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Chapter 206

Chapter 206 – [a.s.sa.s.sination in the carpark]

That woman’s thrust is both quick and ferocious, shocking Liu Yi.

Furthermore, she was also hiding the short sword under her sleeve, something a normal person would not have thought of.


As the short sword makes a beeline for Liu Yi’s neck artery, Liu Yi staggers slightly. At the same time, he stretches out his left hand and accurately captures that woman’s right wrist.

The woman is not discouraged and a black short sword appears from her left cuff, aiming for Liu Yi’s heart.

Is there no end to it…

Liu Yi stretches out his right hand and captures the woman’s left wrist.

But the policewoman does a high kick with her right leg. There is actually a short blade on her shoe point.

I’ll be d.a.m.ned!

How many weapons does this woman have on her body!

But Liu Yi is not alarmed. His leg is even faster and steps into the policewoman’s instep and forces her leg back onto the ground.

This time around it should be settled right?!

Just when Liu Yi relaxes, that police woman kisses towards Liu Yi.

Eh??? What the heck is this situation???

Don’t tell me the reason why this policewoman sneak attacked me is to kiss me?

Then should I reject it…?

This is a very difficult question…

Liu Yi sinks into a dilemma.

But the police woman gives him the answer.

That woman suddenly opens her lips slightly and spits out a small blade with her tongue.

She uses her teeth to hold the blade and cuts towards Liu Yi’s throat.

Everything happened in an instant.

Other than Liu Yi and the policewoman, the rest are unable to react in time.

As for that policewoman biting the razor to cut his throat, Liu Yi almost did not react in time.

But at this moment the black and white world activates.

[Herc: Bullet time?]

[Kg: Kinda like bullet time with some other stuff added in.]

[TL: I would say Matirx]

Demonic energy is forever sensitive towards danger.

In front of Liu Yi, the whole world becomes black and white. That razor held between policewoman’s lips is slowly cutting towards his throat.

What to use to block it?!

Liu Yi looks at his hand, but both are occupied in blocking the rest of the woman’s weapons.

d.a.m.n it. This woman has a lot of a.s.sa.s.sin weapons on her body!

It is obvious that she is a professional a.s.sa.s.sin.

Liu Yi looks at the razor that is coming towards him. No other choice, subconsciously he opens his mouth and uses his teeth to bite down on the other half of the razor.


Using my teeth to bite onto the razor at the very least is better than letting my throat get cut.

The razor is very small, around two thumbs width.

Now that it is being held in their mouths at the same time… The two people’s lips touch each other without blockage.


I have gotten forcefully kissed again…

Ai, my purity is completely destroyed now!

Liu Yi thinks in his heart.

That policewoman’s face turns red, but her following actions shock Liu Yi.

She actually lets go of the razor and lightly bites his lower lip lightly.

It is like an intimate kiss between lovers, shocking Liu Yi for a moment.

When he is shocked, the woman’s arms seem to turn into a snake and suddenly pulls back into the shirt cuffs.

The police jacket is pushed open slightly and the woman’s smooth right hand comes out from the shirt collar. The hand is holding a

revolver and presses the revolver onto Liu Yi’s forehead.

“Liu Yi!”

Originally, although Murong Die is sour and angry seeing the two of them kiss, the current situation scares her a lot.

Is this woman actually here to kill Liu Yi?

How can Liu Yi die!

Uncle w.a.n.g where are you, why are you not coming out to help!

“You have lost master.”

That policewoman finally speaks, her voice is very familiar.

Her muzzle is pressing on Liu Yi’s forehead and happily say: “You have lost. Then you must become my master okay?”

“Are you sure?”

Liu Yi has already guessed that the person attacking is Poison Jasmine.

Even if he is unable to determine from her appearance, that familiar kiss, allowed him to sense who she is finally.

“The muzzle is already on your forehead master!”

Poison Jasmine slightly shakes the muzzle, reminding Liu Yi of the revolver she is holding in her hand.

“Firstly, I am not your master.” Liu Yi stresses: “Next, are you sure you are pointing at me?”

Done speaking, Liu Yi uses Shadow Steps.

His figure instantly disappears from Poison Jasmine’s view.

Poison Jasmine’s beautiful eyes widen as she looks through her sungla.s.ses at the empty carpark in front of her.

[TL: well not really empty but empty of Liu Yi]

The revolver is already pointing at the empty air.

Not right!

Earlier I was obviously locked onto master!

How did he disappear instantly!

“Beautiful woman, you are still too inexperienced. You should go back and train more!”

Liu Yi’s voice comes from behind Poison Jasmine.

“Hateful!” Poison Jasmine is both angry and shameful.

In the end, I am still unable to defeat master!

Failed! I am such a failure!

Poison Jasmine takes out something that looks like a canned drink and harshly throws it onto the ground.


An eye-piercing flash of light appear instantly and covers their sight.

Liu Yi’s sight turn blurry but he quickly recovers his eyesight with his super strong adaptability.

As Murong Die and w.a.n.g LeLe do not have such a powerful ability, they can only continuously rub their eyes as their tears trickle down.

Liu Yi immediately rush up to them, feeling heart pain and ask: “Are you girls alright?”

Taking advantage of the flashbang effect, Poison Jasmine runs away.

As for the hooligan kneeling on the ground, he was already shocked stupid.

Where did they pull out a white lightning from…?

A real person CF?

Who on earth did young master You provoke ah!

“No problem. Just that my eyes slightly hurt….”

Murong Die and w.a.n.g LeLe say while rubbing their eyes.

“Liu Yi, who on earth is the lady just now! Why did you kiss her!”

Liu Yi starts to sweat.

