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Chapter 160 It’s You!



The evil little person immediately expressed his admiration, “You’re the man, I’ve lost!”

With that, the evil little person disappeared.

The gla.s.ses little person smiled and then disappeared.

Liu Yi backed away two steps, looked at the enchanting beauty in front of him, and then said.

“Who are you, why are saving this evil ghost?”

“Hihi….Little brother is having too many thoughts.”

That beauty pushed up her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, lightly covered her mouth, and then enchantingly laughed.

“But what sister really hate is to answer a question….If you really want to know the answer….You have to come here and conquer sister first….”

“D*mn it! You, this woman, are too shameless!”

Listening from the side, Wei Yi’s face was flushed. She really can’t take it anymore. She held out her hand and made her civet Tuantuan turn into a flaming gun. He took that flaming pistol and aimed it at the beauty.

“Sister is talking with this young handsome lad and do not want to be disturbed by aother woman!”

That beauty did not seem to feel the pressure from Wei Yi. She leisurely raised her right hand and stuck it into the gully on her chest.

Finally, under Liu Yi’s widely staring eyes, that beauty pulled out a black pirate-like skull.

That skull’s mouth suddenly opened and released a gray smoke.

This beauty is releasing some kind of spell with that skull!

Before Liu Yi could understand what just happened, from the side, he heard the sudden scream from Wei Yi.

Her body was put into mid-air by a bunch of arms that were coming out from the ground.

“To tear the body of a beauty into several parts….That would look ugly indeed.”

The beauty rubbed her skull and sighed with emotion.

“Let her go!”

Seeing Wei Yi in immediate danger, Liu Yi immediately flew into rage.

At the same time, he was secretly afraid and alarmed.

The level of this beauty….Must be really high….

I am….probably not her match!

But, no matter what, I can’t let her hurt Wei Yi!

Liu Yi felt today he was like a firefighter, unceasingly saving people from danger.

He lifted his finger and the multicolored b.u.t.terfly who was lying on his finger suddenly turned into multi-colored light.

But at this time, the beautiful b.u.t.terfly demon did not turn into a chain.

Her two wings continued to stretch out, and then gradually turned into a pair of colorful curved blades.

In the blink of an eye, this little b.u.t.terfly has turned into a double blade and appeared on Liu Yi’s hands.

Turning the spirit animal into a weapon was truly wonderful.

Moreover, Liu Yi was a bit surprised that the multi-color b.u.t.terfly could actually turn into more than one type of weapon.

He raised that pair of curved blades and threw them at the opposite huge-breasted beauty.

“Whirl, whirl, whirl!”

The curved blades continued to rotate – it was as if they were cutting the air – and went straight toward the huge-breasted beauty.

“Yo, handsome lad, can’t wait to conquer this sister?”

That beauty clapped her hands.

Many ghosts suddenly appeared and piled on each other to make a wall in front of that beauty.

Can ghosts turn into a wall?

Or are they the five chief demon? (Five chief demon from the folklore)

Liu Yi was surprised.

Wow, this spell is really amazing….

This ghost-base spell….Should be the derivative of Earth-base spell!

Liu Yi has to admit that these spells were very powerful.

“Bam, bam, bam!”

But the curved blades of the beautiful b.u.t.terfly demon were not too shabby either. That thick wall were crushed by that swirling double curved blades.

But after they shattered that wall, they seemed to have lost their power. After they flew in an arc trajectory, they went back toward Liu Yi’s hands.

Liu Yi can feel that the beautiful b.u.t.terfly demon was exhausted.

“Hihi….Little brother’s spell is quite naughty. However, to deal with sister, they still fall short by a long margin.”

With that, that beauty gently rubbed the skull in her hand.

Black smoke came out from that skull’s mouth, and then floated into Huang Zongyi, the evil ghost’s nose

Soon, that Huang Zongyi stood up again.

His soul became more real as they condensate, and his eyes exuded crimson light.

At this moment, Liu Yi suddenly felt he was no longer that evil ghost’s opponent….

What kind of spell is that? How could this woman able to make this evil ghost so powerful?

“Big sister really likes to feed her ghost servant….But big sister does not know if this ghost servant could subdue my naughty little brother.”

She said, and then controlled that Huang Zongyi, who was now transformed into an evil ghost, with her skull.

That evil ghost beat his own chest, roared, and then swoop up toward Liu Yi.

Liu Yi felt an enormous pressure, pressuring his body, which made him somewhat breathless….

Am I….going to die here?

No way!

I, Liu Yi am not going to be stopped here….

I still want to release Fox sister…..I also want to save  w.a.n.g Yuzheng’s mom….em, I still have to accompany Murong Die and w.a.n.g Lele to swim, and I still have to go to College….And want to date a girlfriend….

At this moment, many things pa.s.sed through Liu Yi’s mind.

In the dying moment, many people’s mind will flash a lot of things.

There was nothing quicker than a person’s thought.

Especially in this struggling for life moment, Liu Yi’s mind became ‘overclocked.’


If I want to survive….It seems like this is the only way….

