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Chapter 439 - 439

Mu Jin said in a serious tone, the current Wei Yuanwei could not be in the same room as her.

However, Wei Yuanwei pouted, as if she was acting spoiled towards Mu Jin. "Maybe Zhong Lixian lied to me!"

She wanted to see if this insect poison would react, and what it looked like when it did, and she also wanted to know if this Gu poison was still alive.

"That won't do!" Mu Jin still held onto Wei Yuanwei tightly, his expression was solemn, and was about to carry Wei Yuanwei off his body.

Wei Yuanwei struggled a few times, but she was still determined to ride Mu Jin, so Mu Jin could only sigh and coaxed, "Qu Wei, can you stop messing around? I don't want to see you in pain! "

"Maybe not!" Wei Yuanwei deliberately slid downwards.

Mu Jin took in a breath of cold air, and her adam's apple moved up and down a little. Without being aware of it, Wei Yuanwei's hand had already slipped into his clothes, and her slightly cold, slender jade hands caressed his skin.

This made Mu Jin exclaim uncontrollably. Looking at Wei Yuanwei's smiling expression, Mu Jin licked her red lips and said in a slightly hoa.r.s.e voice, "Iris, are you obedient?"

The big hand wanted to press on Wei Yuanwei's hand, but Wei Yuanwei was extremely cunning, and became even more dishonest.

"If you don't listen, then give it a try!" Wei Yuanwei stooped down and whispered in Mu Jin's ear in a spoiled tone.

The fragrance of Wei Yuanwei's sweet body entered Mu Jin's nose bit by bit.

"Alright, if the gu worm flares up, you have to tell me!" After Mu Jin finished speaking, she flipped over and pushed Wei Yuanwei down.

The red candle swayed, while the ambiguous factor slowly expanded and melted in the room. It was a charming room.

At the moment, in the imperial study, Zhong Lixian, who was kneeling on the ground and begging the Emperor to order him to guard Fringe City, frowned, her ice-cold expression extremely ugly.

The hand hanging by his side was held tightly.

Wei Yuanwei, you actually dared to lie to me!

A pair of cold eyes burned with a raging fury. Under the flickering candlelight, it was exceptionally terrifying!

On the second day, Mrs. Liu brought the breakfast that she had prepared to Wei Yuanwei's room.

"Miss, the breakfast has been prepared for you. Do you want this servant to send it in?"

Wei Yuanwei, who was sleeping in the crook of Mu Jin's arm, opened his sleepy and hazy eyes. In the blink of an eye, he saw Mu Jin's pair of eyes, which were as calm and elegant as mist.

"Miss?" Old Lady Liu called out again when she saw no response.

"Ah, let it be outside!" Wei Yuanwei quickly replied.

After hearing this, Mrs. Liu placed the food in her hand on the floor and went down the stairs.

"Why aren't you leaving?" Wei Yuanwei looked at the smiling Mu Jin and said somewhat angrily, but he was still extremely happy in his heart.

Last night, she had tried many times with Mu Jin, but she hadn't felt any pain at all. Not to mention the pain, it didn't even feel like she was being bitten by an ant. This meant that she wasn't going to be separated from him forever.

After she finished her verification, she wanted to push Mu Jin away, but Mu Jin didn't have the intention to let her go. She had to suffer until the latter half of the night before Mu Jin finally got off her body.

Thinking about that, Wei Yuanwei's face reddened again.

Mu Jin turned around and smiled at Wei Yuanwei, and then kissed Wei Yuanwei on the cheek as fast as lightning, "Last night, the Royal Concubine fed this duke to the fullest. It was probably the best time for a marriage to take place in half a year!"

Wei Yuanwei's face reddened again, and he didn't even know where to put his eyes.

In the past, it was always Mu Jin who took the initiative. This time, not only did she take the initiative to cater to Mu Jin, it also made Mu Jin's heart even more confused.

It was only after she begged for a few times that he finally let her go.

"If I hadn't wanted to test if this life was real or fake, I wouldn't have let you succeed!" Wei Yuanwei was furious and angry at the same time. Thinking back to last night, his face turned even redder than peach blossoms.

"In other words, I have to thank Zhong Lixian. Otherwise, how could Princess HuYang allow me to do as I pleased?" Mu Jin looked at Wei Yuanwei's exposed little white neck, and the fire in his eyes couldn't help but burn.

Wei Yuanwei shyly put his little head under the blanket.

Mu Jin was also about to stretch her hand in to touch Wei Yuanwei.

A burst of heavy footsteps suddenly entered Mu Jin's ears.

The smile on Mu Jin's face froze, "Someone is coming, it seems to be Zhong Lixian!"

"Then leave quickly!" Wei Yuanwei immediately urged.

Zhong Lixian stepped on the stairs, and with every step she took, it seemed as though she wanted to slice the wooden stairs apart.

Little Yun Zi followed behind, her eyes filled with anxiety.

"Wei Yuanwei!" Accompanied by a heavy knock on the door, Zhong Lixian walked in and called out to Wei Yuanwei who was in the room.

Wei Yuanwei's body was wrapped in a quilt, her face was drowsy, as if she did not understand why Zhong Lixian would come in at this time.

"Crown Prince, can you just barge into my room like that?" Wei Yuanwei said with a cold face.

Zhong Lixian's gaze swept across Wei Yuanwei's face, then swept across the entire room, and then walked over to Wei Yuanwei's bedside: "Who was the man that was with you last night? "Is it Mu Jin?"

Wei Yuanwei was startled, then revealed a doubtful expression: "Crown Prince, I don't know what you're talking about!"

Zhong Lixian glared furiously at the innocent looking Wei Yuanwei, then pointed at Little Yun Zi behind him. "Get out, close the door!"

Little Yun Zi stood there: "Crown Prince?"

"Get out..." Zhong Lixian said again, her voice was cold, not allowing anyone to refute him.

Xiao Yun Zi looked at Wei Yuanwei with a grave expression, then walked out and closed the door.

The moment the door closed, Zhong Lixian immediately pulled up Wei Yuanwei's blanket, her body also pressed down on top of his, her eyes seemed to be on the verge of spitting fire: "Wei Yuanwei, did Mu Jin come over last night? You two are in the same room? "

Wei Yuanwei's eyes immediately changed, how did Zhong Lixian know?

It was impossible for Mu Jin's traces to be found by the guards outside. Could it really be because of this that Zhong Lixian found out?

"Isn't it?" Zhong Lixian almost roared out.

"Yes sir!" Wei Yuanwei sat up, her voice cold and hard.

Hearing Wei Yuanwei's words, Zhong Lixian's cold expression almost went crazy, the coldness in her eyes was extremely terrifying, as though something had fiercely stabbed into her heart, causing him to wish that she was dead.

He really wanted to strangle Wei Yuanwei to death, she actually lied to him!

"Didn't you say that you were poisoned by Ning Zheyan? You are all deceiving me, right? " Zhong Lixian looked at Wei Yuanwei, and saw that Wei Yuanwei was looking at him with that cold and indifferent expression.

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