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Chapter 203

Chapter 203 – [LeLe’s hidden illness]



“Xiao Yi gege… I can only rely on you…”

w.a.n.g LeLe pleading looks at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi nods his head and with great difficulty says: “Don’t tell anyone about me touching you, otherwise it will ruin my name.”

“En… LeLe knows…”

If Murong Die knew about what Liu Yi had said, she might die from anger.

Obviously, it is Liu Yi taking advantage, and making it seems like LeLe is taking advantage of him!!!

Only w.a.n.g LeLe, this stupid la.s.s could fall for it!

“Then I shall touch…”

Liu Yi looks down at the two meatb.a.l.l.s in front of his chest and swallows his saliva.

This is the only time in this lifetime that I is able to touch such a large chest…

Even if I die at this moment, it would be worth it…


[TL: … I’m lost but I get it…]

[Herc: Betta?]

[Kg: Betta]


Heavens, this is my own heaven!

“Xiao Yi gege, you should feel faster… otherwise, in a short while, Little Die older sister will be back…” w.a.n.g LeLe urges.

“Okay, okay….”

Since his little sister has requested, Liu Yi cannot say anything and obediently does as ordered.

He stretches his hands and touches the round flexible flesh on the right.

w.a.n.g LeLe’s development is really good… Liu Yi’s hands are not small but it is absolutely impossible for his single hand to hold!!

That round flexible flesh changes shape in his hand, soft but full, causing Liu Yi to be extremely blessed.

Oh, G.o.ds… you must have certainly felt that my earlier years were unblessed, thus you gave me a chance to change my fortunes now!

While w.a.n.g LeLe’s face is extremely red, her entire body is becoming even softer but also scalding.

When her chest was grab by Liu YI, very quickly w.a.n.g LeLe is able to feel an indescribable cozy feeling spreading from her chest.

What a comfortable sensation….

I have ma.s.saged my own chest before but why have I not felt such sensation?

Xiao Yi gege is very awesome… he must be helping me with a ma.s.sage treatment…

How about, in the future, I request him to help more?

It feels like I am troubling Xiao Yi gege though.

I’m feel ashamed to make Xiao Yi gege do such troublesome stuff.

Liu Yi was starting to get addicted and nearly forgot what he had to do.

If it was not for Lin Tong’s scolding and reminding him, he would have actually forgotten it completely.

“Owner, Little Jade is going to start the scan!”

As Little Jade speaks, Liu Yi starts to feel something warm flowing through his hands.

When the warm flow travels into w.a.n.g LeLe’s chest, she is unable to hold it in and cries **out.

w.a.n.g LeLe has a feeling of…. being able to fly away soon.

While the scan results are being announced beside Liu Yi’s ear.

“Chest model perfect, size 34F”

I’ll be d.a.m.ned…. Little Jade is too strong already. Just touching and it can know the size….

But, it does not seem to be the time to investigate…

First, tell me if her chest has any problem!

“Owner, Little Jade has checked thoroughly, this pretty girl’s chest is very healthy and does not have any growth (organism) at all!”

Little Jade finishes her thorough check very fast, but the results are very good.

But this causes Li

u Yi to be suspicious. If there is no problem, why is w.a.n.g LeLe so worried and scared.

“LeLe…. Does your chest hardens and distend often?” Liu Yi cannot hold back and asks.

“Not often… only a few days every month…” w.a.n.g LeLe’s face turns red as she replies shyly.

“Er…then during those days, had your great aunt visited you?”

“Ah, Xiao Yi gege is very awesome, how did you know?”

w.a.n.g LeLe looks at Liu Yi in surprise.

Liu Yi nearly fainted in the pool.

I’ll be d.a.m.ned… I thought there was actually a huge problem.

This…  isn’t it just the premenstrual breast swelling?!

Oh, LeLe this stupid la.s.s…

She is really stupid…

“Xiao Yi gege… then what should I do….”

w.a.n.g LeLe actually does not know this and looks at Liu Yi pitifully.

“That this…LeLe ah….”

As Liu Yi treads water, he holds w.a.n.g LeLe’s chest with both hands and very seriously tells her: “Actually this is a normal occurrence during menstruation which can be regulated.”

“How, how to regulate it?”

When w.a.n.g LeLe hears that there is no problem, she feels relieved.

“This needs a person who knows some techniques to ma.s.sage your chest, not too often, just 1 to 2 ma.s.sages every month.”

Liu Yi is very happy in his heart but his appearance remains the same, like a righteous person.


w.a.n.g LeLe thinking, there seems to be only one method.

“Then Xiao Yi gege… can you help me every month…”

She can only ask Xiao Yi gege only…

Furthermore, Xiao Yi gege’s ma.s.sage is very comfortable…

“This…. Does not seems to be right…”

Liu Yi pretends to be awkward and says: “Males and females should not touch each other.”

“I know… I will be troubling Xiao Yi gege… but the only person I can believe is Xiao Yi gege….”

w.a.n.g LeLe’s eyes start to mist.

She pitifully looks at Liu Yi, causing Liu Yi’s heart to soften instantly.

Although it originally did not harden before.

“I’m begging you… help me, please… Xiao Yi gege…” w.a.n.g LeLe pleads.

While on one hand, Liu Yi is holding the girl’s chests, on the other hand, the girl is pleading him, if he still puts on air, he will be too shameless.

“Okay then, I promise you.” Liu Yi finally nods his head.

