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Chapter 925 - 925 The Thunderstorm Sea Is a Sacred Land of Cultivation

925 The Thunderstorm Sea Is a Sacred Land of Cultivation

At a region of the Infinite Sea, just outside of the Thunderstorm Sea, there were countless powerful marine monsters that did not dare to approach this forbidden area.

On the sea’s surface, several figures were walking on the waves. No matter how high the waves were, when they hit these figures, they would scatter into white spray and fall back into the sea.

It was a man and a woman. The man was tall and dressed in black, looking quite fierce. As for the woman, she was wearing a long white dress and looked like a fairy. She looked like a spiritual master. Walking behind them was an azure-colored ferocious beast with a pair of wind wings.

The three figures were none other than Chu Yunfan, Tang Siyu, and the Thunder Winged Beast.

After a few months, Chu Yunfan once again came to the Thunderstorm Sea. This place was a sacred land for him and the Thunder Winged Beast. Although he had already entered the Divine Abilities Stage, there was no end to cultivation. He could not grow complacent.

With the Alchemy Emperor’s memories, he did not lack cultivation methods. He was very clear about the various key points of cultivation. His weakness was that he had not acc.u.mulated enough power. He was still too young, and Tang Siyu and the Thunder Winged Beast also had the same problem.

Those who had entered the Divine Abilities Stage could be called the kings of the Federation. But in Chu Yunfan’s opinion, it was far from enough.

With his improvement, his vision was no longer limited to a city or a single place. The Federation was in danger. The stronger he was, the more he could deal with the various dangers.

The Thunderstorm Sea was undoubtedly a sacred land for cultivation. Training here was accompanied by countless thunderbolts, and it was able to yield twice the results with half the effort.

After fusing with the Thunderclap Physique, the Imperial Physique now had the ability to absorb thunder energy.

“This is the Thunderstorm Sea?” Tang Siyu furrowed her delicate brows. She instinctively felt a little uncomfortable.

Although the mysterious Arcane Sky Spirit Physique was not an ordinary technique and was extraordinary, she still instinctively felt uncomfortable in this place where the infinite power of lightning gathered.

“That’s right, this is the Thunderstorm Sea. Although it’s filled with thunder, from a scientific point of view, thunder is also a type of energy. Since it’s energy, it can be absorbed.

“This place is the sacred land of cultivation for me and the Thunder Winged Beast. We can get twice the result with half the effort here.” Chu Yunfan nodded

“The Imperial Physique is much more powerful than ordinary physiques. Because of this, it is ten times more difficult to cultivate. With my current cultivation speed, even with the help of various medicinal pills, it will take at least one or two years to break through to the next level. Although it is not long, I have a feeling that something big is about to happen. I must shorten the time.”

“But there’s too much lightning here. It is not easy for me to cultivate in this place,” Tang Siyu said. Although thunder was considered energy, it did not mean that she could use it.

“I will teach you a cultivation technique called the Celestial Devouring Art ,” Chu Yunfan said, “The Celestial Devouring Art came from an emperor of the Ancient Zenith Civilization. He was known as the Emperor Supreme. He created a technique that allowed ordinary people to devour all kinds of energy and wield them for their own use. After that, cultivating in a place with such rich energy will yield twice the result with half the effort.

“However, the minimum requirement was to use this technique is the Divine Abilities Stage. When one’s meridians aren’t completely opened up yet while in the Innate Stage, forcibly absorbing all that energy would be equivalent to seeking death.”

Tang Siyu’s eyes lit up when she heard this. After all, a Divine expert could absorb the Spirit Energy of nature and wield it. However, that was ordinary Spirit Energy. It was impossible to absorb thunder energy like this.

If one did not have a special const.i.tution, they would be seeking death if they tried to forcibly absorb thunder power. Even Chu Yunfan, who possessed the Thunderclap Physique, had his cells burnt by the thunder when he was absorbing it.

The Celestial Devouring Art has a miraculous effect when it comes to absorbing all kinds of energy. As long as the body can withstand it, all kinds of energy could be absorbed and wielded.

As Chu Yunfan spoke, he transferred the Celestial Devouring Art recorded in the Mighty Emperor Battle Book into Tang Siyu’s mind in the form of divine will. This was a divine power that could only be achieved by someone in the Divine Abilities Stage.

Tang Siyu closed her eyes and quietly observed at the Celestial Devouring Art. The technique that Chu Yunfan had sent over was clearly not as simple as just getting the cultivation method. In addition to the method, there were also various cultivation experiences. All the possible problems that could happen were listed.

This would lower the difficulty of her cultivation, and it was extremely precious.

She looked at Chu Yunfan with some curiosity. She felt that Chu Yunfan was hiding all kinds of secrets, cultivation techniques, and inheritances. There were all sorts of speculations about Chu Yunfan’s inheritances in the outside world, but it was obvious that none of them were right.

He was like a bottomless pool, and no one knew what his true trump card was.

“I understand it now.” Tang Siyu said after some time as she opened her eyes.

With her talent and the exaggeratedly detailed cultivation guide that Chu Yunfan had sent her, it would be abnormal if she still didn’t understand it. However, this was only a preliminary grasp. The specifics would only be known after the implementation.

“In that case, let’s start training,” Chu Yunfan said.

As soon as he finished speaking, the three of them entered the Thunderstorm Sea. In a short while, they were completely submerged by the thunder.

After entering the Thunderstorm Sea, Tang Siyu finally understood what Chu Yunfan meant when he said that the energy here was dense. It was only after entering this place that she realized the density of the thunder energy in the Thunderstorm Sea was at least ten times more than she had imagined.

The moment she entered, at least a dozen thunderbolts struck down.

She immediately began to use the Celestial Devouring Art that Chu Yunfan had just taught her, absorbing the energy contained wthin the thunderbolts.

Even so, she still felt that her meridians had been injured at the first moment. This place was indeed terrifying. Even her Arcane Sky Spirit Physique had been injured from the beginning. If it were any other person, it would be impossible for them to effectively use the energy here.

In front of her, the Thunder Winged Beast had already started to fly. It flew into the depths of the Thunderstorm Sea and started to play happily. The environment here was just right for it.

Chu Yunfan also sat down cross-legged and began to absorb the thunder energy. He simply said, “If you can’t hold out, tell me.”

Tang Siyu began to learn from Chu Yunfan, healing her injuries and absorbing the thunder energy for her own use.

Cultivation knew no time, and time flew by as the two humans and the beast cultivated.

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