.

His heart is definitely warped…

Thinking of how much I liked Ma Yixuan back then, the continuous rejection from her nearly caused my heart to warp as well!

This is a human life ah!

"More, this is my match! You do not b.u.t.t in!"

As Bai Xiaowei speaks, her gaze lands on Liu Yi, "Liu Yi. I hope that you will not disappoint me too much."

"Of course not. Perhaps I might also be able to give you a surprise."

As Liu Yi speaks, he tosses up the tennis ball in his hand.

"This time around I will not let you get an ace!"

Bai Xiaowei raises her concentration as her conscious covers the center of the tennis court.

Liu Yi is somewhat shocked, this la.s.s has a rather strong conscious eh. During the time when we had not met, what technique did she learn?

Liu Yi serves the tennis ball which swiftly spins and lands by Bai Xiaowei's feet instantly.

Bai Xiaowei smiles confidently this time around as she swings out with her racket with both hands and hits the ball back towards Liu Yi.

But Liu Yi is already at the net as he jumps up and smashes down the tennis ball!

The tennis ball flies pa.s.s Bai Xiaowei and hit the court before flying away.


Bai Xiaowei is shocked and is unable to react.

I actually lost another point?

"It is 30 all now!" says Liu Yi with a smile.

"Tsk, it will end here! This miss will not yield to you again!"

As Bai Xiaowei says, she suddenly smiles.

What is this la.s.s smiling about? Something is wrong!

Liu Yi suddenly sees Bai Xiaowei making some subtle actions with her right hand and a white figure flies out from her body and enters the tennis ball.

He looks closely at the tennis ball and realizes that inside the tennis ball is the civet, Tuan Tuan!

Placing spiritual beast into another object? Didn't expect that Bai Xiaowei had learn such an interesting magic.

"Go! Let me show you this miss ability!"

As Bai Xiaowei speaks, she serves the ball!

The tennis ball flies in a beautiful arc before landing on the ground.

Liu Yi swings his racket towards the ball.

But the tennis ball suddenly changes direction due to the spiritual beast inside and dodges Liu Yi's racket and landed outside.

"45 30! Just one more point and this miss shall win!"

Bai Xiaowei arrogantly says, "It'll still be in time if you admit defeat now!"

"Liu Yi…."

w.a.n.g Yuzheng looks at Liu Yi in worry, her palm is completely covered with sweat.

"You better not lose…our club's face is all relying on you!"

Ling Zhuoyi cheers for Liu Yi.

"Boss how about I help you seduce Bai Xiaowei!"

As Chen Cai speaks, he starts to take off his shirt, "How about I sacrifice a bit of my s.e.xual appeal. As long as boss is able to win the match…"

"What the! Scram you hooligan!"

By the side, Ling Zhuoyi immediately pushes Chen Cai to the ground and start trashing him.

"I still have not admitted defeat Bai Xiaowei."

As Liu Yi speaks, he prepares to serve the ball.

"Hmph still trying to act tough!"

Bai Xiaowei pouts and seems to be unhappy.

"Take my serve!"

Liu Yi swings his racket and serves the tennis ball.

But it seems like he had used too much strength and the ball is served out of court.

Bai Xiaowei smiles even wider, under my control do you really think you are able to get a point?!

"Fault once ah! If you do it one more time then you would lose ah!"

Bai Xiaowei pa.s.ses the tennis ball back to Liu Yi, as long as Tuan Tuan controls the tennis ball out one more time, based on their rules, Liu Yi needs to leave the court!

"That might not be necessarily true."

Liu Yi takes the tennis ball and bounces it on his hand, "I feel that lady luck has always been standing by my side."

As he speaks, he makes an action that shocked Bai Xiaowei.

Liu Yi had pinched out Tuan Tuan's soul and sealed it into his ring!

This! What magic is this!

Bai Xiaowei trembles slightly as she looks at Liu Yi in disbelief. He had actually realized that I  sent Tuan Tuan into the tennis ball! Furthermore, he is able to capture and seal Tuan Tuan!!

Before she is able to react, Liu Yi is already about to serve.

"Let's continues to see who would win or lose!"

"Wait…I admit defeat…"

Bai Xiaowei lowers her tennis racket, "You win…the court is yours…"


When Ling Zhuoyi hears this she exclaims happily.

Everyone else is in shocked, why did Bai Xiaowei admit defeat? Wasnt she very arrogant earlier like she is going to win already?

This change is way too big!


Li Heqiang is instantly unhappy, "Junior sister. It is obvious that you are going to win. Why did you admit defeat?! You are our Nimble Gate's seeded player. How can admit defeat, these two words are not in your dictionary?!"

"It is none of your business! If I want to admit defeat it is my own problem!"

Bai Xiaowei glares at Li Heqiang before running over to Liu Yi and stretches out her hand palm up.

"Return now!"

"Return what?"

Liu Yi clasps his hands behind his neck in a lazy manner causing Bai Xiaowei to clench her teeth.

"Hmph stop acting. I had already admitted defeat what else do you want!"

"Don't say it like I am a bad person threatening you."

Liu Yi says: "A match ought to be fair and square, but you use this kind of cheating method. Would you be happy winning?"