Flames seemed to burn in Liu Yi’s eyes.

The power of the Red Blood Sutra Code began to ramp up within his body.

In front of Liu Yi, the world suddenly turned into a black and white world.

His body began to boil as the power of flame in his body began to ignite.

But as Liu Yi was about to use his maximum power toward his enemy, a dark shadow suddenly flew past him from behind.


This dark shadow swooped down on that evil ghost.

Suddenly, Huang Zongyi’s body stopped in mid-air, and then slowly split in two.

The dark shadow landed on the ground in front of Liu Yi and turned into an attractive female in a black coat.

“Aw, aw, aw!”

Huang Zongyi sounded out several shrill screams and then his body began to vaporize and slowly disappeared.

“I never thought that I would encounter a remnant of the Great G.o.d Cult in this dirty alley….

That woman put her hands inside her coat pocket, standing there br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence.

This beauty is….

Li Biyue!

Liu Yi never thought that someday, he would encounter this woman again!

“Looks like I saved you again.”

Li Biyue turned her head. Her beautiful face looked straight at Liu Yi.

“Remember, you owe me a favor.”


Liu Yi thought to himself, The most annoying thing in life is to owe other people a favor!

But where did this girl come from?

“It’s you!”

Seeing Li Biyue, on the opposite, the huge breasted beauty’s face suddenly fell.

She tightly held her skull, seemingly very vigilant.

“Hehe….Jiang Qini, I have been watching you for a very long time.”

Li Biyue smiled as she looked at the big breasted beauty and said, “What are your Great G.o.d Sect trying to do? Why would you suddenly create these many ghost servants? Could it be….this has something to do with the Twelve Zodiac plan?”

“Ai, what are you talking about? I really don’t understand them at all.”

Jiang Qini pretended to be ignorant, blinked her eyes, and then said, “Moreover, our Great G.o.d Religion thing has nothing to do with you, right?”

“Great G.o.d Sect is an evil sect, everybody has the right to execute them.”

Li Biyue coldly responded, “Jiang Qini, I don’t know how many men died in your hands. Everytime you, this demon, see a man, you will seduce them and suck their yang essence. But today you are out of luck, because I, Li Biyue, am here.”

What the f….

Sucking the Yang essence!

Is such a good thing really exist?

Liu Yi could not help but swallow his saliva.

“Low cla.s.s!”

Noticing Liu Yi’s throat movement, Wei Yi suddenly called out from the side.


I’m not doing it on purpose! It’s just a natural reaction, okay?

Liu Yi said in his heart, Who told this Jiang Qini to be this seductive….

This is the so-called ‘If I die under a skirt, I can still flirt as a ghost’….

Perhaps a lot of men would risk their life for a night with this Jiang Qini.

“Li Biyue, even if you’re an A-level hunter, but I, Jiang Qini, am not afraid of you.”

“Oh? So you have the confidence to defeat me?”

Since the start, a confident smile has been hanging on the corner of Li Biyue’s mouth.

Jiang Qini squeezed up her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and then said.

“At least, on the cup level, you are not my match.”

Liu Yi noticed the obvious twitch on Li Biyue’s mouth.

Um, although Li Biyue’s legs are pretty slim, it looks like her chest is not that big….Moreover….It seems to be somewhat flat….

“Very good….”

Li Biyue stretched out her right hand, which was holding a black blade. A trembling sound seemed to come from that black blade.

“Today, let me cut your chest in two….Prepare yourself!”

Wow….This Li Biyue’s taste is actually very heavy….

But it seemed like Jiang Qini did not want to entangle with Li Biyue.

She waved her hand to call out a lot of ghosts to become dozens of walls in front of her.

“Do you think you can block me with this?….My target is your pair of rotten meat!”

Li Biyue waved her right hand at Jiang Qini.

Suddenly, a long black awn sprang up from the ground. It was as if a giant black blade shot up from the ground, sweeping away those dozen walls.

Then, this dozen of walls was split into two halves.

But behind these walls, there was no shadow of Jiang Qini.

“Humph, people from the Great G.o.d Cult can actually run really quick!”

Li Biyue withdrew her right hand back and put it in her coat pocket, looking very unhappy.

It appeared that she was very unhappy because she can’t cut Jiang Qini’s chest in two.

The ghosts’ hands that were holding Wei Yi in mid-air were also gone. She fell down to the ground, gasping for breath.

Tonight is so thrilling….

Again and again, I rushed into an enemy that I can’t fight….

If not for Ten Steps To Milk A Man….I would have died!

I can’t allow this to happen again….When I get back, I must endure the hardship of training with master in the cave….

When I come out again, I will make Ten Steps To Milk A Man amaze with my strength!

Humph, that’s right, I will do that!

“How could you be in this place?”

Li Biyue turned around and asked Liu Yi, “Is this a task from the Eye In The Sky?”

Before Liu Yi could speak, Wei Yi suddenly came over and said.

“This is a secret! You want to take our task? Humph, let me tell you, you’re late! The task has been completed by this blessed girl from the Linglong School!”

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