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Chapter 1137 Reunion

Liu Yi found himself at a loss, gazing at the two beauties, one older and one younger.

Sima Rou, however, took his hand and dragged him onto the bed.

With considerable strength, she pulled him down, and Liu Yi found himself lying on top of Sima Rou’s soft body.

His hand was inadvertently placed on Sima Rou’s chest, her face flushed as if encouraging Liu Yi to continue.

“You can touch it if you want,” Sima Rou said.

Liu Yi’s world view was on the verge of collapsing. Was this girl too bold?

“d.a.m.n it!”

Sima Jiao, unwilling to be outdone, jumped onto the bed and hugged Liu Yi from behind, lightly biting his ear.

What on earth… Was he really being teased like this?

Liu Yi didn’t know whether to feel frustrated or happy.

While lying on the bed, Sima Rou continued to play with Liu Yi using her soft, gentle hands.

Soon enough, Liu Yi could no longer resist the teasing from the sisters. Who could withstand such an onslaught?

He transformed into a wild beast, preparing to actively conquer this battle for justice!

Liu Yi pushed forward, entering Sima Rou’s body. She furrowed her brows and gently bit her lip.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Sima Jiao exclaimed, “You let my sister have your first time! Hurry up, the second time is mine!”

Liu Yi paid no attention to Sima Jiao and focused on his intimate encounter with Sima Rou.

It was Sima Rou’s first time experiencing such pleasure, and she soon yielded.

Liu Yi then turned his attention to Sima Jiao, embracing her and standing on the bed, beginning his conquest of the younger sister.

“Ah… W-why this position…”

Sima Jiao could only wrap her legs around Liu Yi while tightly holding onto his neck to avoid falling.

But Liu Yi didn’t respond, indulging himself in the carnal pleasures he hadn’t experienced in a long time.

When Sima Jiao couldn’t take it anymore, he returned to Sima Rou. And when Sima Rou couldn’t take it anymore, he went back to Sima Jiao.

The sisters took turns being savored by Liu Yi. Ten rounds of pa.s.sion illuminated the room.

As Liu Yi indulged in his worldly pursuits, his pseudo-spirit veins within his body awakened, slowly absorbing the power from the two women.

Both women practiced the Nine Transformation Heavenly Fire, which merged with Liu Yi’s Blood Demon Flame.

His Blood Demon Flame formed a crimson sphere that spun wildly. With eighty-one turns forming a cycle, the sphere changed colors each time. After nine cycles, it turned into a mysterious purple color.

Liu Yi’s Blood Demon Flame had now evolved into the Nine Transformation Heavenly Demon Flame!

He opened his eyes and extended his right hand. A purple flame rose from his palm.

The power of this flame was unknown times stronger than his previous Blood Demon Flame! Liu Yi marveled at the unexpected gains from his encounter with the two sisters.

The sisters lay on the bed, fast asleep, their breaths gently rising and falling.

Liu Yi looked at the pair and sighed.

He had indeed taken advantage of his time in the Sima family. The Nine Transformation Immortal Pills, the Nine-Feathered Peac.o.c.k, and these beautiful sisters… If Sima Tian found out that he had been intimate with both his precious daughters, he would probably be enraged to the point of spitting blood.

Such matters would have to be explained later. Liu Yi got up from the bed, and Little Nine immediately helped him put on a black coat.

At that moment, a hand suddenly reached out from behind, grabbing Liu Yi.

As Liu Yi turned his head, he saw Sima Rou lying on the bed, her large, watery eyes fixed on him.

“Where are you going, my lord?” she asked.

Sima Rou’s demeanor at that moment was nothing like the strong woman she had been before.

“I am going to liberate the entire Immortal Realm,” Liu Yi replied with a smile. “Just wait for me here in peace.”

“No… I am going with you.”

Unexpectedly, Sima Rou donned a red robe and rose to her feet.

“How can you? This time, we are waging war against the Heavenly Court,” Liu Yi hurriedly persuaded her. “It’s too dangerous; you should stay behind.”

Sima Rou shook her head. “Wherever my lord goes, I will follow.”

“But it’s the Heavenly Court!”

“It’s all right, my lord.”

Sima Rou smiled. “After cultivating together, my strength has advanced from the first to the second heaven… Moreover, I have gained your attributes…”

As she spoke, Sima Jiao waved her hand, revealing a Taiji diagram made of flames in her palm.

Liu Yi was shocked. Sima Rou had actually obtained the power of the vast universe. Although it was not complete, it was still an achievement.

It seemed that his pseudo-spirit veins could not only absorb the power of a girl but also actively transfer some of his power to her.

This was truly an incredible development.

Having plundered a portion of Erlang Shen’s soul power earlier, Liu Yi now felt that his fourth heaven strength was very solid.

Erlang Shen’s soul power had replenished his immortal qi, making it even richer within his body.

“Fine, let’s set out together to conquer the Heavenly Court,” Liu Yi said, taking Sima Rou’s hand as they began to walk.

