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Chapter 2198 - 2198: Breakthrough, Peak Middle Arcana Stage

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation   Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Tang Siyu leaped out and saw that the entire sky was dark. Above the sky, an incomparably huge barrier was opened.

At the same time, chains fell from the sky like raindrops. They shot out from the depths of the sky and landed on the ground. One of them shot straight into Tang Siyu.

“Not good! ”

Tang Siyu knew that this was bad, but she had no way to dodge the chains. She quickly returned to the Mountain River Diagram and began to circulate her energy.

After a long time, a sound like metal breaking came from her body. Tang Siyu opened her eyes and let out a long sigh.

“Were those the Karma Chains mentioned in the ancient records on the Prodigy Battlefield?”

Tang Siyu remembered that before she left, the Elder Princess had summoned her and mentioned some things to take note of on the battlefield. One of them were the Karma Chains on the battlefield.

The Prodigy Battlefield opened once every few hundred years. Why were there some prodigies who could not leave in time and could not leave again?

With their cultivation, it was not a problem for them to live for hundreds of years. However, they could never leave the Prodigy Battlefield again.

The natives on the Prodigy Battlefield were the descendants of these prodigies.

It was precisely because of these Karma Chains that every time the Prodigy Battlefield was about to close, Karma Chains would fall from the sky. As time pa.s.sed, more and more Karma Chains would fall.

These Karma Chains did not harm people, but they would cause karma

between people and the Prodigy Battlefield. The more Karma Chains acc.u.mulated, the more they would be unable to leave the Prodigy Battlefield.

They would be locked in the battlefield by the Karma Chains and would never be able to leave.

The natives on the Prodigy Battlefield already had these Karma Chains in their bodies, so they had no way of leaving the Prodigy Battlefield.

And every time this happened, it meant that it was time for these foreign prodigies to leave the Prodigy Battlefield. Because there were only one or two Karma Chains, she could still break them with a secret technique.

However, if there were thousands of Karma Chains, she would not be able to break them. At that time, she would be left in the Prodigy Battlefield forever.

Tang Siyu frowned slightly and glanced at Chu Yunfan, who was in seclusion.

Suddenly, Chu Yunfan’s aura became stronger and stronger, turning into a terrifying storm around him.

Chu Yunfan was on the verge of breaking through. The mana fluctuations on his body were getting stronger and stronger, and the last bit of the Brahma Fruit in his body was being dissolved.

It became nourishment for his breakthrough!


A terrifying aura suddenly erupted from Chu Yunfan’s body. After a moment, the raging aura was completely restrained.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan opened his eyes again and looked straight ahead. A bright light shot out from them.

“Finally, I’ve reached the peak Middle Arcana Stage!’

Chu Yunfan stretched, and his entire body crackled.

After breaking through to the peak Middle Arcana Stage, he would be able to put up a fight even against peak Major Arcanes.

He even had absolute hope of winning.

He was able to protect himself from peak Major Arcane Supreme Youths. Now, he could defeat them, or even kill them.

His combat strength had increased by more than two times. It could even be said that it had increased by at least three times.

This threefold increase was not just an increase on the surface. In reality, his combat strength had increased exponentially compared to before.

Originally, he was not Tang Siyu’s match, but now, Tang Siyu was definitely not his match.

However, he immediately sensed the changes in the world. That feeling of oppression even made him feel a little depressed.

“What’s going on?” Chu Yunfan leaped out and appeared in the Prodigy Battlefield.

At this moment, the Karma Chains were still falling from the sky. One of the Karma Chains instantly sank into Chu Yunfan’s body.

However, Chu Yunfan showed no fear and instantly cut off the Karma Chain.

This Karma Chains could not do anything to him.

Unlike Tang Siyu, who needed to hide and meditate to break the Karma Chains, Chu Yunfan was much stronger than her, so he could easily break the Karma Chains.

The gap between the two sides was incomparable.

“Those are Karma Chains. The Prodigy Battlefield is about to close!” Tang Siyu came up behind Chu Yunfan. Only then did Chu Yunfan know that the Prodigy Battlefield was about to close.

“In that case, we don’t have much time left!” Chu Yunfan frowned slightly. “l don’t care about the others, but Jun Tianci must die. If he gets out, it will be very difficult to kill him. We have to kill him before he leaves!’

Chu Yunfan was very clear that once Jun Tianci left the battlefield, he would definitely be protected by the Destiny Sect. The Destiny Sect would not allow such a rare Supreme Youth to be in danger.

At that time, Chu Yunfan would have to wait for a long time to find another opportunity to kill him.

“But the Prodigy Battlefield is huge. It’ll be difficult to find him!” Chu Yunfan mused.

Everything was under his control, but the sudden closure of the Prodigy Battlefield was beyond his expectations. “l have a way to find him!” Tang Siyu said.

“How?” Chu Yunfan said.

“I’ve fought him before,” Tang Siyu said calmly, “Although I lost miserably, I left a secret mark on him. I just never activated it because once I activated it, he would immediately notice it. So I never activated that secret mark. But now we can activate it. We don’t have much time anyway!’

It turned out that Tang Siyu had already planned to fight Jun Tianci again, and even kill him in the future. Therefore, she had a backup plan.

However, she had never used this backup plan because Jun Tianci would immediately notice it once it was used. But now, there was not much time left for them.

“It doesn’t matter if the time is short. Although the Prodigy Battlefield is huge, with our speed, we can get to him quickly!” Chu Yunfan said. He had the Prismatic Traveller, so he was naturally as fast as lightning.

“Okay.” Tang Siyu nodded and hurriedly formed a seal.

A wave of divine power swept out from her body and turned into a faint line in the sky. The other end of the line was naturally Jun Tianci’s direction.

“Let’s go and kill Jun Tianci!” Chu Yunfan said..

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