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Little dragon girl instantly increases her speed and Liu Yi has 40 times gravity acting on him, thus he is unable to dodge and got hit by the dragon claw.

The force behind the claw is boundless as he is instantly sent flying through cloud after cloud as the Taiji sword spins a few rounds before he is able to steady himself.

What the h.e.l.l…although this little dragon girl looks very cute she is very strong!

Liu Yi looks at the little dragon girl carefully,  she doesn’t even look to be 1.6m tall, red lips, white teeth, she completely looks like a loli ah…

What power and so strong, the strength is like a monster…h.e.l.l, dragon race seems to be monsters ah…

Hai…why do I always get into such kind of trouble.

“Evil person! Now you know this princess’s power!” as she speaks, she looks at Liu Yi proudly.

Is this la.s.s really here for her elder brother’s vengeance??? Why does she look like a little kid who has won a fight?

Perhaps this little dragon girl’s nature has yet to mature I guess…

Liu Yi starts to guess.

“Heng, heng you are obviously only a four-star cultivator, I really don’t know how you managed to kill my elder brother! You must have plotted against him!”

Little dragon girl places her hands on her waist like a crafty and unruly princess.

Especially that pair of little red horns on top of her head making her look very adorable and charming.

Liu Yi really has an urge to go up and pinch her cheeks but he suspects that the moment he pinches, the little dragon girl he is facing might turn into a female T-rex…Although the current her is already quite similar to one already…

“But you have met me which is your bad luck! Bad Guy, today you are destined to die at the hands of this princess!”

She stretches out a dragon claw and a red glow suddenly appears as a long dragon lance appears in her hand.

“Prepare to die! **Rod!”

What the h.e.l.l, when did I have such a nickname?!?! What ** rod?! I rather ** monk!

Errrr it seems like that also does not sound so nice as well…

Liu Yi looks at little dragon girl rushing towards him and behind her is the afterimage of red flames.

That dragon lance in her hand’s dances as it attacks Liu Yi.

While Liu Yi just covers his body with ice armor to block the attacks of the little dragon girl.

-Ding dang ding dang!-

The dragon lance keeps. .h.i.tting the ice armor scattering ice fragments all over the place.

While Liu Yi’s body has become more st.u.r.dy and despite wearing ice armor, he still received internal injuries!

The human shape t-rex is way too fierce…she is like a power G.o.ddess loli sister!


Little dragon girl executes a continuous technique at Liu Yi and the last blow harshly whips towards him from the front.

Waves of fire exploded out pushing Liu Yi instantly through a number of clouds into another part of the sky.

Liu Yi’s body is still being forced backward ripping through clouds when he suddenly feels a chill coming from his back and got a large shock as he immediately presses against the Taiji sword and controls his body, causing his speed to drop.


A high-speed plane rubs against Liu Yi’s scalp as it flies pa.s.sed scaring Liu Yi into a cold sweat.

What the h.e.l.l ah…this is way too scary already! I nearly smashed into that plane ah!

Perhaps I might not be injured…but the plane will definitely be trashed!

And the pa.s.sengers on the plane will most definitely be in disaster…

[TL: disaster is too light…more like instant death from sudden pressure change…]

“What monster is this! Watch my move!”

When little dragon girl sees the plane she got badly frightened as her face loses color and stabs out with her lance at the plane.

“b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l!”

Liu Yi is badly frightened! If that stab touches the plane, s.h.i.t will get real!!!!

Wouldn’t the plane disintegrate into pieces ah!

“Dragon girl! Watch out for my sword!”

Liu Yi instantly kicks the flying sword below him causing it to turn into a ray of light and appearing in front of little dragon girl instantly.

The sword’s speed is very fast as it pierces through the sky, the force behind it is very scary.

Little dragon girl got a shock and immediately flew downwards for ten plus meters to dodge the flying sword.

Instantly the plane follows after the flying sword safely flying past the top of little dragon girl’s head.

Liu Yi instantly let’s go of his breath. What the heck ah…this bulls.h.i.t is way too scary!

While Liu Yi is sighing in relief, the little dragon girl is once again rushing towards Liu Yi with her lance.

“**rod! Watch my move!” as she is speaking her lance stabs towards Liu Yi’s throat.

“I’ve seen it, how pretty!”

Liu Yi acts flippantly and casually tilts his head dodging the lance.

He is starting to adapt to little dragon girl’s speed.

“d.a.m.n it!”

Little dragon girl did not expect that her extremely fast lance was actually dodged.

“You are only a small four-star cultivator! Why don’t you just surrender now!”

“Don’t look down on me!” says Liu Yi, “Earlier I was only playing around with you as I find that you are cute.”

“Pei! **rod! Shameless boasting! Watch my lance!”

It must be said that little dragon girl’s lance technique is rather good, strong enough to birth wind as she explodes out fire flowers in the sky.

