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Chapter 1097: Showdown!


Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Xu Mingzhi couldn’t see that her WeChat name had been changed. After receiving her daughter’s reply, she slid her phone into her pocket and signaled Wei Wei with her eyes. The two of them strode into the meeting room.

She had a strong aura and gave off the feeling of a big sister patrolling the streets of Bolan Street.

It was already New Year’s Eve, so Xu Mingzhi did not plan to arrange another meeting.

However, her daughter happened to have an appointment to appear on the show. Xu Mingzhi had no point in staying there by herself. Yesterday, she informed the senior management that she would return to the company for a meeting this morning!

Those who received the notice were like a child who was playing during the winter vacation and was suddenly asked to return to school to check his homework.

As for the show that their Miss was going to partic.i.p.ate in, Wei Wei did not quite understand one thing. “CEO Xu, since you know that the host of Tonight’s Warmth has ulterior motives, why didn’t you stop her…”

Xu Mingzhi stopped in front of the meeting room.

“It’s true that her motive is not pure, but…” She glanced at Wei Wei and smiled. “Would my daughter be afraid?”

Wei Wei paused for a moment and then raised her hand to push up her gla.s.ses. “Boss, you’re wise!”

Jiang Chu’s car was also on its way to the broadcasting station.

It came from a different direction than Su Ji’s.

He drove his small luxury red roadster, and the New Year’s atmosphere outside the car had been lit up since the morning. The radio station randomly tuned in auspicious words to celebrate the New Year, or the festive songs that were often heard in the supermarket during the New Year.

Jiang Chu looked at the pa.s.senger seat of his car: “…”

“Yang Xiaotao! Why are you in my car?”

At this moment, Yang Xiaotao was sitting in the pa.s.senger seat. She was holding a bag of gorgon cake that had just been baked this morning. She specially made it into a festive red color and planned to give it to her when she saw her idol at the television station.

“I’m just hitchhiking.” Yang Xiaotao hugged the bag of pastries and said with a smile, “anyway, it’s the new year. I have nothing else to do.”

Jiang Chu glanced at her. Yang Xiaotao’s smile became even brighter, like a sunflower. Jiang Chu was silent.

In the next second, he retracted his gaze in frustration.

Today was New Year’s Eve. Yang Xiaotao had specially made some Gorgon Fruit Cakes for the New Year and planned to share them with her friends. She had also put a bag in the backseat of Jiang Chu’s sports car.

However, she had another motive for riding in Jiang Chu’s car…

Recently, her friends had realized that Jiang Chu and her idol…seemed to have a conflict!

They had obviously invited each other over for a gathering of best friends before, but for some reason, it suddenly became like this.

They were discussing in private in the group chat. It was most likely that Jiang Chu had done something to make her idol angry.

She thought that the situation would improve when the crew of the “Qingqiu Arts” returned from Golden Town. However, not only did it not happen, they had even fewer interactions.

Even when they were going on an interview program together today, it was still the same.

Yang Xiaotao understood that although her idol had a bad temper, she actually doted on her friends.

Her idol was very gentle!

Jiang Chu must have done something wrong to make her idol treat him coldly.

She had tried to find out what Jiang Chu had said on WeChat, but Jiang Chu was very unwilling to mention it.

Today, she came personally.

Her tender little face had a friendly smile that was similar to that of an old lady from the neighborhood committee. That expression seemed to be saying, “you just have to be at ease and tell me what’s on your mind. With me around, I will help you mediate things.”

Jiang Chu felt as if something was bothering him. “…”

While waiting for the red and green lights, Yang Xiaotao looked at the time on her phone calmly.

They were about half an hour away from the television station building.

In the remaining half an hour, the gold mediator went online!

Usually, Jiang Chu could choose to ignore his WeChat messages or find an excuse to leave when he b.u.mped into her on the road, but now in the car…he couldn’t jump out of the car while driving, nor could he push Yang Xiaotao out of the car. He was only forced to listen to Yang Xiaotao’s earnest advice!

He’s going to collapse!

With Su Ji’s personality, how could she have such a busybody friend?

The awkward relationship with Su Ji was the biggest gap in Jiang Chu’s heart.

Besides, Ms. Lan…

Either he chose to betray Su Ji again, or his gender would become the biggest time bomb. The remote control was in Ms. Lan’s hands, and she was the kind of person who was extremely hypocritical…

Just like how he did not know how the paparazzi would expose Pei Huai’s matter, he did not know how Ms. Lan would expose his gender.

He imagined how his cla.s.smates, as well as his fans who had just started to like him on the internet, would react if they knew his true gender…

Everyone would look at him like he was a pervert. He could no longer raise his head and was hated by everyone like a rat crossing the street.

He was already annoyed. At this moment, Yang Xiaotao’s earnest advice was like a needle, piercing into the gap in his heart.

Finally, the car drove into the parking lot of the TV station building. Jiang Chu used his last bit of rationality to park the car in a crooked way.

Yang Xiaotao said, “Jiang Mi, don’t be stubborn…”

“Stop talking!” Jiang Chu punched the steering wheel and glared at her impatiently. “You don’t know anything!”

Yang Xiaotao was stunned by his scolding, but it was only for a moment…

It might have started when he picked up the things that Jiang Chu had dropped…for some reason, she was no longer afraid of Jiang Chu.

“If you don’t know, you can tell me.” Yang Xiaotao said seriously, “don’t give up on yourself. My idol treated you really well before…”

Jiang Chu: “…”

Yang Xiaotao said, “we’re also very good to you. I’m treating you like my best friend now!”

Jiang Chu’s hand on the steering wheel paused.

Yang Xiaotao’s words struck a hidden spot in his heart.

“Stop lying.” He bit his lip, his knuckles turning pale from the force.

Yang Xiaotao immediately raised three fingers. “I’m not lying, I swear!”

But Jiang Chu suddenly looked at her. “So what? You don’t even know if your best friend is a man or a woman?”

Yang Xiaotao said, “what? You’re a woman…”

Halfway through her sentence…Yang Xiaotao froze as if someone had pressed the pause b.u.t.ton!

Before this moment, she had no doubt about the answer to this question, but at this moment, the way Jiang Chu looked at her was completely different from before. It was no longer charming and demonic, but there was a danger that she had never noticed before!

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