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The tennis ball brushes pa.s.s Liu Yi’s ear and hit the protective net behind him.

“30 15! I have taken another point. Looks like victory is in sight!”

Le Heqiang cheers loudly by the side and provokes dispising looks from Chen Cai and the rest.

But Bai Xiaowei does not seem to be happy as she asks Liu Yi angrily, “Liu Yi! Where are you looking at! Are you looking down on me?”

I am using my full strength to compete but this guy is not paying attention!!!

Liu Yi looks at the black shadow standing by w.a.n.g Yuzheng’s side and ask: “You guys…can not see it?”

“See what?”


Liu Yi points to the right of w.a.n.g Yuzheng.

“What ah? If you play lousily then say you are lousy why are you trying to be mysterious!”

Le Heqiang sneers, “What is over there! Trying to find excuses for losing!”

They are actually unable to see!

But they are cultivators ah! How is it not possible for them to see?

Originally Liu Yi thought that it is Ling Zhuoyi and the rest who are unable to see but unexpectedly Li Heqiang is also unable to see.

Bai Xiaowei and Chen Cai’s reaction also indicate that they are did not see anything.

“Liu Yi, what is the matter? Do not scare me ah!”

w.a.n.g Yuzheng felt a chill flowing down her back as she hugs herself, “How is there anyone by my side…”

While she is saying that the black figure by her side suddenly pulls out a two meters long black sickle and chops towards w.a.n.g Yuzheng.

Liu Yi is instantly shocked, what the f.u.c.k what on earth is happening!

He subconsciously raises his right hand and uses Illusion Extermination!


That black figure is instantly sent flying away by Liu Yi’s invisible palm and crashes heavily on the protective net.

Hearing a crashing sound of the protective net behind them, everyone turns around but sees nothing!

The opponent isn’t strong!

Liu Yi swiftly makes a judgment call. Where did this s.h.i.t pop out from!

“You are actually able to see me?”

He suddenly speaks but it seems like only Liu Yi is the only one who is able to hear it.

‘Who are you!’ Liu Yi compresses his voice and sends it to the black figure.

“I am the soul reaper from the 3rd layer of h.e.l.l! This person’s lifespan has ended. I am here to collect her soul and escort her to the Yellow Spring!”

The black figure’s voice is like metal rubbing against each other, buzzing in Liu Yi’s ear!

3rd layer of h.e.l.l soul reaper? What is this?!

But why is it that I am the only one who is able to see but others are not able to?

Liu Yi suddenly remembers that it seems like since the last time he had broken Senior Shan Honghe’s illusion, to prevent himself from being affected by illusion, Liu Yi had been keeping his Golden Eyes activated.

Golden Eyes ability can forcefully increase others goodwill towards him!

While the pa.s.sive ability is to see through falsehood. Everything that is false will be forced back to its original form!

With the pa.s.sive ability of Golden Eyes, Liu Yi will never be affected by illusion techniques!

While for this h.e.l.l’s soul reaper, it is obvious that he is under the protection from some special spell that makes others unable to see him but is unable to escape from Liu Yi’s Golden Eyes!

“Brother why must we fight. Why don’t we sit down and have some tea and chat about world peace?”

Liu Yi is trying to make a deal, he is already no longer caring about the tennis match. Instead, he is paying attention and sending words to the h.e.l.l’s soul reaper.

“Anyone who wants to obstruct a soul reaper must die.”

The h.e.l.l’s soul reaper does not give any face to Liu Yi, instead, he raises his sickle and rushes towards Liu Yi.

Haiz, since peace talks cannot work then I can only use other methods.

Green radiance emerges from Liu Yi’s right hand which is not obvious under the sunlight.

But when the soul reaper sees the radiance, his body trembles and nearly falls down from the sky.

This is a soul-deep worry that makes him tremble uncontrollably and want to escape.

“Soul return.”

But Liu Yi does not have any plans of letting him off as he uses the first half of the Demonic Sword Technique’s third move.

This h.e.l.l’s soul reaper’s strength is not high at all, he is not even at Earth Grade and at most is only 6 to 7 stars. Liu Yi’s spirit makes a move and the h.e.l.l’s soul reaper obediently turns into a green light ball and flies into Liu Yi’s palm.

Liu Yi takes a look before sealing the soul of the h.e.l.l’s soul reaper into a ring on his finger.

The Taiji sword is not by my side and furthermore, it is definitely a waste to awaken the sword spirit of the cheap good that was bought on Taobao!

“What happened?”

The crowd does not understand as they watch Liu Yi open and close his mouth like he is saying something.

After which he makes weird actions like fighting a ghost.

Those who do not know would think that Liu Yi had some mental problem.

“Nothing much. Just warming up my body that’s all.”

Liu Yi stretches his body, “Let’s continue then!”

He picks up the tennis ball and prepares to serve.

It is only 30 15. I will get it back very quickly.

Liu Yi holds the tennis ball and prepares to win the point by serving.

