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Chapter Ch71.2 - I’ve got this Undercover Agent’s back (10) – End

Chapter 71.2: I’ve got this Undercover Agent’s Back

Liang Xia ran away crying.

Lu Baiyu still more or less had the kind-heartedness of a doctor. He craned is neck to take an a.s.sessing look of the mentally and physically injured Officer Liang who was already fast disappearing like a wisp of smoke. A warmth covered his from behind, and with a turn of his head, he found himself already in Gu Pingming’s arms. He smiled, bowed his head and kissed him. “… …Don’t worry about him.”

The Bureau Chief was afraid of him making trouble. Knowing that he, being Liang Xia’s teacher, had somewhat of a fondness for Liang Xia, it was normal for the Bureau Chief to send him to remind him.

The teachings he has been receiving recently has made Liang Xia a bit cleverer. He had probably guessed his thoughts. Figuring out the situation, he decided to leave so as not to get in the way. Gu Pingming figured he could give him 20% bonus points on his next exam.

He didn’t intend to elaborate, and Lu Baiyu didn’t ask too much. His eyes curved into a smile and he let him hold him. He raised his head. “Are we going for that drink tonight?”

“Let’s go together and teach them a lesson.”

Gu Pingming grasped his hands and noticed that the hand on his injured side was still slightly cold. He leaned over and gently picked Lu Baiyu up. With him in his arms, he sat on the sofa. “Let’s go get a new splint in a while and then go out and have a bite. I haven’t done my rehab yet and we’ve got something on tonight. How about we schedule it earlier in the afternoon?”

Knowing that his thoughts were focused on the relaxation after his rehab exercises, Lu Baiyu couldn’t help but have the corners of his lips tick up, his eyes sparkling with smiles. “We’ve got a lot scheduled for today. It’s time for a careful examination. You can set aside the rehad exercises for today and just relax.”

Eyes filled with a clear smile, the bottom of Gu Pingming’s heart turned warm. He bowed his head and kissed his lips, shielding the other even deeper in his arms. “Can you use a gun? I will teach you tonight. Just open it. Careful you don’t hurt yourself on the recoil. If you hurt someone, consider it my…”

Actually, Lu Baiyu was already very proficient in the use of guns, but he still liked listening to him teach him in such a soft-spoken tone. Resting on his shoulder, he listened quietly.

The air conditioner in the office was fully turned on, and his whole body was softly suffused with warmth. His mind was completely relaxed, and after a while, there grew a feeling of tiredness. His eyelids drooped shut several times. He slid down against the broad chest and shoulders behind him.

Gu Pingming attentively kept watch on him. He promptly stretched his arms, holding him steady against his chest. He stroked his brows, stretch out in peaceful relaxation. He slowly tightened his hold.

Family member.

Without any particular reason, he found that he liked this method of address. He suddenly had a better impression of this worry-wart Bureau Chief. He decided he might as well give a plum in return for a peach, before leaving, he’ll make sure to intimidate his subordinate forces. In any case, it would be effective for two to three years.


As the night darkened, the atmosphere in the bar was so oppressive, it was almost impossible to breathe.

“Didn’t he say nine o’clock… Why isn’t he here yet!”

Xiao Yun spoke sharply, but his tone was clearly not angry enough. From time to time, his eyes would dart to the door. He gritted his teeth and lowered his voice. “Are you sure? None of them came back? You didn’t see anyone help?”

“We didn’t see anyone. The police also didn’t take any action. We specially sent out people to see.”

The person next to him spoke in a low voice, and their expression was clearly uneasy. “The later group probably ran into Boss Gu himself. It’s to be expected that they’d be put down but we still haven’t figured out what happened to the first group. &#k2026;”

Hearing him talk about this, Xiao Yun’s was once again filled with indescribably anger. His expression turned cold. “That bunch of garbage!”

With so many people, kidnapping one thin and weak doctor couldn’t have been easier. He hadn’t waited to receive word back before he made the call. Who could have known that even after waiting for a long time, he didn’t see anyone coming back. It wasn’t until he’d sent another set of people and still didn’t get anyone back that he realized that something was wrong.

