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Chapter 393  [Being a hitman harms karma]

Liu Yi piggy-backs w.a.n.g Lele as he raises the IV bag and walks into the toilet in the hospital.

The toilet in QingBei University's hospital is rather clean. Liu Yi places w.a.n.g Lele down and lets her walks into a cubical.

Liu Yi stands outside as he raises the IV bag and closes the door.

Very softly, Liu Yi's ears are rather sharp and can hear the sound of w.a.n.g Lele removing her pants…

Following which is a trickling sound of flowing water…

Amitabha…color is empty while empty is color….see no evil, hear no evil ah…

w.a.n.g Lele this la.s.s is really enticing me too much ah!

If Ye Hanshuang possesses just half of w.a.n.g Lele's endearing silliness, perhaps I might accept her…

What the heck! What am I thinking of!

I must straighten my worldview, life's point of view as well as my values!

Liu Yi gently pats his face while w.a.n.g Lele walks out from the cubical with a red face.

"Brother Xiao Yi…I am done…"

"Ah, okay…"

Liu Yi hurries and squats down, allowing w.a.n.g Lele to climb onto his back while he continues to raise the IV bag up and piggy-back w.a.n.g Lele to the hospital room.

"Brother Xiao Yi…that….is Lele making Brother Xiao Yi feeling troublesome…"

w.a.n.g Lele who is on Liu Yi's back, ask with some apprehensiveness, "I am so stupid…and my body is so weak….am I always giving Brother Xiao Yi trouble…"

"How is this any problem. You are not my trouble, so stop letting your imagination run wild."

So Lele also likes to let her imagination run wild ah.


"Of course it is real, our Lele is the cutest."


w.a.n.g Lele seems to be very satisfied as she leans against Liu Yi's back.

Liu Yi also seems to loosen his breath, coaxing girls is the most difficult thing to do, always choose to say good things.

He piggy-backs w.a.n.g Lele and returns to the hospital room.

But strangely Murong Die is not in the hospital room! Did that la.s.s wakes up and leave the hospital room?

Liu Yi smells with his nose and suddenly senses that there is a very bad smell.

Something is wrong…

At this moment the Scarlet Cloth Guards' frequency rings and it is Moonlight's eunuch voice.

"Commander, things went wrong. Just now someone went into the hospital room and kidnap[ed Murong Die! Me and Factory are blocking them…but they are too strong…Factory be careful!"

Follow which is static before there is no longer sound.

Liu Yi's expression changes, d.a.m.n it! Someone actually took advantage of this time and kidnapped Murong Die!

Who on earth is it!

At this moment he suddenly felt a chill from behind him as he quickly turns around to see a nurse with a raised knife slashing towards him!

d.a.m.n it, what is this situation, is this nurse a hitman in disguise?

w.a.n.g Lele lets out a shocked cry while Liu Yi who is about to kill the nurse realized that the nurse had her eyes tightly closed!

Something is wrong. she is not conscious!

Someone is controlling her!

As the nurse is an innocent normal person, Liu Yi does not have the heart to do serious damage to her.

"Freeze for me!"

Liu Yi stretches out his right hand and taps the nurse on her shoulder.

Activating Meridian seal, the nurse instantly froze there and turns into a statue.

The knife in her hands is only just a few cms away from Liu Yi's face.

w.a.n.g Lele is badly frightened as she starts crying as she asks: "Brother Xiao Yi, what is going on? Where did Sister Xiao Die go?!"

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