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Chapter Ch71.1 - I’ve got this Undercover Agent’s back (10)

Chapter 71: I’ve got this Undercover Agent’s back

The physical exertion the night before was too excessive, and he had even gotten up early that day, so unsurprisingly, Dr. Lu overslept.

The leave period approved by the director still hadn’t finished yet. Gu Pingming’s original plan was to keep the little doctor in his arms and have him rest at home for the entire day. But Lu Baiyu, in a rare display, insisted on going back to the center no matter what.

Gu Pingming felt uneasy about his shoulder which had been injured over and over. He specially called the orthopedic doctor and using materials they had on hand at home, tied the young doctor’s shoulder into a zongzi. Only then did he accompany him to leave the house.

Lu Baiyu didn’t hurry back to his office. Instead, he led Gu Pingming to a remote storehouse.

He had a vague recollection that Lu Baiyu had indeed mentioned something about tying up some people and putting them away in a storehouse. However, all of Gu Pingming’s thoughts at the time had been tied to the other party’s safety, and he hadn’t paid any attention to his brief explanation.

Seeing that he was actually going to open the door, Gu Pingming couldn’t help but be stunned, and hurried to keep up with him.

He watched as Lu Baiyu unlock the door and pull it open, revealing a few figures that had collapsed from fright, lying on the ground and shaking. The battle-hardened Officer Gu paused and fell into deep thought.

His little doctor had been almost kidnapped. But not only did he escape safely, but he also turned the tables on them and captured them instead.

Gu Pingming suddenly felt that he had seriously underestimated the strength of the young doctor.

“They were sent by a ‘Brother Yun’. They were sent to capture me to threaten you. I heard that they were originally planning to set a trap to control you…”

Lu Baiyu often did this kind of thing, and he was also very proficient in interrogation. After confirming that those people were still tightly tied up, he handed Gu Pingming the keys and left the storehouse with him. He then carefully recounted the things he had asked them.

Those would-be kidnappers had been so scared out of their wits that they began to spill everything in such a messy and confusing way. It took him some time to figure out the whole story. He wanted to tell the other last night, but he never found the right opportunity.

Gu Pingming was still stunned at first, but when he heard the whole story from him, there came an extremely indescribable sourness and softness in his heart. Meeting the young doctor’s clear and warm eyes, he held his hand and fell silent.

He had been struggling over this.

Those who take this profession will inevitably have concerns. He had always been worried that once Lu Baiyu knew everything, he would be pushed away because of his ident.i.ty. But he couldn’t continue to keep this secret that could trigger a crisis at any time after the other party had gotten in danger because of himself.

This kind of struggle has always been entrenched in his heart. He thought of waiting until he settled down before telling the truth to Lu Baiyu, and he has also thought about simply revealing, and leaving it to the other to make his decision.

But the only thing he hadn’t thought about was that Lu Baiyu already knew these things from the begining.

Leading Gu Pingming into his office, the little doctor stopped talking. His eyes were sparkling, and he slightly raised his head to look at him.

Gu Pingming was momentarily speechless. He raised his hand to cover the top of his head, rubbing his soft hair. “Amazing, you’re much stronger than I am.”

“I’ll hand them over to you.”

The young doctor’s eyes smiled at his praise. His eyes showed a warm glow. He took out the gun he had confiscated yesterday and stuffed it into Gu Pingming’s hand. “If someone comes to capture me again, I’ll catch them again.”

He said it seriously, without any joking tone. The gun in his hand was covered with warmth. Gu Pingming’s chest went hot. He clenched the handle of the gun, a distinct heat rose up in his heart. He suddenly took a step forward and hugged him tightly.

Lu Baiyu leaned on his shoulder. He raised his hand to wrap against his shoulder, nuzzling against his neck.

The body in his arms was still frail and thin, but it faintly revealed an extremely pliable but tough strength. Gu Pingming didn’t doubt that he really had this ability. His little doctor never said anything, never made ripples, but still waters ran deep. It seemed like he could do everything.

“I can protect myself… so don’t worry.”

