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He had given virtually all of his spiritual stones to Xu Xiaoxian. In that instant, Chu Yu felt empty and pained by the loss. However, he still had a few of those True Soul Pills that he could sell at a high price.

Chu Yu’s expression was bitter as he looked at the Human Form Changing Technique in his hands


The little demon Xu Xiaoxian was deadly accurate with her words. Chu Yu wanted to learn the Human Form Changing Technique so that Lin Shi would not be able to see through him.

His current Facebook technique was only sufficient to fool those who didn’t know him.

But for someone who grew up together with him, like Lin Shi, this was far from sufficient.

Especially since... he was also using the name Song Hong here!

As long as there was any loophole, Lin Shi would be able to spot him.

He had used Song Hong before because he wanted Lin Shi to recognize him.

But now... that had become meaningless.

The Human Form Changing Technique was a true sacred art and it could fool anyone.

Xu Xiaoxian could be so arrogant as to diss even the top three schools because she had this sacred art in hand!

In the Mirror World, Chu Yu had not even heard of anything like it.

It was very possible that this only existed in the Solar System!

It was no exaggeration to say that Chu Yu did owe Xu Xiaoxian one this time.

A sacred art could not be bought with money.

Even though Chu Yu’s Facebook technique could gradually morph into the Human Form Changing Technique, that would take an agonizingly long time.

He could not afford to wait!

Just that point alone was enough to show that Xu Xiaoxian was rather righteous.

This devilish girl definitely came from an extraordinary background, but no one knew what secret she was hiding.

She was unreadable.

Chu Yu could not bother thinking so much. He immediately began to study the Human Form Changing Technique.

Having studied the Facebook technique, which is a spinoff of this sacred art, learning it became much easier.

Chu Yu managed to understand the essence of the Human Form Changing Technique in a single night.

It must be said that this sacred art was peerless.

Through the Human Form Changing Technique, he could change his appearance without leaving any trace and take on the new ident.i.ty with ease.

Regardless of his stature or his charm, they were all completely different from that of the original Chu Yu.

When Fatty saw him the next day, he could not help but gasp in surprise. He could no longer find any loopholes in Chu Yu’s disguise!

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