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Chapter 1015 - Article 1016

"I'll have some soup." Cang Chu reached out his hand to fill the soup.

However, Li Jiujiu was one step faster than him. He picked up an empty bowl and immediately scooped a bowl of soup for Cang Chu and handed it to him.

Cang Chu bit his lips, and in the end, received the bowl of soup, and after drinking a mouthful, Cang Chu asked: "After we leave, what do you plan to do? Continue following Shang Li? "

Li Jiujiu picked a mouthful of rice from his mouth and shrugged: "He doesn't want me, and I suddenly understand something, I can't force my way through. I better give up."

Cang Chu's heart thumped, and his scalp went numb.

"I also think that what you said makes a lot of sense. You should find someone who can share your happiness with both sides. Only then can you be happy. There are some things that you really can't force yourself to do." Cang Chu said with hidden meaning.

He hoped that Li Jiujiu could understand.

"Mn, I know, Shang Li is different from us. He likes women, but we like men." Li Jiujiu said without the slightest hesitation.

Su'er on the side seemed to be accustomed to it.

"I like women too." Cang Chu said at this time.

Li Jiujiu's chopsticks that was holding onto food trembled, "Don't you like men?"

Cang Chu laughed: "How could that be? If Mu Jin really came with me, it is possible that I will be the first one to push him away. "

"Jiu Jiu, hurry up and eat. My master, of course, likes women. After he grows up, he still wants to marry me." Su'er's small voice was very soft and soft, extremely tender, and also very pleasant to listen to.

But Cang Chu couldn't help but reach out his hand and touch his forehead as if he was troubled.

Li Jiujiu, however, put down his bowl of rice and stopped eating. Then, he sat down at the side, as if he was angry.

Cang Chu and Su'er looked at each other, then silently ate.

When a ma.s.s of dark clouds covered the moon in the sky, Zi's time also came at this time.

At the same time, Xuan Li and Shang Li opened the bottle that held the Insect Insects and poured out b.a.l.l.s of something that looked like Insect Eggs. These eggs might look small, but the moment they touched water, they would immediately hatch into Insects.

After Xuan Li and Shang Li took out a kettle and poured some water on the insect egg, the shriveled insect egg immediately absorbed 10% of the water and became full.

Soon after, its body bloomed bigger and bigger, until it was the size of a small soybean. Its outer sh.e.l.l began to tear open, and soon after, black Gu worms crawled out one after another.

Xuan Li and Shang Li then performed their Qing Gong and flew to the highest point of the mountain.

Due to the special medicinal powder covering their bodies, these Gu worms that hatched out didn't do anything to them. Instead, they crawled in another direction, and that place was where Fu Chen was hiding.

"Master, what if these Gu worms accidentally hurt Su'er?" Xuan Li said worriedly.

However, Mu Jin shook his head: "No, these Gu worms will be discovered soon, and then extinguished by fire. During this process, these Gu are unable to get close to Su'er."

"This time Feng Yin gave it so straightforwardly, could it be that he's lying to us?" Shang Li said worriedly, "For example, you intentionally told us some wrong information."

"Feng Yin doesn't dare to do this, unless he doesn't want to be the emperor anymore." Mu Jin said with absolute certainty.

Feng Yin's actions would not benefit him at all. He was very clear that if something were to happen to him and the Su'er, then he would not be able to help him anymore.

Even though Feng Yin was sometimes a little crazy and abnormal, and had sucked up so many Immortal Powder, he was still very clear on this in his heart.

Wei Yuanwei and Su'er were the two explosion spots that he could not reach.

It could be said that it was about to happen.

These Gu worms crawled towards Fu Chen's hiding place as per Mu Jin's wish, and before long, these Gu would bite through the skin of the guards and mess them up.

However, at this time, Han Yue, who had been left behind in the Imperial Palace, ran over while panting heavily, "Master, it's bad, Wei Yuanwei is not in the Imperial Palace."

Hearing that, Mu Jin's face immediately darkened: Why are you not here?

"Wei Yuanwei said that she wanted to take a look at the imperial flower garden, but after going for a long time and not coming back, we went out to look, but we did not find Wei Yuanwei's person, but only left a note in her room." Han Yue said as he handed the note over.

Mu Jin opened it to take a look, a pair of cold eyes opened wide, and then crushed the paper in his hand: "Wei Yuanwei actually wants to sneak in at this time, Xuan Li, bring your people around to search, Wei Yuanwei is hiding nearby right now."

In the past few days, Wei Yuanwei had been exceptionally docile and quiet. Now that she thought about it, this kind of Wei Yuanwei was extremely abnormal.

Xuan Li and Han Yue immediately brought people to search the area.

"Ah... "Worms, bugs." Not long after, the guards outside the An Manor released a series of miserable screams.

