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It has been five days since I arrived at Asgard.

The three of us are currently walking towards the town of Ryuusen.

According to Kouhi, if nothing happened, we will arrive there with a half day travel.

We went down from our wyvern mount at a foot of a mountain that we pa.s.sed through in order to not stand out.

Anyway, even if Kou is a bit far away, I can still call him. I tried communicating with him while walking so I know that it is possible.

I also kept using my G.o.d's left eye while walking.

Unfortunately, I didn't get much information.

The only objects I can see here are plants and minerals(stones included) so it can't be helped.

It has been five days and I only met Kouhi and Mitsuki so far.

I might progress a little once we arrived in the town.

But, can't I meet people here?

Though I already heard from Kouhi, I felt like this continent was almost empty.

While flying in the sky, I never saw anything, even a road.

Beyond the last mountain, just before I saw the sea, I finally found something that resembles a road.

And we're walking on that road now towards the town.

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While walking, I was checking out the gra.s.ses and the insects with my left eye. I noticed that Kouhi and Mitsuki are exchanging glances.

「Something happened?」

「There seems to be a battle on the road ahead.」

「….battle?…ah, areh?」

To think that we'll see something like that before we arrive at the town.

「….can you tell what's happening?」

Since I know that these two will not make a move until I do, I decided to hear the situation first.

「Uhn….There is something like a horse-drawn carriage and monsters are attacking it.」

「Are the ones being attacked at a disadvantage?」

「It seems so.」

It seems like there is no point on hearing the circ.u.mstances but since an event like this happened, I'll have to think carefully of what we should do.

Thinking a little, I gave instructions to Mitsuki.

「Mitsuki, will you go there?」

「All right.」

「Then, go right away…ah, your wings.」

「Yes. I'll leave now.」

Although she looks no different from a human, humans don't have wings so I asked her to hide them. By the way, I never knew that they can retract their wings until after we left the wyverns.

I had Mitsuki go first while I'm thinking of what I'll do next.

Kouhi is acting as my guard now because a monster may pop out anytime.

After several days of observation, I learned a lot.

Even if I instructed both of them to go, one of them will absolutely remain beside me.

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While I was thinking, Kouhi and I arrived at the place. The battle had already ended.

There are several people who seem to be guards of the horse-drawn carriage and they are cleaning up(mainly taking monster materials).

Mitsuki is talking with two people.

I was stopped by a man when I tried approaching Mitsuki.

「Who are you?….Gwe!?」

(Ah…suddenly being attacked with a sword…)

A sword was thrusts towards me but it was parried by Kouhi.

As expected, the men who noticed the sound poured their bloodl.u.s.t to us.

「Stop it!」

That was the thundering shout of Mitsuki.

「Mitsuki-dono, are they your acquaintance?」

One of the guys who was conversing with Mitsuki asked her.

「My master.」

At that moment, I felt like Mitsuki changed the surrounding atmosphere.

(….is it my imagination…? No, let's stop escaping from reality.)

Needless to say, Mitsuki is a stylish preeminent beauty. It is hard to tell what effect her words are capable of.

And next to me is Kouhi who's the same level as her.

Only after a long time have I realized the danger of being accompanied by the two of them. Though I can't do anything about it.

Aside from that, the person who approached me with Kouhi seems to be the central figure of this group.

I checked him with my left eye.

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Unique Name: Schmidt Anarchy

Race Name: Human

Unique Skill: Calculation LV4, Merchant LV4, Dagger LV1,  Other(can't be viewed yet)

Blessing Skill: Good Luck LV3 (can't be viewed yet)

t.i.tle: Divine Protection of Business

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(Oouu. Amazing, a person suited to be a merchant.)

While I was thinking about that, the other party introduced himself.

「Nice to meet you. I am Schmidt Anarchy. I'm the leader of this merchant group. However, the only merchant here is me, everyone else is my hired guards.」

「Nice to meet you. I am Kousuke. Mitsuki is a member of my party.」

「I heard about you from Mitsuki-dono. You instructed her to help us. Thanks to her we survived.」

「no no, it was good that she made it in time.」

While exchanging greetings, I can feel that Schmidt is probing me.

As expected of a merchant.

「I already asked Mitsuki-dono about the remuneration and she told me to talk to you so, how would you like it to be?」

I have to think about it first.

To begin with, I don't even have a basic understanding about the market price here.

I'm the one who wanted to help so I don't need any remuneration but Mitsuki did save this merchant so I guess he really has to.

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「That's right…I have two things I wanted to ask you, I wonder if you're fine with them?」

「Please speak.」

「The first one is to allow us to ride the carriage until Ryuusen and the second one is to buy the materials we have but under one condition.」

「There is no problem with you riding the carriage. There is also no problem with buying the materials but….condition?」

「Yes. Because of some various circ.u.mstances…I don't want anyone else to know that the materials came from us.」

「Ah, I see. So that's how it is. There is no problem in that case….however, I feel like I'm profiting more instead of rewarding you.」

I made a bitter smile.

He's too honest for a merchant.

「Is that so?….. To be honest, I'm really not familiar with the market price in this area.」

Schmidt seems to perceive something and smile.

「Though we could have dealt with what happened earlier, we don't expect it to end with us being unscathed. Thinking about it, rewarding you with money is only natural.」

「…is that so?」

Somehow, I feel like Schmidt has some idea of what I'm thinking.

I decided to not decide at this place.

Because we can be attacked by monsters anytime.

Fortunately, we are going to accompany him in the carriage so I can think more of it.

「Don't worry. Why don't we get in the carriage and talk to me? It is dangerous for us to stay in this place.」

「I understand. My best regards.」

Schmidt nods and talks to the people around to give instruction to depart.

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While Schmidt was giving instructions around, I tried speaking to the guy who seems to be the guard's leader.

「My apologies, did we interrupt with your job?」

The man looked at my face. He suddenly changed his expression then said "wahaha" and tapped my shoulders.

「I don't mind. We are hired with money. It wouldn't matter if some of us were knocked down. Besides, because of your help, none of us die.」

「Then that's great.」

「Yeah. Nevertheless, you are really honest.」

「You think so?」

「Well, normally, no one will say the things you just said.」

I smiled wryly as a reply.

I don't know much about his world so how can I practice your common sense?

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While we're talking about such a topic, Schmidt came back and urged us to ride the carriage.

Our group and Schmidt are on the same carriage.

I guess it’s about time to continue the negotiations from earlier.

In addition, the man who I just spoke with is also in the carriage.

As expected of the leader of the guards, Schmidt introduced him to us. His name is Gozen.

Two carriages including the one we're riding at finally departed for Ryuusen.


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