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"Remember in your next life, never insult the Starfall Empire ever again."


After the fight in the Gengxin city auction hall that ended with Dai Baole and Ku Jianghai almost lose if not because Zhu Yi's timely interference, the Gengxi city's city lord, Dai Baole, decided to use his authority uproot the spirit hall branch in his city.

Meanwhile, the city was buzzed with the news of the fall of spirit hall's branch on their city. Several months later, a piece of news came from the messenger from the Imperial Capital, the Starfall Seed Tournament will be held half a year later at the Starfall Battle Dome! And the preliminary will be started next week in every dukedom capital in the Starfall empire for the unaffiliated spirit masters, while the spirit masters from the academies and martial sects will receive an invitation with a fixed quota. The required age to partic.i.p.ate in this tournament is at least 12 with a maximum of 17 years old.

This Martial Sage Tournament is held every six years, with the previous champion is the eldest young master from the Fire Mountain Clan, Ku Delong, with his solar-edge ax martial spirit.

This Martial Tournament often hailed as a start of the beginning of a new generation's leading genius... and a festival for merchants.

"This is it! With this, we can take the chance to spread the name of Golden Roc Hall!"

A youth with blonde hairs and chromatic eyes beaming with a happy grin, he's stood on his chair hyped with the news that just came recently.

"How's the blacksmith section doing in these months? Is there any promising talent that already comprehends what I've explained?" The youth couldn't help but get excited from the news as the new merchant organization that he just recently established need a way to spread its name to start to establish its influence in the continent.

"Young Master Mubai, there haven't any young blacksmiths that comprehend the knowledge you bestow us with. It just me that have already comprehend it and put it into use, I can't help it, it's way too profound for younglings like them." an old man with big protective google on his head wearing a leather short pants and a white thin shirt said with a lamenting tone on his voice.

"Old Gao, it's not that profound but their way of thinking is way too rigid. Their view of the blacksmithing concept is too narrow! By the way, how's your process of recreating the moon chasing crossbow?"

Hearing Mubai's question, Luo Gao couldn't hold his excitement. He hurriedly walking to the corner and opened a wooden box, he takes out a splendid grey colored crossbow.

"This is a successful prototype of the Moon-Chasing Crossbow replica, its might is around 80% of the original and its efficiency is around 90% of the original. Its string is made from..."

Mubai nodded continuously hearing Luo Gao's explanation that went on for more than an hour, not understanding most of them but keep nodded nonetheless.

'I'm not from refining hall, my forte lies in array and formation. Sure I understand the surface problem, but I don't know the theory behind it, not as depth as Old Gao at least. If not for One Thought Creation, I wouldn't even able to refine one Huntress short-bow let alone Moon-chasing crossbow.'

"Okay, teach your student how to make this crossbow. A 40% performance of the original is fine, we will start to ma.s.s produce them and sell them to various clans around the continent. And tell the whole Blacksmith section to make these stuff for the upcoming martial tournament, I'm sure that we will reap a nice sum with these stuff."

While Mubai explaining his plan, Luo Gao staring at him with a weird gaze. It's as if he was looking at an alien, a weird lifeform that he never saw before.

"...I know I've already asked you this many times young master. But, are you really just a teenager? Because I feel like I'm facing an old shrewd fox businessman instead..."

"Haha, Old Gao. I also have told you many times, I'm not an old fox, just a peerless handsome youth instead!" A burst of loud laughter could be heard from the former Blacksmith a.s.sociation's building, but the peoples around act as if nothing has happened.

'It's that narcissistic young man again...'

"Alright! Chop chop, we got a product to make!"


*Ao Si Ya POV*

Once in this life...

When I am down and my soul so weary from the vicissitudes in life. When troubles came and my heart burdened be by the hatred of the past. I can only wait here in the silence of the night, talked with the moon and watched by the stars. Until he came and grant me my new life, give me new purposes in life.

Now, with the power you grant me, I can stand proud on the high mountain. With the guidance you gave me, I can hold steadily facing the stormy sea.

My name is Ao Si Ya or you can call me Osya or Asya, Several months ago I was granted a chance by Master Mubai to gain power for my revenge. Even though he's a bit narcissistic sometimes, he genuinely grants me a way to become stronger, way stronger than your average joe.

I have two martial spirits and an innate full spirit power when my spirit was awakened, and currently, I'm a rank 32nd spirit elder.

My first spirit is 'Cake', I can make cakes from my spirit power to do a various thing, from enhancing spirit sense to raise the body's cleanse poison from the bodies. This Spirit is a hereditary martial spirit of my Clan, Ao Clan, which slaughtered mercilessly by Elephant armored clan and one of Spirit Hall's t.i.tled douluo, the 'Fifteen-ton' douluo.

My Second Spirit is Jade Long-Bow, it's categorized as an attack type tool martial spirit. I've yet to absorb any spirit ring with it.

"Now, where is Paotai town anyway?"

I've tasked by Master Mubai to go to Paotai town and find a boy named Xiao Chen and give him this letter. It's been three months and a half since I went from Yule City to finish Master's task, few people know but I'm bad with direction and navigation stuff.

Ah, there's a caravan! maybe they know where Paotai Town is.

"Excuse me!"

I ran hastily toward them, there are several burly men surrounding the caravan. Maybe they are the guards? Anyway, I just want to ask Paotai town direction from them.

"Yes, How can I help you miss?" A polite looking man answered me, thanks to heaven they're not unreasonable bunch nor even bandit.

"Excuse me, I'm from Yule City and want to go to Paotai Town, which direction should I go to reach my destination?"

When I asked those question, they looked baffled and doubt permeated on their face.

"Um, something wrong?" I can't help but ask, why are they making that kind of face?

"Nothing wrong actually, except both Yule City and Paotai Town is both in the south-east direction from here. In another word, you should already pa.s.s it. We're on the direction of the Imperial Capital."

huh? really? I haven't meet any town nor any human settlement on my way from Yule city to here.

"Are you sure, sir?" I began to doubt him, there's no way I'll miss a town, right?

"If what are you said to me is the truth, then I'm 100% sure it's either you miss it or you went around all the way through blue-river meadow." The polite-looking man looking at me as if I was a fool, how dare he! I just bad at direction!

"Th-Then which way I should go to reach Paotai Town? the straight way." I'm so embarra.s.sed, it's another humiliating thing in my life.

"Just go to that direction, you see that hill? yes, there's a small river there, just walk beside it following the downstream and you will reach Paotai Town after sometimes." He's explaining with great patience, that's easy to understand! Just follow the river downstream, right?

"Thank you, kind sir! I'll immediately go!" I dashed away after expressing my grat.i.tude to him, both to hide my embarra.s.sment and to quickly arrived at Paotai Town.


"Mister Guard, who was that?" a blue-eyed healthy looking boy asked the caravan guard beside his carriage.

"Haha, just a lost traveler. Is your journey comfortable?" The Guard just laughed and talked amiably with the kid, seemingly want to establish a chummy relationship with the kid. While he talked with him, his eyes keep darting to the kid's carriage, a hint of longing could be seen hidden in his eyes.

"Yes, my journey has been comfortable! Thank you mister guard, I've been cultivating inside with my mom. I want to be strong quickly!" The blue-eyed boy talked enthusiastically.

"I'm sure that you will get very strong in the future, Xiao Chen!"

"Thank you, mister guard!" The Boy Said to the Burly Man Happily.

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