The moment he was bitten by the Gu worm, he immediately lost his fighting strength, and became even more fl.u.s.tered, frantically trying to catch the insects on his body.

However, the four legs of these bugs were all covered with barbs. With a single swipe, a piece of skin came out from the barbs.

The guards cried out in pain.

For a moment, miserable cries could be heard from the heavily guarded An Manor s one after another. Some of them dropped the swords and sabers in their hands, while others rolled on the gra.s.s.

As more and more Gu worms gathered towards the An Manor, that dense and black ma.s.s looked extremely seeping.

"Mu Jin's people are here." Yao Yao was very excited when she heard the screams coming from outside. She turned around and looked at Fu Chen.

Fu Chen walked out of the door, looked at the chaotic and dangerous scene outside, and immediately ordered: "No one is allowed to enter the secret room, not even a single bug."

"Yes." The other guards quickly made their way to the secret room.

"This is a Gu worm. Heh, I didn't expect Feng Yin to come too." Seeing the black ma.s.s in front of him, Yao Yao's face slightly changed.

Once these Gu worms landed on a person's body, it would be extremely torturous, causing them to be at a loss on what to do. Moreover, there were so many of them that no matter how high one's martial arts were, there was nothing they could do.

Moreover, they soon discovered a rule, the more the movements, the more the Gu worms climbed up.

After climbing up, he opened his mouth to bite off the skin, and then desperately drilled into his body.

Seeing that the time was right, Wei Yuanwei immediately flew towards the An Manor.

Anyway, she was covered in that powder, so she wasn't afraid.

More and more guards were bitten by bugs, and they struggled on the ground in pain.

That mournful scream seemed to reverberate through the entire sky.

"The Gu that Feng Yin created is too insidious." Shang Li who was looking for Wei Yuanwei heard the mournful cries, and said with a serious face.

Mu Jin's eyes were always looking underneath the An Manor, and very soon, he found the place that locked the Su'er.

But at this time, Fu Chen and the Yao Yao discovered that these Gu were very afraid of fire.

Immediately, the An Manor who was originally lit with only a few candles, lit up.

The guards first used torches to drive the bugs away. Seeing that the bugs were afraid of the light source, they poured all the wine onto the bugs and lit the fire.

Immediately, a huge bunch of them started to burn. The air was filled with that disgusting smell of scorched bugs, and the smell was so pungent that it almost made one want to puke.

Adding on the crackling sound of the fire on the bugs, almost everyone present did not want to eat meat for a month.

The temporary crisis had come, but these Gu worms were also quite lethal. If it wasn't for the fact that they were afraid of fire, it was likely that before long, everyone would have this Gu crawling on their bodies.

Fu Chen looked around, other than the Gu worm, there was no other sound at all. There was not even a hint of wind or gra.s.s, so logically speaking, while the Gu worm was tearing at him, it was the best time for Mu Jin to bring people to save Su'er.

However, these Gu worms were almost wiped out by them, and they could not find any trace of Mu Jin.

Mu Jin also knew that when they were bitten by the Gu, it was the best time to save Su'er, but Mu Jin didn't make a move.

Because he was waiting for a better opportunity.

Shang Li and Han Yue returned to Mu Jin's side while they were at it.

Han Yue said to Mu Jin: "This subordinate has already seen Wei Yuanwei's figure earlier, but Wei Yuanwei has already changed her appearance and wore the same clothes as Fu Chen's guards. In the blink of an eye, he blended in with the guards and this subordinate is afraid of exposing his ident.i.ty, or finding the wrong person.

"I understand. Let's go back." Mu Jin took a deep breath, he then clenched his fists, and hoped that Wei Yuanwei would not be discovered by Fu Chen.

Cang Chu slept with Su'er in his embrace and Li Jiujiu slept on the other side, his back facing Cang Chu all the way. He hadn't said a single word to Cang Chu since they had finished eating.

Both of them were breathing evenly. Originally, Cang Chu had also fallen asleep, but his body suddenly shook as he woke up.

The first thing he did when he opened his eyes was to look at the figure at the door, but he suddenly discovered that there were already several figures at the door.

Cang Chu sat up straight before calling out to Li Jiujiu a few times in a soft voice, "Ninety-nine, something seems to be happening outside."

But even after Cang Chu called a few times, Li Jiujiu still did not respond.

Cang Chu directly kicked Li Jiujiu's body, causing Li Jiujiu to immediately jump up like a carp, but when he jumped halfway, he crashed onto the iron cage.

"What's wrong? What's wrong? Is it Mu Jin? " Li Jiujiu seemed to have just woken up from a dream, his expression extremely nervous and excited.

Although the sound was not loud, it was extremely ear-piercing in this quiet night.

Su'er had also opened her eyes, and looked at Cang Chu with a face full of anxiety. Then, he turned her head to look in the direction of the door.

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