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Chapter 1610  The Third Prince

The moment Grey and the Second Prince left the castle, the Second Prince asked him with a smile.

"Tell me the truth, who carried out the a.s.sa.s.sination of my younger brother?"

Grey didn't flinch, replying with a bland tone, "I don't know, I only interest myself in things I do. Since I didn't kill the Sixth Prince, I can't bother much with who did."

"What if the person comes for him?" The Second Prince asked.

The person he was referring to here was none other than the Seventh Prince. Grey said he couldn't bother himself with who dared to kill one of the Princes vying for the position of becoming the next Emperor, so the Second Prince wanted to remind him that he was working for someone who was also vying for that position, and might also be a target.

"His Highness is well protected, and if any unfamiliar person gets within a hundred meters of him, they will answer to myself and my comrades." Grey replied calmly, still not showing any signs of being worried.

The Second Prince has been monitoring Grey's expression and how he would react to these questions, but to his shock, Grey was the same way. This was the same expression and reaction Grey has had almost every time they had crossed paths. Even when he told Grey to a.s.sa.s.sinate the Third Prince, Grey didn't have much of a reaction.

'This guy is either clueless about it, or his ability to hide his emotions are top notch.'

The Second Prince didn't know what happened with the Sixth Prince, but he was wary of Grey and the Seventh Prince. He couldn't confirm if the Seventh Prince was the one who ordered the a.s.sa.s.sination, but he knew that since Grey could survive the attack of the First Prince's Necromancer, it meant that he could hurt him to a certain extent, and if the timing was right, he could even kill him.

He's on the same level as that Necromancer, so if Grey could harm that Necromancer, the chances that he could harm him was also very high. Besides, the time Grey had an exchange with the Necromancer, he was only in the First stage of the Sovereign Plane, now however, he has broken through to the Second stage, which meant a significant increase in his strength.

The Second Prince didn't ask any more questions, he led Grey in the direction of the Third Prince's kingdom.

On the way, Grey decided to ask.

"Will the a.s.sa.s.sination take place now, or after you've left?"

"After I'm back in my castle. I can't give others the impression that I have a hand in it." The Second Prince replied.

"But won't him getting killed while you're there prove to others you're innocent?" Grey questioned.

The Second Prince took a curious glance at Grey, he didn't see him as a foolish or dumb individual, so hearing him say this, he guessed Grey probably had something in mind, "Why do you say so?"

"Simple." Grey cleared his throat and explained, "Everyone knows you for you smartness. They all know that if you want to do something like this, you'll do it in a way that fingers will never be pointed your way."

"If you're in the Third Prince's castle and he is killed, it can easily be looked at as someone trying to frame you for the death, or at least get people to think that you're the one who killed him."

"Everyone knows that you will not do something like this, which will make them all come to the conclusion that you were being framed. The matter will only be spoken of for a day or two, and everyone will look elsewhere in search of the culprit."

The Second Prince listened intently to what Grey was saying and couldn't help but show surprise. If one is well known for lying, even when they tell the truth about something, everyone will generally a.s.sume they're lying, especially when there's no proof to show that said person is telling the truth. The same can be said for what Grey was planning here, the Second Prince is well known for his wits, and how well he handles matters.

There's no known conflict between him and the Third Prince other than both fighting for the position of heir. But the truth is, the Second Prince's only opposition is the First Prince, he hasn't had any clashes with those below him, even when they try to start it.

If he goes on to kill the Third Prince, he would be the last person anyone will suspect, especially when the Sixth Prince was a.s.sa.s.sinated a while ago.

Grey's smartness surprised him, and once again, he had to rea.s.sess Grey. His impression of Grey has been destroyed every time they spend a moment together.

"That's not a bad idea. Everyone will go with it." The Second Prince was a smart fellow and knew that although Grey's plan had its cons, there's no way it's tied to him. After all, he wasn't the one Grey was working for, but the Seventh Prince.

If things go south, there's no way anyone would believe Grey if he said the Second Prince was the one who sent him on this task since he was recruited by the Seventh Prince and not the Second Prince.

Thinking about all these, the Second Prince relaxed, not bothered with it. Since he's not going to be the one to carry out the act, it had nothing to do with him.

Grey, seeing him accept his plan nodded and continued following behind him, staying silent. He was looking at the Second Prince, trying to see if he could get a rough estimate of his strength. The Second Prince is far stronger than Old man Kerr, and even he gave Grey a hard time. He knew his chances of beating the Prince head-on were slim, and he has noticed that from the first moment he laid his eyes on the Second Prince until now, he has always been on guard, it was almost as if he was waiting for someone to try to a.s.sa.s.sinate him.

Even during the times they were at the Second Prince's castle, he tried to sneak close to him, but he quickly realized the Prince was always alert, so he gave up on this plan. His best shot was to make the Second Prince bring out his puppet for a real fight, and after cutting off the link, he can use that short time to take control of the Second Prince.

An hour later, Grey and the Second Prince got to the Third Prince's kingdom. They were escorted straight to the castle where they met the Third Prince in a Hall, with a few Elders with him.

"Brother, you're here." The Third Prince said, while still being seated.

The Elders in the Hall stood up as a show of respect to the Second Prince. He has not just a higher status, but he was also stronger than them too.

The Second Prince didn't mind that his younger brother was seated, he walked to one of the random seats the Elders use and went straight to the point, "Someone a.s.sa.s.sinated Waylan, you're the closest to his kingdom. Do you have any idea if he had any disputes with anyone?"

"Waylan has always been cowardly, groveling after everyone. There's none who would try to kill him." The Third Prince responded.

"But someone has killed him, and whoever it is, they have no reservations about killing any of us, which is a big problem." The Second Prince explained.

The Third Prince looked at him and said, "We just have to be careful, and when Father returns, he'll fish out the person behind it."

"And if the person kills anyone else before Father returns?"

The Second Prince saw the way the Third Prince was responding and knew he had no clue about the death of the Sixth Prince.

"One of my confidants was killed while he was coming through that route, around the same time as Waylan." The Third Prince said when he sensed the Second Prince's gaze on his Elders.

"Oh, what's his strength?" Curiosity appeared in the eyes of the Second Prince.

"First stage, he sent a message saying he sensed someone sneaking into Waylan's castle. We thought the person wanted to steal, so I told him to watch and then report back..." The Third Prince explained.

The person hasn't reported since then, and they found his life crystal had been shattered. The Third Prince guessed the culprit was the same person who a.s.sa.s.sinated the Sixth Prince.

The Second Prince didn't speak and squinted his eyes, accessing the information he just received. The Sixth Prince hadn't gotten to the Sovereign Plane so he didn't expect a Sovereign to try to kill him. But since a Sovereign was sent, it meant whoever did it was well connected. Very few people knew about the Sovereign that is always with the Princes below the Sovereign Plane.

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