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Traveling with an unconscious person slowed them down by a day. Lan Yi and Yu Feng found a cave and set traps before leaving for Heaven's Lotus.

A good few hours later...

"Yu Feng run!" Lan Yi is running downhill attempting to escape from a repulsively beautiful creature chasing herself and Yu Feng.

The creature could be described as a four-legged creature of towering height with a 10 feet tail dragging from behind.

The face of the creature bare a woman of a beautiful countenance,

"Come back! Come back to me!" The creature demanded the two, except it, only encouraged Lan Yi and Yu Feng to escape even more.

"This is a lot more than bargained for!" Panting with exhaustion Yu Feng looks onwards not daring to peek over his shoulders. Soon they came upon a cliff, they both looked at each other and then down the cliff they saw vines overtaking the bottom of the cliff while there was a pitch-black watering hole created by the nearby waterfall.

Hearing the creature enclosing they nodded.

"One. Two. Three!" Jumping off the two were followed by the monster by the tail.

"W-wait why did you jump so far! Argh!" Lan Yi quickly grabbed Yu Feng by his collar.

"Hunh!" Slapping Lan Yi's hand Yu Feng grabbed a vine and waved it around. Seeing this Lan Yi had let go of Yu Feng's collar allowing air to enter his lungs and to relieve his neck.

Coughing Yu Feng took deep breaths of air. Climbing upwards they both rolled onto their backs and processed with just happened.

"What were you thinking!? Were you going to jump off the cliff and into the water below?!" Lan Yi was furious, when they both looked at each other she thought they were on the same page! Jump off and grab the vines and let the creature fall to its doom. So simple yet he wanted them to die by jumping off the cliff!

"I thought you wanted us to jump into the water and swim onto the sh.o.r.e because the creature wouldn't have jumped after us!" Yu Feng realized that his logic of thinking wasn't a bad idea or natural thought.

"You idiot! Didn't you notice the water below is pitch black, besides, the sh.o.r.eline is decorated with bones that are half-eaten! How are you so stupid!" Yu Feng did a one-twenty to a.s.sess the sh.o.r.eline and it was indeed filled like the night sky. A few skulls here and there, as well as rib cages while the bones of hands and feet are scattered about like seash.e.l.ls.

Sweat formed as if it was fire consuming a dense forest. Soon the sh.o.r.eline welcomed its new attraction, the skeleton of the creature who a while ago was chasing down two humans.

"Come on we have to get going. We don't have time to waste." Lan Yi stood pulling Yu Feng up thus beginning their walk towards the cave with an unconscious person awaiting them.

"Yu Feng she's still knocked out."

"Then we should bring her along, she's alive."

"Why can't we just leave her in a nearby town? She'll slow down our journey back! I'm not taking any chances!"

"Lan Yi! We are not abandoning a life for a life! I'll take her with me then! She'll ride with me, eat with me, and sleep with me!"

"Fine! you better keep your word. We're setting off!"


Such a dumb a.s.s. Bringing along an extra person, what if she brings trouble what then! Yu Feng, Yu Feng.

Lan Yi grumpily moved on ahead as Yu Feng carried the unconscious lady.

After their heated conversation, they both continued the dull journey back to save Yi Lian.

Soon enough they've arrived at the Yi Manor with the medicinal herb. Rushing inside without a break Lan Yi went to work. Grabbing the other herbs which were prepared Lan Yi soaked the Heavenly Lotus into the distilled water potent with the previously prepared herbs.

"Bring Yi Lian here to soak in the bath. Hurry."
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On cotton made stretcher was a deathly pale Yi Lian. With three maids helping Yi Lian enter the bath Lan Yi grabbed a mouth thick bundle of cloth and suddenly jammed it into Yi Lian's mouth. Soon screams were heard and thrashing could be seen.

Yi Lian dazing in and out of consciousness trying to find the cause.

"Yi Lian. This. Helps." Seeing multiples of Lan Yi Yi Lian bit on the bundle and endured. Whether this was an illusion or not she had to hold on until Lan Yi was back.

What seemed like hours on end Yi Lian was able to relax as her body excluded toxins acquired from the previous Earth's pollution and karma.

"Make sure you only touch her. If anyone of you guys makes the slightest skin contact with the bathwater don't say I didn't warn you."

Carefully the maids wiped down Yi Lian while wearing cow hind gloves. Slowly they wiped down Yi Lian head to toe. Lan Yi gave specific directions on how to rid of the bathe waste.

Days past Yi Lian showed no signs of waking. In the meanwhile, Yu Feng took care of the child who was taken from the pit. After finding this child Yu Feng started to dig deeper into his older brother's business. What he found was disturbing and heartbreaking, his idol was a b.a.s.t.a.r.d and pervert! Taking the Yin energy from young virgins to stabilize and build his cultivation.

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Sickening! Jin, cripple his cultivation and destroy his connections. And most of all cut off his manhood. A rapist like him doesn't need to live with such a thing!"

Yu Feng looked at the child and felt a strange feeling. He knew this feeling but he didn't want to confirm it. Leaving the room where the girl rested Yu Feng made his way over to the Yu estate.

"Lan Yi she hasn't made any signs of conscious. She may be a vegetable."

"Don't you already have enough on your plate? Be quiet and mind your own business... How is the pit girl? Is she awake? Maybe she's a vegetable." Rolling his eyes Yu Feng stood up and wandered over towards Yi Lian's bedpost.

'I once loved you yet you cruelly plotted against me. Messed with the royal bloodline, poisoned me, and repaid my sincerity with lies. Now with a command, I could easily capture you. With a simple flick of a hand and I could kill you. Here you are lifeless and vulnerable, yet I still can't find it in me to hurt a single hair on you.'

Yu Feng dazed as he thought about his life with these two, now unpredictable sisters. Yi Lian didn't have a problem in the previous life with her health nor did Lan Yi have to go to extremes to cure her. Lan Yi also didn't have great martial skills to build such stamina to outrun the thousand-face beast.

Leaving the room Yu Feng immediately called upon number one to investigate the two sisters. Lan Yi wasn't supposed to be engaged with his ninth brother. Even if the marriage went through ninth brother will die within the next two years from the scheme of eighth brother.

Fearing of change in his future Yu Feng decided to speed his plans along.

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