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Royal Society of Sciences in Gottingen, Corr. Memb. 1862.

Royal Bavarian Academy of Literature and Science (Munich), For. Memb.


Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences (Berlin), 1865.

Medicinisch-naturwisseflschaftliche Gesellschaft zu Jena, For. Hon.

Memb. 1868.

Geographical Society of Berlin, For. Memb. 1869.

Deutscher Fischerei-Verein, Corr. Memb. 1870.

Berliner Gesellschaft fur Anthropologie, Ethnologie, und Urgeschichte, Corr. Memb. 1871.

Naturforschende Gesellschaft zu Halle, 1879.

Senkenbergische Naturforschende Gesellschaft (Frankfurt a/M.), Corr.

Memb. 1892.


Dutch Society of Sciences (Haarlem), For. Memb. 1877.

Koninklyke Natuurkundige Vereenigung in Nederlandisch-Indie (Batavia), Corr. Memb. 1880.

Royal Academy of Sciences (Amsterdam), For. Memb. 1892.


Societa Italiana di Antropologia e di Etnologia, Hon. Memb. 1872.

Academia de' Lincei di Roma, For. Memb. (supplementary), 1878, ordinary, 1883.

Reale Academia Valdarnense del Poggio (Florence), Corr. Memb. 1883.

Societa dei Naturalisti in Modena, Hon. Memb. 1886.

Societa Italiana delle Scienze (Naples), For. Memb. 1892.

Academia Scientiarum Inst.i.tuti Bononiensis (Bologna), Corr. Memb. 1893.


Academia Real das Sciencias de Lisboa, For. Corr. Memb. 1874.


Imperial Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg), Corr. Memb. 1865.

Societas Caesarea Naturae Cuniosorum (Moscow), Ordinary Member, 1870, Hon. Memb. 1887.


Societas Medicorum Svecana, Ordinary Memb. 1866.


T.H. Huxley served on the following Royal or other Commissions:--

1. Royal Commission on the Operation of Acts relating to Trawling for Herrings on the Coast of Scotland, 1862.

2. Royal Commission to inquire into the Sea Fisheries of the United Kingdom, 1864-65.

3. Commission on the Royal College of Science for Ireland, 1866.

4. Commission on Science and Art Instruction in Ireland, 1868.

5. Royal Commission upon the Administration and Operation of the Contagious Diseases Acts, 1870-71.

6. Royal Commission on Scientific Instruction and the Advancement of Science, 1870-75.

7. Royal Commission on the Practice of subjecting Live Animals to Experiments for Scientific Purposes, 1876.

8. Royal Commission to inquire into the Universities of Scotland, 1876-78.

9. Royal Commission on the Medical Acts, 1881-82.

10. Royal Commission on Trawl, Net, and Beam Trawl Fishing, 1884.


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