This la.s.s actually does not care about my life or death, instead, she cares about the kissing problem!

“Please….she is the killer from last time…”

Liu Yi reminded Murong Die: “You forgot? Last time when you secretly followed my escape from your home that time…”


w.a.n.g LeLe suddenly becomes happy. “Little Die older sister, last time you actually did such an exciting thing with little Yi older brother? Wu, wu, wu, you actually did not bring me along… such a pity. Little Die older sister quickly tell me what happened the last time!”

[TL: …she changes emotions way faster than me changing clothes]

[Herc: Even broken English in your notes…]

[Kg: He’s getting worse then before]

“Er… this…” Murong Die face suddenly turns red.

I can’t possibly tell LeLe about the ambiguous stuff that happened at**….

“Big miss! What happened? Did you run into something dangerous?”

That flash finally shocked w.a.n.g An into action.

Seeing Uncle w.a.n.g running over, Murong Die complains: “My uncle w.a.n.g ah… why did you come now? Just now we were bullied by hooligans and even ran into an a.s.sa.s.sin!”


w.a.n.g An instantly got a shock and looks at Liu Yi quizzingly.

“The a.s.sa.s.sin is not after Murong Die. She is after me.”

Liu Yi crosses his arms: “The a.s.sa.s.sin is called Poison Jasmine.”


w.a.n.g An instantly knows what had happened and looks towards Liu Yi ashamed unable to explain.

“Why did an a.s.sa.s.sin appear for no reason…”

Murong Die asks with lingering fear: “Liu Yi, what did you do and provoke such kind of person?”

“Who knows….”

Liu Yi spreads his hands while at the side, w.a.n.g An rubs away his cold sweat as he smiles along.

“That… We should hurry to the car first. I will settle the aftermath,”

w.a.n.g An immediately rushes Liu Yi and the rest into the car.

It will be best if Big Miss knows nothing of this matter…

Otherwise, she will quarrel with Master ah!

The father and daughter have just made up with each other a few days ago ah!

Thinking back… Liu Yi is the crucial point for the affections of this father and daughter pair!

Luckily, Master has changed his view of Liu Yi! I also don’t want to be the enemy of Liu Yi again…

“Uncle w.a.n.g… That, can I ask you a question?”

Liu Yi who is sitting in the car suddenly asks w.a.n.g An.

Although the matter is slightly rude, Liu Yi feels that it would be better if he asked w.a.n.g An.

After all, w.a.n.g An is the strongest professional he has met in this field.

As w.a.n.g An is feeling guilty towards Liu Yi, he nods his head and says: “What’s the matter? Just say it.”

“Uncle w.a.n.g… Can you teach me your Hard Qigong?”

After experiencing countless battles, Liu Yi feels that he should learn a bit of such body conditioning kung fu.

Although my combat power is rather good, my body is slightly frail.

Just considering today, that female a.s.sa.s.sin Poison Jasmine could have taken my life with just a single small razor.

Learning some body conditioning kung fu and increasing my survivability is rather good.

Later on, when I train out a body of steel muscles and iron bones how cool would that be.


At that time, I can kill G.o.d if G.o.d blocks me, kill Buddha if Buddha blocks me!

[Herc: Debating changing this to ‘I meet G.o.d, I kill G.o.d, I meet devil/Buddha, I kill devil/Buddha!’ but that may just be me taking too much of a liking to Emperor’s Domination’s wording]

Liu Yi becomes happy as he thinks about it and starts to have a more urgent need for Hard Qigong.

He looks towards w.a.n.g An with much antic.i.p.ation, hoping that w.a.n.g An can agree to teach him.

“This…I’m afraid that it is not possible….”

Didn’t expect that w.a.n.g An actually shakes his head and rejected.

“We learn this Hard Qigong in the army… teaching it to people other than soldiers… I’m afraid that it is impossible.”

This guy is rather inflexible…

Liu Yi knows how inflexible w.a.n.g An is, thus he did not insist.

After all, even if there is no w.a.n.g An…. Hey, he still has Chen Da Hai.

Liu Yi politely replies: “Okay then, but still thank you, Uncle w.a.n.g.”

“Thank for what. Uncle w.a.n.g is so narrow-minded and is not willing to teach you!”

Murong Die snorts and glares at w.a.n.g An, dissatisfied.

w.a.n.g An’s head starts to hurt…

Big Miss ah… I am the one who protected you since you were young okay….

Your elbow turning out is too fast already!!!

[TL: Basically it means helping outsider instead of insider and harms the benefit of the insider.]

“It is okay. I understand Uncle w.a.n.g.”

Liu Yi consoles Murong Die. “Hey, where are we going to eat the Ma La fragrance pot. I have gotten a lot of money today and am treating both you and w.a.n.g LeLe! Haha, there is no need to save money for me, I have more than enough to treat you to a fragrance pot.”

“Go and die, go and die, you miser!”

Murong Die rolls her eye. “After earning so much money how can you treat us to a meal only once… in the future, you must treat us at least once per weekend!”


Liu Yi is starting to feel heart pain of that little amount of money.

“Right right, at least once per weekend!”

w.a.n.g LeLe also nods her head in agreement. “Little Yi gege…Can it be that you are heart pained about the money and will not agree…?”

“Haha… how, how can it be…”

I actually got blocked by this la.s.s with her words…

Oh, I have miscalculated…

Liu Yi cries without tears.

In a position where Liu Yi is unable to see, Murong Die and w.a.n.g LeLe secretly clap their palms, indicating that their cooperation is successful.

While at the same time, Poison Jasmine is hiding in the corner stealthily watch their car drive off and thinks in her heart.

Master oh master. There will be a day where I succeeded in a.s.sa.s.sinating you!

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