And by the time he’d realized it, it was already too late.

Trembling with fear, he waited the whole night. What awaited him wasn’t more retaliation, rather, the next day, business suddenly turned cold. Later, he realized that although Gu Pingming had withdrawn, his invisible power and influence was still intact and hadn’t scattered. Both times he tried to make a move, he was met with a hard nail. Xiao Yun has lost his confidence and when received a call about rescheduling their appointment for tea, he gritted his teeth and made his way over.

Gu Pingming has always been a lone operator. But now, it seemed that he has a strong power under him. No one could say for certain if maybe he has some particularly capable bodyguards. Xiao Yun didn’t have guts in the first place. He led his people to clear the scene in advance. The entire bar was filled with his people. He was just waiting for Gu Pingming to walk right into his trap. And yet, he still hasn’t seen neither hide nor hair of the other.

He’s already been stood up the day before. The longer Xiao Yun sat down, he less he could sit still. He raised his head and drained his gla.s.s. He got up and said in a deep voice, “I’m not waiting any longer. Let’s go! Maybe he’s just playing us again. Sooner or later, I’m going to have him–”

Before he could finish speaking, a bullet shot through the wine gla.s.s in his hand and was embedded deep in the leather sofa.

The wine gla.s.s shattered. It was like the scorching heat had just pa.s.sed. Xiao Yun’s face turned pale with fright. Summoning false bravado, he shouted sternly, “Who was it! Are you blind? Come out here right now!”

The light at the bar suddenly turned on. Where the bar owner was supposed to be sitting, there were now two people. No one knew when they had suddenly appeared there.

Half of Gu Pingming’s body was hidden in shadows. A gentle-looking, handsome youth wa.s.sitting on his lap. He held the young man in his arms. One hand stretched from behind and firmly held the young man’s left hand that held a faintly smoking gun. “You have to straighten out your arm, that way the recoil can be dispersed. When shooting, be careful not to injure yourself…”

His words were gentle. His eyes fell on the young man in his arms, and his lips lightly brushed against the soft hair near his temples. Holding his hand, he changed the direction. “Have a try.”

“Gu-Gu Pingming!”

Having the pitch-black muzzle pointed straight at him, Xiao Yun was so frightened that his spirit scattered. Ignoring his image, he shouted, “You can’t mess around…this bar has an owner! If you make trouble here, you’ll instantly be arrested–”

“I bought the bar. I just reported it renovation. It’s supposed to be shut down tonight.”

Gu Pingming raised his eyebrows. He spoke unhurriedly, his gaze falling onto him. “I want a peaceful life, but some people just wouldn’t let me. So I had no choice but to come back and continue to do business.”

Xiao Yun’s face turned pale. Stumbling, he was about to run away, but the gun in hands of the young man in Gu Pingming’s arms rang out once again. The bullet grazed his ears, this time, accurately burning off a patch of his hair.

Xiao Yun shuddered violently. His legs went soft and he fell on his b.u.t.t.

Under Gu Pingming’s swift and resolute deterrence, all the forces that were originally getting restless, finally recovered the polite appearance of seeming to live together in harmony.

The boundary between darkness and light was already blurred in the first place. In many cases, it was impossible for things to be either one or the other. It was already the limit on what one could expect that all parties compromise and create this quiet calm.

For a while, Boss Gu’s name resounded once again. Finally, it was announced to all that he was washing his hands in a golden basin and taking advantage of this opportunity, he withdrew. This time, everyone had learned their lesson. No one dared to recklessly match up against him. Even the quiet and gentle young doctor beside him had become an Achilles’ heel that no one dares to touch.

“All these years, you have worked hard. I hope fate wills it that we meet again in the future.”

At night, the airport was exceptionally peaceful. The director handed over the information of his new ident.i.ty. He looked over Gu Pingming’s body. His eyes strayed on the welt on his wrist, and cautiously reminded, “Being young is a good thing, but don’t overdo it. Your body is your capital. …”

Yesterday, he had installed the new bathtub for the little doctor and accidentally scratched his wrist against the rough edge. Officer Gu’s back went taut. He took a deep breath, and forced himself not to dwell on what the Bureau Chief must be thinking. “Yes, I know.”

