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Chapter 390  [Ye Hanshuang]


So please read it with your parents by your side

This is the asura hand that is only possessed by asuras!

Even if it is Liu Yi, he is also bound by the hand for a while!

"You are this Queen's Imperial Consort! You will never be able to escape from this Queen's palm."

Seeing that Liu Yi is captured by her Asura Hand, a smile appears on Ye Hanshuang's face, "This Queen is the most beautiful in this world, I am also the strongest Asura G.o.d! What this Queen wants, it is impossible to not obtain it do you understand my Imperial Consort~~"

"I am the exception, Ye Hanshuang!"

Liu Yi's aura changes as the black Monarch Armour emerges on his body while a skeleton mask covers his face.

Spiritual beast transformation!

Facing Ye Hanshuang, Liu Yi is unable to hide his strength, he can only use his full capability!

"Spiritual beast transformation again. I already saw this thing before."

Ye Hanshuang pouts mischievously, "Imperial Consort ah, why are you so mischievous ah. Let this Queen train with you properly."

As she speaks, she waves her right-hand and grabs hold of a long and thick black whip.

[email protected]#$%#@#$%!!!!!!

Liu Yi shivers while exploding out in strength!

He pushes out with his arms, struggling with all his might to break out from the Asura Hand.


Before he is able to break out from the bonds, the whip coils around his neck and strangles him.

Liu Yi’s eyes widen as he stares at Ye Hanshuang in panic. The more he struggles he weaker he get.

“Now now, be obedient okay my Imperial Consort.”

Ye Hanshuang t.i.tters as she loosens the whip and walks over to Liu Yi.

With a snap of her finger, the Asura Hands split into four and separately grabs hold of Liu Yi’s four limbs and spreads them apart.

Liu Yi gasp for breath as his heart sinks, G.o.ds what is she going to do to me again…

"As long as Imperial Consort doesn't run! This Queen promises to be gentle!"

Whisper Ye Hanshuang into Liu Yi’s ear as she gently caresses his mask.

“Oh you are so cute and adorable, but why do you hate this Queen so much~~”

Liu Yi is also not weak at all, after spiritual beast transformation, his strength has increased to 12 stars! But despite that, he is unable to break free from the restraint of Asura Hands!

"If Imperial Consort is still going to mischievous, this Queen will become mad!"

As Ye Hanshuang speaks, she presses her palms together as two forces press against each other before spreading out.

Bone doors suddenly emerge from the ground forming a pentagon barrier around them.

Asura Doors!

Liu Yi stares at the ten-meter tall bone doors in despair as he looks at the bone chains and various toys a.s.sembled on the walls.

@#[email protected]#$….these Asura Doors are her ultimate move…don't think that they are just doors make of bones…its toughness is even harder than t.i.tanium, itis not something that can be easily broken!

"Imperial Consort, let's stop messing around okay."

Says Ye Hanshuang as the Asura Hands moves him over to the Asura Door and shackles him up. 

"Although this Queen likes your mischievousness  since you keep trying to escape from this Queen, this Queen shall punish you."

"Ye Hanshuang are you done? I will not escape this time around. Why do you keep insisting on bothering me! Just how many times do I have to tell you that I do not love nor like you. And I never ever will!"

"Hehehe…. oh you have no idea how much does this Queen look forward to make you be obedient towards me. Looks like after this when we get back to Asura Realm, this Queen shall lock you up in the Imperial Palace that this Queen has built for you."

"No one is able to restrict me."

"My Imperial Consort. If you keep messing around, this Queen will really be angry."

Ye Hanshuang looks at Liu Yi as she slowly says: "If I really break you, this Queen will feel heartache. Ai, this is really confusing ah, love is indeed a very troublesome matter."

"Then don't love me! Quickly go back to your Asura Realm!"

Ye Hanshuang smiles gently before strolling over to one of the Asura Door which hangs a number of different whips.

“Hmmm which one should this Queen use~~~should I use this thorn whip? Nope this Queen don’t want my Imperial consort to be scarred. Hmmm but this Queen really want to teach him a lesson…ah!”

Ye Hanshuang’s eyes brighten up as she picks up a corp.

Ye Hanshuang starts giggling as she turns around. But she instantly frowns at the armored Liu Yi.

She smiles as she walks over, gently nibbling Liu Yi’s ear and whisper, “20 counts if you take off all your clothing yourself~~But…”

Her tone turns cold, “IT be a hundred counts on your b.a.l.l.s if this Queen have to remove it for you.”

Liu Yi gulps, good G.o.ds…what should I do…come on think, think…

As Liu Yi falls into distress, Ye Hanshuang starts to become impatient as she starts counting, “Twenty, nineteen, eighteen….”

While she counts down to zero and seeing that Liu Yi still had not removed his armour she instantly smiles widely as her face reddens and her eyes twinkles.

She leans forward and gives Liu Yi a deep kiss shocking him.

But her following words chill him to the bones.

“Ohhhh looks like Imperial Consort likes to play rough just like this Queen.”

She licks her lips as she pets the location of Liu Yi’s little brother.

“Oh my dear this Queen will promise you that I will use my full strength to show you my love.”

Under the horrified look of Liu Yi, Yu Hanshuang summons out more Asura Hands which starts ripping off Liu Yi’s armor until he is naked.

NOOOOOOOOO this is not happening!!!

Liu Yi starts struggling with all his might but the Asura Hands hold firms.

“Oh you are so adorable with your acting~~” says Ye Hanshuang as she licks her lips and lines up her crop on Liu Yi’s little brother which is standing at full mast!

“One~~~~” moans out Ye Hanshuang as she swings her crop.

Chapter 390   [Ye Hanshuang]

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