As if he had guessed what he was thinking, Lu Baiyu spoke plainly for the first time. From his position on his shoulder, he raised his eyes slightly. “No matter where you go, I can follow you.”

Meeting the clear and quiet light in his black eyes, Gu Pingming lowered his head and smiled. “Okay.”

The young doctor tilted his head and thought for a moment. There was a faint smile in his clear and handsome brows. The corners of his lips were pursed and they ticked up. He made an earnest despairing expression. “Only that if my doctor training gets suspended, I’ll have to pay the penalty fees and I’ll lose my internship wages.”

“I’ll reimburse you. As much as you like.”

Gu Pingming chuckled soundlessly. Responding in a serious manner, he picking the other up effortlessly and sat on the desk with his arms around him. Tilting his head down and rubbing his nose affectionately, he said, “Be my private doctor? My line of work is a bit dangerous. I might get hurt often, so it might be better if I just sell myself to you. I’m not very good at settling accounts you can just take your own salary…”

Lu Baiyu was tickled by his rubbing. He couldn’t help but chuckle. He took the initiative to raise his hand to hug him. “If I’ll be your private doctor, I don’t even need a salary.”

The little doctor’s tone was as usual, but what he said made Gu Pingming’s heart grow scalding hot. Supported himself with one hand on the edge of the large desk and covering his back with the other, carefully protecting Lu Baiyu’s shoulder injury, he bowed his head and kissed him.

In order to prevent his injury from recurring last night, Lu Baiyu had used all the medicines he had bought from the mall in one go. And so, not only did he prevent a recurrence, he also almost completely healed his body way in advance. Gu Pingming didn’t know this, but he did know that after yesterday night, not only did his body’s injuries get better, but the aches and pains he’d acc.u.mulated over the years also became much looser.

For his injury to heal, it needed improved blood circulation and the dispersal of stasis. His veins needed to be stimulated. The injury on Lu Baiyu’s shoulder has not yet healed, and according to reason, touching it should be avoided.

Recalling how yesterday, Lu Baiyu had lay dozing unguardedly by the side of the bathtub, and how he had then voluntarily stepped in to comfort him, Gu Pingming’s chest felt somewhat stuffy. One hand lightly stroked his back while he deepened the wordless kiss.

His little doctor really didn’t know how to take care of himself.

This needed to be corrected.

Officer Gu, whose body was now much better, also had better lung power. He lightly pulled back for a bit, and noticed that the young doctor between his arms was finding it a little hard to hold on. He withdrew slightly, putting a little distance between them. As before, he kept gently rubbing against his lips. He reached out for his hand and squeezed it tightly.

There was the sound of someone tiptoeing outside the door. Lu Baiyu, perceptive, opened his eyes. He was about to signal to him, but Gu Pingming had already tightened his arms around him comfortingly. He turned slightly, keeping the young doctor’s figure away from view.

Liang Xia knocked a couple of times on the door, but didn’t hear anyone inside. Seeing that the door was slightly ajar, he mustered up the courage and cautiously opened the door, poking his head in.

There were people in the room. He could see whether there was one or two, but at least he could make out that it was Gu Pingming who was standing by the table. Liang Xia didn’t know whether to step forward, and hesitated on the spot. Gu Pingming had already reached out for something on the table. He threw it with backhand-ly without even looking back, brushing against his scalp and crashing against the door frame.

“Brother Gu-it’s me! The Bureau Chief asked me to come!”

His scalp instantly stretched tight. Liang Xia’s figure froze in place. He raised his hands and spoke hurriedly.

Gu Pingming finally straightened up slightly, revealing the figure sitting on the table.

The young doctor was still a little out of breath, but he had returned to his usual tidy and gentle manner. Only that his ears were still slightly red, and Gu Pingming had his arm around his shoulders, placing him against his chest. His dark eyes seemed to be covered with mist.

They’ve even actually reached the office already!