It was only Gu Pingming’s wrist that had a welt. The delicate and frail-looking young doctor’s wrists were still flawlessly white.

Thinking of how Dr. Lu was able to would-be kidnappers with just his bare hands, the Bureau Chief, who’d taken the initiative to offer them the handcuffs, suddenly felt an unfathomable regret. He couldn’t help feeling a bit guilty towards his former subordinate.

The thought was only for a moment. This distinct cold aura around Gu Pingming’s body sent a shiver to the Bureau Chief’s body. He put on a kind smile and said, “Don’t worry, we will handle everything for both of you. You simply need to change to your brand new ident.i.ties. We have greatly wronged both of you. .”

“I’m used to it. It’s Baiyu who’s been wronged.”

Gu Pingming smiled and gently rubbed the little doctor’s hair. Lu Baiyu raised his head and looked at him. His eyes were curved in a smile as he silently held his hand.

The more you try to hide, the more you are exposed.

The Bureau Chief aggrievedly shook his head. He once again deeply reflected on his action of accidentally pushing his old subordinate into the fire pit. He coughed lightly. “There’s also the matter of Xiao Liang…you really won’t tell him?”

To let him walk away completely clean, the bureau would most likely fake his death. The bureau will pretend he died in a violent car accident, and then come out with his death certificate, directly writing off their current ident.i.ties. They will then move to a different place to start anew.

Those forces who’ve often seen this modus wouldn’t believe it at all. They will simply think that he’s made enough money to dust himself off and go abroad, free and unfettered. But Liang Xia was still a greenhorn. If he wasn’t aware of the details, he’ll most likely take it as true.

“Tell him after a while. Get him to actually focus on his work. It’s not a bad thing if he’s exposed to this kind of thing a bit earlier.”

Gu Pingming shook his head, handed the ticket to Lu Baiyu, and raised his hand in salute to the Bureau Chief. “We’ll meet again someday.”

This matter was actually Lu Baiyu’s idea. He said that it would allow Liang Xia to mature. Gu Pingming thought about it, and agreed. The two’s thinking clicked together and they kept Liang Xia in the dark. When the time was right, the Bureau Chief would naturally reveal the truth to him.

The director smiled at him and returned the salute. “You’ve been living the life of a homeless vagabond for a while already. Take care of yourself.”

The call for boarding sounded out. Gu Pingming grabbed that hand and met the quiet and smiling light in Lu Baiyu’s black eyes. His own brows eased and he boarded the plane with him.

The curtain of night was dark, and the red guide lights were quietly lighted on either side.

Gu Pingming fastened the seat belt for him. He flipped his palm, and revealed an inconspicuous small medicine bottle. Lu Baiyu raised his eyes, looking at him uncertainly. “What is that?”

“Medicine for airsickness. I heard that it’s very effective. Only that it makes you sleepy. —Just lean against me if you feel sleepy. I’ll ask for a blanket once the plane takes off.”

Gu Pingming smiled and pinched his earlobe. He took out the pills to give to him.

Slight surprise appeared in Lu Baiyu’s eyes. Nevertheless, he still squeezed his hand, accepted paper cup with the warm water and washed the medicine down.

He has never been on a plane in this world. And he’s only been airsick once, which was something that had happened in the last world.

It turns out he has always remembered.

The slightly bitter pill swept across the tip of his tongue, and Lu Baiyu’s heart leapt a bit. He fumbled for the hand beside him, warmth seeping into his chest.

With a loud roar, the plane began to taxi on the runway. The lights below gradually interwove into a very pleasing net of light, quietly falling into the night.

The lights in the cabin temporarily dimmed. Gu Pingming smiled, and squeezed his hand. He leaned over and dropped a little kiss.

His home was here.

It was just some hardship, that’s all. He’s not homeless.

Translator’s note: And this is the end of this arc. Unfortunately, this also the marks the end of this translation. I need to free up time to attend to RL matters. Some lovely translators at WhimsicalReads has picked this project up. Here is a link to their translations.

I’m sorry and thank you for joining me this far. orz

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