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Basic Divine Flesh, Recovery, and Physical Enhancement. My body wasn't feeling any sort of tiredness with these three skills around.

The sky was blue, but not cold. Although the sun was gone for the night, it wasn't cold or anything.

Usually, legs hurt and I feel tired when I trek for a long time, but I was completely fine.

I repeatedly did push-ups and squats while contemplating on my next move. What would I need to do in order to keep on surviving...

I'll need to find a way to reduce point usage and make sure I can get as much as I can out of it. Not to mention, I still need to decide on how I'm going to live in the real world. If Hye-Won can support me… I can just live with her. That would be the ideal situation for me right now. With her help, I can spend all my time here instead of working at a job…. I mean, that's okay, isn't it?

This is becoming a ha.s.sle. I don't know what to do anymore…. My head says it's okay, but my heart says it's not.


I stopped my push-ups for a second. My muscles were swollen from the work out.

Talk about bulking up fast…

"Why don't I put my personal feelings aside for now and just try to see what's best for me?" I looked up into the night skies.

What about other things?

Right now, everything about me is inefficient. I've been wasting points and time by having similar skills set up….

What to do….?

What's important right now is that I don't forget about trying to survive. Survival is my goal…

What do I need to do in order to survive?

I'll first need to be adaptable to my surroundings. I'll also need to be stronger as well.

To become strong. But, how? Just physically? Or through enhancement techniques?

Which should I choose?

"So I hit a wall…."

I laid myself down in order to begin doing push-ups again. My mind needed to clear some things, and working out would help with just that.

The first skill I acquired was the Divine Law. The rest were just add-ons.


I let out a long sigh before making a decision.

I'll be going with Physical Enhancement first, then b.u.mp it up with the help of Steel Body. Those two should make things a h.e.l.l of a lot easier for me when I peak them out, because if I can keep myself from getting killed in the first attack, I can just recover with heal.

As long as I don't get killed in the first attack…and being able to withstand their direct attacks…

I will need to be physically capable. I will need to become stronger.

It's probably wise to increase defense as my physical properties go up. Now that I think about it... I wonder how much defense I'll need to increase? Probably to the point where I can take getting shot with a handgun, and still stand.

Another question here is…could I even reach that level even with all the skills I master? I mean, strengthening muscles, enhancing stamina, increasing my defense are all different.

"I guess I don't have a choice." I'll just have to spend all of my points into one thing at a time. I'll start out with increasing Physical Enhancement and Steel Body. That'll be my immediate goal.

That's...how I'm going to survive.

I quickly stood up. Soon after, I was doing repet.i.tions of sitting down and standing up. I could feel my muscle legs swelling up.

My night was spent with me working out my body.


After eating breakfast, I placed my backpack in the corner of the cave and came out to look around. I didn't set any fires around me because I was worried that Hye-Won might be nearby, but she wasn't.

Why? There were no smokes around, that's why.

Hye-Won's weapon is fire. Even if she doesn't cause a forest fire, it's only normal that I'd see a smoke coming from one of her attacks.

This could only mean that I'm alone here. But, just to be sure, I'll stay here for another week.

Thud. Thud.

I walked through the mountains alert. I could've stayed in the cave, but I had my reasons for making my way down here.

It was to kill something.

How else could I stack up on points without killing anything?

I made my way to where I had originally seen the bear hoping there'd be other monsters nearby, but nothing was there when I had arrived.


Where is the bear carca.s.s? I moved closer to where the bear had died previously. There was a drag mark on the ground where it had been pulled by something. Even the muscly monster-looking guys' corpses were gone.


I think I know what happened. Those guys had friends. G.o.d d.a.m.n it. Just how many of them are there?

It's going to be h.e.l.la difficult if there are hundreds of them just like the Skeletons…

Something jumped out from the bushes while I was thinking about the whole situation.


Monster-like guy said something while having its eyes on me. Is he alone?

"Kwah! Kokotuca!"

What the h.e.l.l is this thing yapping about?" He looked very excited seeing me. It wasn't long before he began making his way towards me at an incredible speed.

He was holding a blunt object in his hand.

Well...isn't he brave?

A small guy like him is going to going to charge at me with only a blunt object? Has he lost his d.a.m.n mind?

I raised my Mace.


He swung his weapon straight down when he got close to me. I patiently waited for an opening. I swiftly moved to my left to doge his attack and struck his left shoulder with my mace.


I could feel his shoulder break through my mace. More like… I could hear it.


He let go of his weapon, but I could clearly see that he wasn't going to give up. After screaming his lungs out, he made a fist with his other hand and charged at me again.

But he was too slow. I could feel where he was going to attack. I leaned back to dodge his punches without much trouble.

While moving to evade his punches, I stuck my leg out in order to trip him.


The monster-like guy falls forward leaving the backside of his head open for business.

There was only one thing I could do then.




I heard his skull crack into bits and pieces and his last breath leaving his body.

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