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Chapter 396  [Unifying China’s UNderworld]

Sword seed!

Seeing the white bone sword, Safari shivers.

d.a.m.n it…this is not an illusion anymore…this is the real sword seed magic ah!

As he thinks of the same thing that is within his body, Safari starts to become frightened.

Luckily I really wished to forsake the evil path and embrace good…otherwise when this thingy erupts…I would be dying very pitifully!

"This, what magic technique is this…"

The old man's face turns pale as his body trembles. His earlier arrogance has completely disappeared!

"A technique specialized in punishing you guys."

Liu Yi sneers. Although the Demonic Sword Technique is very evil,  using it on them is not too much!

How much stronger can their magic technique be in comparison to the Demonic Sword Technique?

It is nothing but summoning poison moths and frogs that's all but it is quite interesting.

Eh….is my taste a bit too heavy…?

"This old man is going to stake it all against you!!!"

It seems like he had guessed that his ending will not be good, the old man clenches his teeth as his hand’s tremble within the sleeves.

Instantly two poison snake flies out from his sleeves, one white and one jade.

The two poison snakes enlarge as they fly out and swiftly transform into 3 meters long giant snakes which coil around Liu Yi, and opens their mouth wide and bite towards Liu Yi.

It is more poison things again.

Liu Yi uses Imperial Sword Technique and controls the bone sword to slash a half circle.

With two 'popping' sound, the sharp bone sword chops off the head of the two poison snakes.

Two streams of poison blood spray out and splash all over Liu Yi.

"Do you think that after you had killed this old man's poison snake and it would be over? Let me tell you. This poison blood which was fermented by this old man meticulously for a century will still claim your life!"

The old man's gaze is filled with hope which quickly changed to despair.

Because Liu Yi is standing there with red flames covering his body.

The flames temperature is very high, causing the entire factory to be unbearably hot!

As for the blood rain, before it is even able to touch Liu Yi's body, they were completely evaporated!

In a blink of an eye, the blood rain turns into poison mist which is blown away by Liu Yi's palm wind towards the old man.

The old man is badly frightened as he himself is also not able to withstand his own poison!

He immediately does a roll and tumbles to the side.

The poison mist hits the wall behind him and erodes a large hole!

"This old man still has another move…"

When the old man climbs to his feet and is about to use another move, the white bone sword had already pierced into his chest.

The force behind the sword carries the old man's body and pierces into a wall by the side.

"Acacia Sect does a lot of evil deeds, thus there is no need for me to be lenient."

After speaking, Liu Yi keeps away the bone sword.

"Boss is heroic and powerful!"

Safari finally stops hiding at the back and comes out and gives Liu Yi a thumbs up.

"The random people are dealt with, now it is time to talk about your matter."

"Scram! You make me appear like Invisible East."

[TL: Invisible East is a fictional character from a chinese novel The Smiling, Proud Wanderer by Jin Yong.]

Liu Yi rolls his eyes at Safari before looking at the young master who is trembling on the ground by the factory entrance.

"Say it. Why do you want to kidnap Murong Die…Hmm, why do I find that you look familiar?"

"You, who on earth are you…do not kill me. I can give you money, a lot of money…"

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