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Chapter 1097 Taking The Bunny

Grey didn't bother with these people, his eyes were glued to the bunny leader. He couldn't help but think.

'Is this place connected to that place? If it is, then I should be able to communicate with Teacher.'

Since leaving the Azure Continent, he hadn't seen his Teacher, and there was also the Princ.i.p.al. During the battle that day, he was severely injured, he didn't know if he had recovered now or not. And there were also the two Instructors from the Lunar Academy. He couldn't help but reminisce about the old times. In just a few years, he had grown so strong that he alone could destroy the Azure Continent, well, excluding the Magical Beasts' Forest.

He quickly decided that once he escapes from his current predicament, he would try to see if he could reach his Teacher. It would be better if he could, if he couldn't, then he would just let it be.

'Teacher will probably beat me up if he sees me, I haven't sent him any meal in a long time.' He sighed.

He usually occasionally sends meals to his Teacher, but since he was injured, he stopped. After coming out, he was focused on revenge and didn't have the time to cook that often. He had been too busy lately, now it seemed he didn't have the time to even cook.

The bunnies were currently fighting against the people, and after experiencing the fighting method of the bunnies in the trial land, he wasn't surprised when he saw how they were mauling all eight people in the group. Those in the Sage Plane were the ones who were more pitiful.

'Do you think we might be able to suppress them with our superior bloodline?' Void asked Grey.

'The others, most likely, but against that little fellow, I can't be sure.' Grey said.

In his entire life, this bunny was actually the only Magical Beast he was truly terrified of. He couldn't hide it, the bunny was just too hateful. It was also unique in a certain way and doesn't follow the normal rules. This made it abnormal.

'Are we going to watch them die?' Void asked.

'Their only chance of escaping is to leave with us, the only question is if they can hang on till then? Although I'm not confident that I can fight against the bunny, I'm very certain that I can escape from their attacks until the others came.' Grey and Void communicated while the others were being beaten by the bunnies.

They stood no chance against these bunnies, the bunnies not only had the number advantage, but they also had superior strength.

The bunny leader seemed to sense Grey's gaze and a smug expression appeared on its face.

Grey's expression changed when he saw this and he couldn't help but feel irritated, but he didn't have any time to complain because he saw the bunny leader pointing at him while giving orders to some bunnies.

It then looked at Grey with a threatening gaze before showing a body language of if Grey dared to kill any of its subordinates, it would have a death feud with Grey.

Grey's eyes twitched when he saw this, and when the bunnies came close to him, he pushed them away.

The bunny leader looked at him annoyed and made some squeaking sounds, to Grey's surprise, one of the larger bunnies that had the strength of the Seventh Rank rushed in his direction.

"F*ck! I didn't even hurt them." Grey's face was dark. He was being bullied by a bunny.

He couldn't be bothered with all these, Void who hadn't showed any strength all this while immediately attacked the bunny along with Grey.

They managed to hold back the bunny, but seeing the bunny leader staring at him coldly, he almost spat out blood. The way the bunny leader was staring at him, it was as if it was planning to give up on the group of eight and attack Grey with all its might. The crazy thing about this was that he didn't even get involved in the battle, yet the bunny leader wanted to cause trouble for him.

'We'll beat it up sooner or later.' He thought internally. Suppressing the turmoil in his heart, he gave the bunny a chance to send him flying. He needed to show a weak front so that the bunny leader wouldn't send more people after him.

He quickly transmitted his voice to the group of eight, 'I'll be able to create a hole in the energy wall in some time, but it wouldn't last long. It's all up to your luck if you can escape or not.'

After saying that, he just let the bunny send him flying from one side to another. He had a strong physical body, and if he were to use his Dragon scales, then his defense would be stronger, but he didn't show it out, rather, the scales were under his skin. So although it looked like he was being beaten like a ragdoll, he wasn't really getting hurt.

Two minutes went by in a flash and he sensed Klaus, Reynolds, and Ellis on the other side of the energy wall.

He took out the communication device and instructed them on where to attack.

Looking at the group of eight, he couldn't help but sigh. He was sure that not all of them would be able to escape from this place. That was not something he could change. Even if he were to help them fight against the bunnies, they would be exhausted eventually.

He had sensed something strange after the energy wall rose, they were unable to replenish their elemental essence. At their level, they rarely suffered from lack of essence, but if they stayed in a place like this and fought constantly, then their's a high chance that they would die from exhaustion.

Not just that, but Grey felt like there was an even more frightening existence in this place. The bunny leader should not be the one who activated the energy wall.

Grey got his thoughts together before suddenly exploding out, sending the bunny flying, "Now!"

He yell was not only to tell Klaus and the others to attack the wall, but to also inform the eight people that he was making his move now.

The group of eight all exploded, this was their chance to escape. If they were unable to go now, they would definitely die in a short time. At the risk of some injuries, they broke through the encirclement of the bunnies and rushed in Grey's direction.

The bunny leader was stunned by the sudden change, it stomped its foot on the ground and squealed angrily.

It's playmates were leaving! Who would he beat up now with them gone?

With the angry squeal of the bunny, Grey sensed a shocking aura awakening in the place.

Sweat covered his face when he realized his guess was right. If he had joined in on the fight and showed signs of turning the tables, then this figure would definitely come out. He couldn't fight against such a figure.



He attacked a particular point in the energy wall. At the same time, Klaus, Reynolds, and Ellis all attacked the same place as well.

A small gap opened up, enough for Grey to leave.

His figure blinked and he switched places with one of the bunnies standing close to the bunny leader. While doing this, he threw a sword out of the gap, marking it with his s.p.a.ce element.

He picked up the bunny leader and vanished in the blink of an eye. Everything happened so fast that before the bunny leader could react, not only had the eight people escaped, but it's surrounding suddenly changed.

A blank look appeared on the face of the bunny as it looked at the energy wall that had closed up.

In the s.p.a.ce of around two seconds, Grey attacked the energy wall, picked it, and escaped as well.

Even with the powerful figure in the garden, there was no way for it to escape. The figure couldn't leave the garden due to the energy wall. It was not only a cage to their enemies, but to them as well. It could break it, but it would take a while.

Klaus, Reynolds, and Ellis stared at Grey, and then looked at the bunny in his hands. They sensed Grey going back into the garden after opening up a hole, but they didn't know it was because of the bunny.

The group of eight who were injured stared at Grey, they didn't say anything for some time.

After a while, the leader of the group stepped forward and bowed, "Thank you for saving our lives."

The others bowed as well. Although they were angered when Grey didn't help out previously, now that he helped them escape from that place, they had to show him their grat.i.tude.

"It's nothing. We were in the same place, leaving you guys behind isn't really the right thing." Grey waved it off. He was not a saint, but he wouldn't really leave these people to die when he could give them a chance.

For one, he was stunned that all of them managed to make it out. Other than one of the Sage Plane Elementalist who seemed to be severely injured, the others only had some injuries that weren't too serious. As long as they went into seclusion for some time, they would be alright.

They thanked Klaus and the others and left. They needed to treat the wounded.

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