But very quickly he realizes that the matter is not so simple because an enormous pressure emerges from the ground like a very scary thing is coming close.

When the pressure spread past him, Liu Yi turns around and takes a look to see a golden bone hourgla.s.s drilling out from the ground and landing on the floor.

With the appearance of the golden hourgla.s.s, time seems to have frozen.

Everyone stops moving. When Liu Yi lets go his hand, he realizes that the tennis ball and tennis racket are also frozen in mid-air not moving.

What is this situation?!

The enormous pressure is still coming closer from the ground as Liu Yi clenches his fist tightly.

Is it because I had detained the soul of the h.e.l.l’s soul reaper which attracted an even stronger opponent?

From this scary pressure, it will definitely be a tough opponent ah!

Just now was a h.e.l.l’s soul reaper and now perhaps it might be some 3-headed and 6-arm monster…

Indeed from the ground emerges a black formation. From the center of the formation, a black horn emerges.

It is really a monster ah! As expected!

Liu Yi takes a deep breath as he revolves his three qi and prepares to fight at full strength!

But very quickly Liu Yi becomes stunned.

Because what had emerged from the formation is not any scary monster but a living beauty ah!

The beauty has long purple hair, on top of her head is a horn, as well as scary looking but very cute human skull mask!

She is wearing a short sleeve black jacket and inside is a black skin-tight clothing. She is wearing jeans which wrap around her perky b.u.t.t and tights. Only revealing her lower legs which are wearing high-heels leather shoes.

This kind of beauty no matter where she goes, she will be the focal point! But it is a pity that other than Liu Yi, no one else is able to see her!

Although the opponent is a beauty, Liu Yi did not let down his vigilance!

Because he is able to sense a strong pressure from the opponent!

She is definitely an earth grade expert! Furthermore, she is not trash like 9 and 10 stars!

“Oh, you are actually able to move under my Golden Hourgla.s.s equipment. No wonder you are able to defeat that little ghost from the third layer.”

The beauty makes a clicking sound and she walks forward on her high heels while swaying her hips.

“But I am the 18 layers of h.e.l.l, h.e.l.l’s Messenger, my grade is different ah…”

Liu Yi starts to become nervous, as she looks to be very powerful.

“Before you die, please remember my name. My name is Ming Yu…”

Before is she able to finish, her high heel suddenly breaks and she tumbles onto the ground.

Liu Yi is stunned silent.

What the heck is this situation ah!!!

Liu Yi looks at the h.e.l.l’s Messenger in front of him as he does not know how to react.

Should I laugh…..

“d.a.m.n it…the heel broke again! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH, indeed the cheap material is not good ah!”

The beauty climbs to her feet in a sorry figure and stares angrily at the broken high heels.

With an unknown magic, she restores the broken high heels back to normal.

She hurriedly shouts at Liu Yi, “d.a.m.n fellow! You best forget what had just happened!”

“I did not see anything….”

Liu Yi can only shrug his shoulders.

“Hmph, a ghost would believe! d.a.m.n it I must definitely reap your soul and report back to h.e.l.l!”

The beauty does not plan to let off Liu Yi. Just as she is about to take action, an earth scattering music rings out.

The beauty hurries and pulls out a handphone from her jeans and placed it by her ear.

What the heck…even h.e.l.l is using handphones…isn’t it to advanced already?!

Some more it is the newest iPhone! d.a.m.n it are you for real!!!

The beauty picks up the phone call and soon her expression changes into shock.

“Ah, I, I have forgotten to submit an action report again…wuwu, please don’t deduct my pay again, this month’s is almost finished….I, I almost don’t have money to buy skin product already…if I do not care for my skin, my skin would become bad…Leader, please be flexible a bit please leader….Leader?”

Seeing the beauty shouting towards the phone, Liu Yi starts to hold his head.

It is obvious that the other person had already hung up the phone. Just what kind of h.e.l.l’s Envoy is this….

Why is such a powerful sounding occupation is put on her ah…why does it feel so serious ah…

“Wuwuwuwu, it is all because of you. If I was not in a hurry to reap your soul I would not have forgotten to report!”

The beauty wipes away her tears and seems to have found a target to let it all out. She looks at Liu Yi and says fiercely, “I must definitely capture you back!”

She reaches towards her waist and her face instantly losses color.

“G.o.ds! I had forgotten to bring my weapon!”

…..I’ll be d.a.m.ned…I must have met a weirdo…

“You wait for me. I will be back soon!”

As the beauty speaks, she jumps back into the formation earlier and disappears from Liu Yi’s sight.

What the…this girl is getting too off tracked already ah!

You wanting to leave is fine but please take your equipment along with you ah! Leaving it in front of me….are you going to let me take it and leave?

Liu Yi bears with it but in the end, he did not take the Golden Sand Hourgla.s.s.

Bullying a girl with a derailed IQ is too tasteless already….it is better for me….to wait for her then.

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