“Yeah… I know that Xiao Yi gege is the best…LeLe loves you the most…”

w.a.n.g LeLe hugs Liu Yi tightly, causing her chest to be squashed against Liu Yi’s hands.

Liu Yi has a very sinful feeling.

Am I taking it too far doing it this way?

When I die I will most likely go to h.e.l.l….

Hai, as the Buddha says, If I don’t enter h.e.l.l, who shall enter h.e.l.l?

Hai, I am too admirable.

This is then called sentiments ah!

“Liu Yi you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! What are you doing!”

At this time, a roar came from besides Liu Yi ear.

Liu Yi instantly stiffens. d.a.m.n….

It is so comfortable touching her chest that I have forgotten such a crucial person…

When Liu Yi hear that person roar, he quickly yet unwillingly releases w.a.n.g LeLe’s soft chest.

“Ah, little Die older sister you have misunderstood!”

Seeing that angry beautiful girl swimming over, w.a.n.g LeLe quickly explains for Liu Yi.

“My leg cramped up….thus Xiao Yi gege came over and supported me.”

“You ah! You stupid egg!”

Murong Die is angry but cannot release it. She does not know what to say about w.a.n.g LeLe.

“Don’t you know that boys and girls are different?”

“This…Xiao Yi gege is not an outsider…”

w.a.n.g LeLe feels somewhat wronged and says: “Besides…little Die older sister, what is there that Xiao Yi gege has not seen…”

The moment w.a.n.g LeLe says it, Murong Die’s face immediately turns red.

Thinking back, it is indeed the case…

But that was accidental one okay?!

“You… la.s.s…” Murong Die clenches her teeth. “But that does not mean that you have to accommodate this pervert!”

“Oi oi…. High and mighty miss, who is the pervert?!” Liu Yi feels that he was wrongly accused.

“Other than you, who else is the pervert?!” Murong Die glares harshly at Liu Yi.

“I declare that I am wrongly accused!” Liu Yi cries out in injustice.

“Wrongly accused your head! LeLe is your leg still cramped?”

“It is better….” w.a.n.g LeLe says with a red face.

“Then get the h.e.l.l over here and wear this!” Murong Die is holding a swimming bra that is similar to the one that w.a.n.g LeLe was wearing previously.

This la.s.s…how many sets of swimming bra did she prepare ah?

Don’t tell me that in the past she has also destroyed her swimming bra while swimming?

Tisk, tisk… it can’t be true right…

I have actually missed so many occurrences of such a good thing?

“You! Turn around now!” Murong Die points at Liu Yi and says impolitely.

“I am blind… you cannot bully a blind person!” Liu Yi says pitifully.

“If you do not turn around, this miss will turn you into a blind person!”

Facing Murong Die’s violence, Liu Yi can only obediently turn around.

From behind him come the voices of the two la.s.ses.

“Stupid LeLe… next time don’t be so close with Liu Yi. Be careful of him taking advantage of you!”

“It will not happen… Xiao Yi gege is very good…. He is not that perverted as little Die older sister thinks. In fact, he is very upright!”

That’s right LeLe, only you know how to appreciate brother…

“Peh! He is upright!?” Murong Die says without feeling and sentiments.

“If he is really upright, then there are no any wretched criminals! LeLe, you are too pure. Just listen to sister okay?”

“Alright… Xiao Die jiejie… help me tie the knot. I am unable to do it in the water.”

“I know big chest brainless stupid la.s.s.”

“Xiao Die jiejie… I have heard that if you ma.s.sage your b.r.e.a.s.t.s often, they might grow bigger…”

w.a.n.g LeLe says naively: “How about I help Xiao Die jiejie ma.s.sage them?”

“Nonsense!” Murong Die rolls her eyes: “What do you know about ma.s.sages idiot!”

“Oh… How about letting Xiao Yi gege ma.s.sage them for you? His ma.s.sages are quite good…”

“What did you say?!!” Murong Die voice increase by an octave.

“Ah… What I mean is Xiao Yi gege’s hands are so big, thus he definitely knows how to ma.s.sage…”

“If you say rubbish again, I will tear your mouth off!”

While the two girls chat happily, Liu Yi feels that he is being attacked in all manner.

“Okay, it is done!”

After bustling for half a day, the two la.s.ses finally appears to be done.

“Hai…After all of this, I don’t feel like swimming anymore. So tired.” w.a.n.g LeLe says.

“Then let’s stop swimming. Let’s go and eat then, there is a rather good restaurant in this club.” Murong Die directs.

“Good, good, I am so hungry that my chest has shrunk…” w.a.n.g LeLe says while feeling her chest.

“Then you should let Xiao Yi gege help you ma.s.sage it bigger!”

“This… can I?”

“Can your head! You this stupid la.s.s!”

Murong Die is so angry that she presses w.a.n.g LeLe’s head into the water.

Murong Die says unhappily to Liu Yi: “Liu Yi, we are not swimming anymore. Follow us and eat some food!”

Ever since this fellow has appeared, everything seems to have changed!

How annoying!

I must conquer him and makes him worship my pomegranate dress!

“Okay… I am also hungry as well.”

Liu Yi climbs out of the pool with some unwillingness.

Water is my origin, being surrounded by water is so comfortable.

Especially being surrounded by water as well as touching w.a.n.g LeLe’s chest.

Heavens ah.

The three of them climb up to the bank. Just as they are about to leave, suddenly a tall and handsome male walks towards them.

“I can’t believe that I am able to meet such beautiful ladies at this swimming pool. It is indeed my honor.”

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