“Are you sure it’s all right for you to wear so little?” he asked, unable to resist as he looked at her wearing only a red robe, her thighs and b.u.t.tocks barely concealed.

“You’re right.”

Sima Rou nodded. “My body is for my lord’s eyes only.”

With that, she beckoned, retrieving a red silk garment from a nearby bag and donning it underneath.

The sisters had one thing in common: they both loved red clothing.

“My lord, I’m ready,” Sima Rou announced, wearing the silk garment beneath the red robe, her figure enchanting and exuding a queenly aura.

“Good, we’ll go somewhere first.”


Sima Rou followed Liu Yi’s command, and he gently placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Let’s go,” Liu Yi said, touching his forehead with his other hand.

He and Sima Rou vanished from the room in an instant, reappearing atop the enormous tower on the coast of the Nan Zhan Bu Continent.

It was on this very tower that Liu Yi had been ambushed by Erlang Shen years ago! Thus, their new journey would begin right here!

“My lord, where is this?” Sima Rou asked, taking in the unfamiliar surroundings.

“The Nan Zhan Bu Continent.”


Sima Rou was surprised. The distance between the two continents was far; how had they crossed it so quickly?

What kind of magic was this? Even the shrinking earth technique was not so exaggerated!

“Wait a moment; I need to gather our forces,” Liu Yi said, standing atop the tower before mustering his strength and bellowing.

“I, Liu Yi, have returned!”

With a single bellow, a surge of power enveloped the sound, spreading outwards! In the blink of an eye, the entire Four Great Continents were filled with Liu Yi’s voice.

Even the Heavenly Palace could hear the cry.

The Jade Emperor almost fell from his golden throne, and the Queen Mother hurriedly steadied the master of the Heavenly Palace.

“Whose shout is that from below?” the Jade Emperor asked.

“Your Majesty, it is unmistakably Liu Yi!” responded Taibai Jinxing with a bow.

“How is that possible? Wasn’t his power taken away by Erlang Shen? That cry just now held such immense power!”

Fear flickered in the Jade Emperor’s eyes.

“Where is Erlang Shen? Bring him here quickly!”

“Your Majesty, General Erlang is currently healing his wounds in his own palace…”

“What? He is injured?”

The Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother were astonished and stared at Taibai Jinxing incredulously. “Who hurt him?”

“It was Liu Yi.”

Taibai Jinxing answered honestly.

The Jade Emperor broke into a cold sweat and slumped back into his chair.

“Quick, invite the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord here…”

The Jade Emperor had no choice but to send for the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord. At this moment, a man clad in silver armor suddenly walked in and knelt before the Jade Emperor.


“Erlang Shen?”

The Jade Emperor looked at the man and immediately asked, “How are your wounds? Do you have the strength to fight again?”

“Uncle, my injuries are of no concern!” Erlang Shen stood up and said, “I was caught off guard in the last battle. This time, I will leave him with no place to be buried!”

“Very well, the Heavenly Palace will rely on you!”

The Jade Emperor instructed.

“Rest a.s.sured, Uncle!” Erlang Shen saluted, “However, to prevent any accidents, please bestow upon me the Treasure Lotus Lamp!”

“The Treasure Lotus Lamp?”

The Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother exchanged glances. “Are we resorting to using this artifact?”

“Liu Yi possesses the power of the great universe, but with the Treasure Lotus Lamp, I will be invincible!”

Erlang Shen continued to plead.

“Very well, We shall lend you the Treasure Lotus Lamp!”

The Jade Emperor waved his hand and approved.

Erlang Shen sneered inwardly. Liu Yi, with the Treasure Lotus Lamp in my possession, let’s see how you die this time!

Meanwhile, Liu Yi stood atop a high tower, roaring loudly, feeling much better.

The sea before him suddenly parted, and a dark figure quickly leaped across the water, stepping on the surface.

Liu Yi’s mouth curled into a smile. “I never thought you’d be the first to arrive.”

As the words fell, the figure landed on top of the tower. It was none other than Chen Cai.


Chen Cai hugged Liu Yi’s thigh tightly. “I finally found you! Who’s this beautiful girl?”

Chen Cai’s gaze instantly fell upon Sima Rou, unable to help but drool.

How come his boss always had a beautiful woman with him? Ahhh!

“Who is he, my husband?” Sima Rou asked.


Chen Cai’s eyes widened.

“This is my good brother, Chen Cai.” Liu Yi patted Chen Cai on the shoulder. “She is my newly-wed wife, Sima Rou.”

Chen Cai felt dizzy. His boss had experienced such a disaster, yet he could still effortlessly woo a girl!

If only he had such skills!

“It’s been thirty years, and your strength has grown quite a bit.”

Liu Yi laughed.

“Yes, with the Misty True Body technique you taught me, my strength has made rapid progress!”

Chen Cai patted his chest, “It’s just a pity that I haven’t found you in these thirty years. It’s been driving me mad!”

“Ah, Han Shuang and Xiao Xiao have arrived too.”

Liu Yi turned his head to look.

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