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Chapter 1016 - 1017

Cang Chu pointed to the door: "There are two more people outside."

Li Jiujiu and Su'er raised their heads and looked over: "Is Mu Jin coming?"

As Li Jiujiu said that, he crawled to the front of the cage and took out two long iron wires, wanting to open the lock.

However, Cang Chu actually looked at the figure that was outside the door and stopped Li Jiujiu in his tracks, "Don't be anxious.

After Li Jiujiu heard this, he immediately retracted the wire.

At this moment, two silhouettes appeared in the light outside the door. One was slender, while the other was slim.

Seeing that, Cang Chu went back to the ground and pretended to sleep.

When the thick and heavy door was opened, what Fu Chen and Yao Yao saw was the scene of Cang Chu, the Su'er, sleeping soundly.

Yao Yao only took a glance, and then walked out, while Fu Chen looked at the door a few times, suddenly Cang Chu turned and opened his eyes and looked at Fu Chen.

Fu Chen's peerlessly beautiful face drew an arc.

Then, a shadow flashed as he walked out.

"Mu Jin has no reason to know about the place the Su'er was locked in, but he never appeared. Could it be that he wants to rely on these Gu to rescue the Su'er?" This was all very unusual.

The more Yao Yao thought about it, the more uneasy she became.

"Those Gu would bite a hole in a person's body, and then desperately drill into their body, causing them to feel unbearable pain. I feel that these Gu were not released by Mu Jin, and the person who released them might have been Feng Yin." Fu Chen guessed.

The Yao Yao stopped in her tracks and looked at Fu Chen: "Right, Feng Yin only wants to replace Mu Jin as emperor, he would never care about the life and death of Su'er, there is a high possibility that these Gu were released by Feng Yin, and he would even rather have let these Gu worms burrow into Su'er's body!"

"If that's the case, then from now on, we have to be extra careful with our food. If we accidentally eat a Gu worm, then we'll be in trouble." Fu Chen slightly lifted his head, narrowing his eyes as he thought about it.

Perhaps, the person who came this time was Feng Yin.

"This Feng Yin is really ruthless!" The Yao Yao said fiercely. The candlelight swept across her face, brightening up the viciousness in her eyes.

"If it really is Feng Yin, then Feng Yin definitely won't only release this Gu." Fu Chen said carefully.

The poison of a Gu was even more terrifying than poison.

Poison can only cause one to die in pain, and ordinary poisons have antidotes.

But Gu poisons were different. They could kill people, but the most common type was to make people endure all kinds of torture, to achieve mental and physical control. Other than death, there was simply no other choice.

The way those guards were bitten by the Gu worm was still vivid in his mind.

The person that was drilled into by the Gu worm laid on the ground and rolled on the ground. It was so painful that he wanted to dig out the bug with his hands.

In the end, because he could not bear the pain, he was stabbed to death by someone else.

"In the past, I always thought that the most difficult person to deal with would be Mu Jin, but now, it has turned into a moan of the wind."

That was because Mu Jin had his reservations, but Feng Yin did not.

"Fu Chen, shall we capture Feng Yin first? We really cannot let him become our enemy like this. " Yao Yao said worriedly.

Feng Yin's Gu poison was very powerful.

He really was able to poison you without anyone noticing. In the process, many people didn't even feel a hint of it. It was only when the Gu poison flared up that they realized they had been poisoned.

"Catching him is a little difficult, but cutting off his hands is still very simple. Without his hands, there is no way to nurture Gu worms." Each of his cold and ruthless words came from Fu Chen's thin lips.

"Alright." Yao Yao smiled. She was very satisfied with this method.

Wei Yuanwei kept her head down as she covered her nose. That disgusting smell, couldn't dissipate in the air no matter how hard she tried.

This way, it would also be convenient for Wei Yuanwei to not expose her ident.i.ty as soon as possible.

Just as Wei Yuanwei lowered his head and walked quickly, a red figure suddenly flashed in front of him, and Wei Yuanwei immediately raised his head.

Wei Yuanwei's first reaction was to lower her head, and then quickly walk over. However, she quickly calmed herself down, slowed down her pace, and tried her best to pretend as if nothing had happened to Fu Chen and Yao Yao as she walked past them.

When he walked past Fu Chen, his heart almost reached his throat.

He hoped so that Fu Chen and the Yao Yao wouldn't find out.

When Wei Yuanwei walked past Fu Chen, she finally relaxed and took a deep breath.

Fu Chen, who had been looking ahead, suddenly turned around to look at the Wei Yuanwei who had already walked far away.

Under the interweaving moonlight and flames, Wei Yuanwei's skinny and tiny figure seemed to be a little different.

"What's wrong?" Yao Yao asked.

Fu Chen turned his head around: "Nothing, you should go back and rest first. I'll take care of the rest."

"Alright." The Yao Yao nodded her head gently, looking at Fu Chen's appearance, she looked like a young girl who had just opened her heart, causing people to feel pity for her.