-Hong, hong, hong!-

Violent flames fall all over the place. Although Liu Yi is getting used to the speed of little dragon girl he still takes a large number of the attacks causing his body to be blown away.

“Receive death!” with the little dragon girl’s final shout, she raises her lance high up before slamming it down towards Liu Yi.

With this attack, she plans to split Liu Yi in half!

But at this time Liu Yi suddenly stretches out his right hand and grabs hold of the body of the falling lance.


The sword that Liu Yi is standing on sinks but in the end, he is able to stabilize himself.

A qi waves blast out of his palm rushing towards the surrounding.


Little dragon girl got a shock, she did not expect that her final strongest strike was actually blocked.

How is this possible! Isn’t the opponent just a 4-star cultivator?

This is not science ah!

“Little dragon girl, I have already said that you must not look down on us human’s strength too much.”

As Liu Yi speaks, a glow flashes across his eyes.

The forty times gravity acting on his body is released and his qi level starts to increase resulting in waves of qi energy to erupt out, causing little dragon girl to subconsciously raise her hand and block her view.

Four-star ability?

Not possible…it is obviously the strength of a seven/eight stars!!

But his body qi…is obviously at four stars ah!

Why is he able to give off the aura of a seven/eight stars? How is this possible ah, this is completely toppling over common sense…

“Retreat!” as Liu Yi speaks he taps with his right finger, instantly little dragon girl feels a large force being transmitted through the dragonlance causing it to instantly fly away and hits her head, causing her to tear in pain.

“Wu, wu, wu…you hit this princess! You are a bad person!”

“Oi, oi….you hit me first okay?!?!”

Liu Yi mouth twitches and says: “After fighting for so long you should have had your fun right?”

“Not enough!”

Little dragon girl rubs away her tears and says: “You killed my elder brother and hit me as well! I, Ao Susu will not let you off!”

Done speaking waves after waves of dragon energy emits off the little dragon girl’s body, causing Liu Yi to feel pressure.

This little dragon girl ,Ao Susu…what does she plan to do?

Liu Yi is unable to comprehend, a girl’s thoughts are indeed hard to guess ah…


At this moment Ao Susu lets out a dragon roar.

Her body turns into a red glow and following which a 20+ meters long red dragon appears within the clouds as it moves its body unceasingly, a pair of large dragon eyes glares at Liu Yi angrily.

What the h.e.l.l…what is going on?

Changing back to her real form?


Ao Susu changes into an enormous dragon and immediately opens her mouth widely and sprays out a stream of red raging flames at Liu Yi.

The raging flames are like a storm engulfing everything and drown out Liu Yi.

Little dragon girl proudly thinks, Heng using this princess’s raging flames to burn you, let’s see how you are going to be arrogant you d.a.m.n **rod!

But at this moment, the raging flames suddenly starts to revolve.

Following which the flames start to gather together and form a basketball sizes fireball floating above Liu Yi’s palm.

Liu Yi grabs hold of the flames as he smiles and says:“Little kids should not play with fire okay, it is very dangerous.”

“You..you…how did you do it!”

Little dragon girl got a huge shock as she does not believe that her flames could be caught by other people with their bare hands.

“Well, I just do it like this.”

Liu Yi casually extinguishes the flame, “Are you done with fighting, done with breathing fire, so can we sit down and have a good chat?”

“Heng, who wants to chat with you big **rod!”

Little dragon girl turns her head to the side but such a large red dragon making such an adorable action makes Liu Yi feel conflicted.

“This is really a misunderstanding ah, why can’t we discuss it properly?”

“What is there to discuss?”

Little dragon girl says as she turns back into a human, she pouts and says: “You killed my elder brother so the rest of the dragon race will not let you off! People who slay dragons are enemies of the dragon race.”

“I am not slaying dragons purposely! I was really forced to back then!”

Liu Yi stresses strongly.

“Impossible, although my elder brother has a bad temper he doesn’t take the initiative to attack humans.”

“This…thus I say it was a misunderstanding…”

“Heng, but you swallowed my elder brother’s dragon pearl!”

Little dragon girl is not an idiot as she points at Liu Yi and says: “I can feel my elder brother’s presence from your body…I don’t care! You must return to me my elder brother!”

The little dragon girl lifts her lance and stabs towards Liu Yi.

While Liu Yi dodges and disappeared from the sight of the little dragon girl.

Following which he appears at the back of her and his right-hand touches her arm.

“Ao Susu are you satisfied with your chest?” asked Liu Yi with a smile.


Au Susu turns around and blinks not knowing why did that rogue suddenly ask such a question.

“If you are not satisfied I can help you adjust free of charge.”

Saying this his hand actives his ability, Bountiful Chest Bubbly Hand!

Since I cannot be violent towards girls…then I’ll use a gentle method to settle them!

Ao Susu originally doesn’t understand but soon her beautiful eyes widen as her mouth turns into an O shape.

“You, you…what did you do to this princess!!!”

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