"Why not. This is a part of my strength!"

Bai Xiaowei pouts, "Didn't you also use a bunch of random abilities. You still dare talk! Quickly return Tuan Tuan back to me, otherwise, I will be impolite!"

Have a fight here with Bai Xiaowei…does not seem to be suitable.

Furthermore, Liu Yi also does not have any thoughts of starting a fight with Bai Xiaowei, after all the two of them used to be comrade-in-arm and possess a strong comrade-in-arms friendship!

He stretches out his hand and make a grab at the ring and returns the pitiful little cat back to Bai Xiaowei.

"I feel that your Spiritual Cat Tuan Tuan did not have much growth."

Liu Yi compressed his words and ask Bai Xiaowei, "While your strength seems to have increased by quite a bit…some more, why did you come to Ke Da university? Is it because you …"

"Hmph, who needs you to care!"

Bai Xiaowei snorts before looking at Liu Yi in vigilance but did not tell him anything.

After retrieving back her Spiritual Cat, she immediately turns around and walks off.

Liu Yi watches Bai Xiaowei's beautiful retreating figure.

Strange…since Nimble Gate had come to Ke Da, there will definitely something on.

By the side, w.a.n.g Yuzheng is obviously jealous as she snorts and says to Chen Cai, "Chen Cai you come over and play tennis with me!"

"Eh, why don't you let boss accompany you?"

Chen Cai seems to sense some form of pressure.

"Hmph, he is too busy chasing after girls, how would he have time to play with me."

w.a.n.g Yuzheng's words cause Liu Yi to sweat, good G.o.ds, this la.s.s is very scary when she is jealous….

"That, let us play doubles then…"

Liu Yi immediately cuts in and say, "Me and Yuzheng one team while Chen Cai and Ling Zhuoyi another team. Junping you and big brother shall be the last team. Whoever who loses has to leave the court."

"Okay, okay…"

Chen Chai sighs in relief, luckily boss realized in time, the sea of bitterness knows no bounds, turn your head to see the sh.o.r.e ah…

"Who, who wants to be on the same team as you…"

w.a.n.g Yuzheng says with a red face but she walks over and stands at the serving spot.

Ling Zhuoyi sighs and says: "Oi, the two of you are good eh, lovers together while I have to pair with this idiot."

"What the heck who is the idiot!"

Chen Cai unhappily waves his racket around, "I am very good at ball games okay!"

While he is speaking, w.a.n.g Yuzheng had already served the ball.

"Let me show you my killer smash!"

Chen Cai excitedly runs forward two steps and smashes the ball.

The tennis ball instantly turns into a golden light and pa.s.ses by Liu Yi and w.a.n.g Yuzheng before hitting the ground!

Ling Zhuoyi starts screaming in anger, "You this idiot! It is out, you idiot!"

"Haha, today's weather is quite good eh…"


Afterward, the group of them plays a few rounds. This time around, Liu Yi did not use his qi, after all, playing in that manner is meaningless.

Ling Zhuoyi is rather good at it, the two sides have wins and losses but in the end it is still Ling Zhuoyi and Chen Cai who won.

Seeing w.a.n.g Yuzheng covered in sweat, Liu Yi is somewhat heart ached for her and says: "You take a seat. I'll go and buy some water for you."

"Okay…mineral water will be fine…"

Even at this time w.a.n.g Yuzheng still does not forget about helping Liu Yi save money.

"Got it. You sit here and wait for me."

Liu Yi rubs w.a.n.g Yuzheng on the head. w.a.n.g Yuzheng obediently sits there like a little cat and seems to enjoy the way Liu Yi rubs her head.

"Come back quickly…"

By the side Chen Cai who plays tennis did not forget to shout, "Boss don't pay more attention to your lover then your friends ah, we also want water!"

"Got it!"

Liu Yi waves his hand and walks out of the tennis court.

Mingyue Xuefeng floats over to Liu Yi side and pulls on his arm before looking at him pitifully.

"What is the matter? Are you bored? Actually, in the human realm, there are a lot of interesting things. I will slowly introduce them to …"

"Not that…"

Mingyue Xuefeng shakes her head as her breast pushes against Liu Yi's arm as she looks at Liu Yi in expectation and says: "Master, rub my head as well okay!"

Sweat, this la.s.s is trying to strive for favor ah…

"Master~~ I always want pats!"

Liu Yi has no other choice, he can only stretch out his hand and pets Mingyue Xuefeng on her head.

"Ah, so comfortable…"

Mingyue Xuefeng's face is lighted up with happiness what at this moment a delicate voice starts scolding by the side, "Who are you meow~~!! Why are you sticking to master meow~!"

Chapter 403  [There is still me]

After a long consideration, I finally decided to gift you guys with some teaser

"Who are you?"

"I am master's pet, meow~"

"I am master's Netherworld servant!"

"Master belongs only to Xiao Mi!!"

"Hmph, now he is also my master!"

"Master will not care about you meow~ Master only cares about Xiao Mi meow~"

To show her position she says, "Every morning master will give Xiao Mi something good to eat meow~!"

So how do you guys think the conversation will continue. Comment below muhahaha

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