Fu Chen couldn't help but lower his head and place a kiss on Yao Yao's forehead. His voice was filled with gentleness and deep emotion: "Go."

Yao Yao turned around in an enchanting manner. When she turned around, that girlish smile instantly disappeared, and was replaced with a trace of viciousness and cruelty.

Wei Yuanwei quickly walked towards the direction of the secret room, and when she was about to reach the secret room, she secretly looked at it from the corner of her eyes, and then headed in the other direction.

The guards here were probably the strictest, so she had to think of a way to enter.

And now, the most important thing was for her to hide herself.

Wei Yuanwei lifted her gaze and looked at the rows and rows of small houses in front of him. The lush and flourishing trees were scattered and growing in front of these small houses.

Just as Wei Yuanwei was about to walk towards that row of small houses, Fu Chen's figure flashed and stood in front of him.

Wei Yuanwei immediately lowered her head, and said with her coa.r.s.e voice: "Sir Fu Chen."

After that, Wei Yuanwei lowered her head and walked away from Fu Chen.

"Do you want to enter the secret chamber?" Fu Chen's cold and indifferent voice floated into Wei Yuanwei's ears.

Wei Yuanwei's body stopped for a moment, then said: "This subordinate does not understand what Sir Fu Chen means."

"Should I call you Yu Yue or not?" Fu Chen lifted her lips and said coldly.

Wei Yuanwei slowly turned around, and with her hand at her side, she tightly held onto the corner of her clothes, her head that had been drooping slowly up until now, slowly raised it after hesitating for a moment, as if she had made a decision, and then turned around and coldly said: "Sir Fu Chen, please call me Wei Yuanwei, but how did you know that it was me?"

"Although you have changed your appearance, your height and size cannot be changed. Looking from the back, you are just a woman, who else could you be if not Wei Yuanwei?" Fu Chen's tone was very cold, the arrogance on his body had lessened by a lot.

"Sir Fu Chen's eyesight is really good, he could tell that it's me with just a glance." What could Wei Yuanwei say?

She could only blame herself for running into Fu Chen so early.

"Where's Mu Jin?" Fu Chen turned around. A pair of watery eyes fell on Wei Yuanwei's face coldly, and her emotions could not be discerned.

"Just me." Wei Yuanwei returned, with an extremely calm expression: "If you lock me up, I hope to lock me up with Su'er."

"You're alone? Heh … Mu Jin must have also snuck in during the chaos? " Fu Chen naturally did not believe Wei Yuanwei's words.

"It's fine if Sir Fu Chen doesn't believe me." Wei Yuanwei didn't really care, since he wasn't here anymore.

"I believe you. If Mu Jin also snuck in, Mu Jin definitely wouldn't let you go alone." Fu Chen's eyes swept across Wei Yuanwei's body.

He then turned his gaze in the direction of the secret room. "Do you want to go in?"

Wei Yuanwei followed Fu Chen's gaze and looked over: "Of course I want to, but previously I was thinking about how to go in and save Su'er, and now I'm thinking about if you can let me stay with Su'er."

"You should know that I know everyone I have under my command, and they all know each other as well. The worst method is for you to disguise yourself and sneak in." Fu Chen slowly pursed her lips: "So, you must have other plans after coming in here."

Wei Yuanwei was shocked, but her expression was still extremely calm. "Then I'll kill you while I'm at it."

"Wei Yuanwei, you are getting more and more humorous, you can't be thinking of changing into Yao Yao and getting close to me, right? To be honest, you can change your appearance to hers. However, the difference in size between the two of you is quite big. " Fu Chen's playful gaze swept over Wei Yuanwei's chest.

Wei Yuanwei immediately turned around, and she seemed a little angry: "Just directly say if you don't lock me and Su'er together."

"The normal course of action would definitely lock you and the Su'er up together. This way, no matter which one of you was saved by Mu Jin, I still have something in my hands." Fu Chen walked to the front of a large tree that reached the sky and looked at the bare branches.

"Then at least let me see the Su'er once more. I want to confirm if she's all right." Wei Yuanwei walked forward somewhat excitedly.

Fu Chen actually made a gesture towards Wei Yuanwei: "Be quiet, if Yao Yao and You Ruo's people find out, you really will have to switch between Su'er and them."

"What do you mean?" Wei Yuanwei was a little confused.

"It's very obvious that I want to let you off!" Fu Chen was an ice-cold person, but this time, his tone was tinged with a sense of humor.

"Let us go?" Wei Yuanwei was even more confused, at that time, Mu Jin wanted to kill Fu Chen.

"Tomorrow, when you go to deliver the food to the Su'er, you will naturally understand what I mean." Fu Chen said, and then lightly shook the bell on his waist.

Immediately, a figure stood behind Fu Chen. "From now on, you follow him."

After Fu Chen finished this sentence, he turned and left.

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