Even if Liang Xia hadn’t eaten pork and he has seen pigs run. Internally, he held his head and screamed. With a meaningful glance, he quickly withdrew. “Excuse me, I suddenly remembered I don’t really have anything to…”


Gu Pingming spoke quietly, keeping his hand protectively on Lu Baiyu’s back. “Help me apply for a mobile phone when you return to the office. File a report saying that it was broken while out on offciial business. Sign my name.”

There were a lot of worries in the Bureau. As a matter of principle, undercover agents weren’t allowed to be too involved. Although they had already beaten up the would-be kidnappers, there ws no guarantee that the Bureau Chief would intervene once again.

Liang Xia frequently visited him. Gu Pingming had already recognized his footsteps early on. Allowing him to come in had been to deliberately let him see the situation in the doctor’s office.

With a gun in one hand and his little doctor in the other, this was the first time he felt that his undercover career didn’t seem like a bottomless black pit.

“I’m actually here to deliver the mobile phone. The Bureau Chief also said that family members should be equipped with a gun. I’m here to deliver that as well!”

Officer Liang’s eye was still swollen, and he instinctively shivered when he heard him speak. His body instinctively leaned forward. He took a deep breath and revealed everything in one go. “There are also two pairs of handcuffs! The chief said this is the real thing, so you should be careful when you use it. Don’t use it for fooling around…”

They already taken things to the doctor’s office. There’s no telling if they won’t use it to mess around.

When he had received the task, in his mind, he had even been criticizing the chief for worrying too much. Now, he realized that old ginger was still indeed hotter than new. Liang Xia was madly ridiculing them in his heart, but he still maintained a proper expression on his face. He piled everything he had on hand, onto the table.

Looking at his masterpiece from last night, Gu Pingming raised his eyebrows. He met the distinct smile in Lu Baiyu’s eyes. He took a light breath, and couldn’t help but smile as well.

——Compared to others, it still seemed to be a little brighter.


With bargaining chips in hand, Gu Pingming decided to start first.

The Bureau’s plan was to have him hide for another half a month. Once all arrangements were made, he and his family member will be completely transferred together. If this were as usual, Gu Pingming naturally wouldn’t refuse this method which was the most trouble-free. But this time, he became extremely reluctant.

Only by cherishing his life can his little doctor be cured.

The arrival of the handcuffs and guns were very timely. Gu Pingming immediately called back the man who made the threatening phone call and invited him out for tea at the same place tonight. Otherwise, he would never return all those people he’d captured.

Seeing that he was extremely proficient at doing these things that were no different from what a villain would do, Liang Xia sat to the side, feeling jumpy. He wanted to ask the little doctor for help, but Lu Baiyu had already installed the last part neatly according to how Gu Pingming taught him. With a snap, he buckled the magazine in place and turned it dexterously a couple of times in his hand.

Liang Xia: “…”

Liang Xia decided to run.

He had lifted his b.u.t.t just half an inch from the sofa, and Gu Pingming, who had bowed his head while fiddling with his phone, skillfully raised his hand and slammed him to sit back down, “I asked you to look after the porridge that day. Where’s the porridge?”

Unexpectedly, he still remembered this matter. Liang Xia’s stomach twisted and his face turned pale. “Bro-Brother Gu, wait a minute, I can explain–”

He has never cooked the porridge before. He didn’t know that lifting the lid will cause the water boiling over to fall back down. When he’d been hesitating whether to pull the plug or not, the boiling porridge had already whizzed out and instantly short-circuited the power source.

Scared, he hastily cleaned up the scene and ran away with the handy electric pot. He ran to the top of the stairs. Thinking that he shouldn’t waste it, he fearfully drank the rest.

In his mind, this had become a potentially problem. Liang Xia actually ran to the market and bought a new electric pot, but there had been so many incidents since then that he never found time to send it over.

The complicated causes of this past issue got Liang Xia stammering for quite a while. With much effort, he finally manage to squeeze out a few words. Gu Pingming had already put away his phone and raised his head. He fetched a piece of candy from the little doctor’s pocket and chewed it. The candy was crunching in his mouth. He gave him a gentle smile, “I think it’s time for that exam.”

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