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Chapter 2166: This Is a Robbery!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

However, his result was naturally very tragic. He was not Chu Yunfan’s match at all. He was defeated by Chu Yunfan with just a flip of his hand. After his breakthrough, his strength increased several times, but compared to Chu Yunfan, this improvement was completely insignificant.

After breaking through to the Major Arcana Stage, the gap between the Sky Devourer Flaming Sparrow and Chu Yunfan’s cultivation state did not narrow down. On the contrary, the gap between their cultivation states had widened even further.

Originally, Chu Yunfan would need to spend a lot of effort to deal with him, but now he could suppress him with a flip of his hand. This completely suppressed the Sky Devourer Flaming Sparrow’s restless heart. Chu Yunfan knew that a Supreme Youth like the Sky Devourer Flaming Sparrow had the chance to become an emperor in the future. It would not bow down so easily.

Even if he lowered his head for a moment, he might suffer a backlash at any time. However, Chu Yunfan did not care because he was confident that his strength would also undergo an earth- shattering change when the Sky Devourer Flaming Sparrow broke through.

The Sky Devourer Flaming Sparrow was strong, but he was stronger!

In just a few months, the Sky Devourer Flaming Sparrow had already broken through to the Major Arcana Stage. Of course, Chu Yunfan had to make some progress. He had also broken through to the fledgling Middle Arcana Stage and was even breaking through continuously. He was already in the midst of breaking through. However, this breakthrough did not cause much of a commotion because his foundation was too solid. Therefore, even if he broke through, it was like pushing a boat with the current. He did not need to spend much effort.

Other than the Sky Devourer Flaming Sparrow, the dragon-headed crocodile, and the others had all broken through to Major Arcana Stage as well. Even the Great Golden Roc had broken through to the Major Arcana Stage. It was even stronger than the dragon-headed crocodile, second only to the Sky Devourer Flaming Sparrow.

Speaking of which, Chu Yunfan was amazed. After Chu Yunfan used the Great

Celestial Demon Art to dig out the bloodline of the Great Golden Roc in the Black- scaled Horned Eagle’s body, it had gradually transformed into a great golden roc. As the bloodline was continuously purified, his cultivation speed did not slow down.

On the contrary, as time pa.s.sed, the roc’s cultivation speed became faster and faster. It even surpa.s.sed the dragon-headed crocodile and was only second to the sparrow.

One had to know that the crocodile and the others were constantly digging out the limits of their bloodlines. They could even be called pseudo-Supreme Youths for surpa.s.sing this limit. They were only a little inferior to Supreme Youths. However, it was still surpa.s.sed by the roc. One could imagine how shocking the bloodline in the roc’s body was.

If he continued to purify it, it would be comparable to the Sky Devourer

Flaming Sparrow in the future. It was even possible for him to surpa.s.s the Sky Devourer Flaming Sparrow. After all, this was one of the Ten Ferocities, a terrifying ferocious beast that was known to eat dragons.

In these few months, Chu Hongcai had blocked countless a.s.sa.s.sinations. Otherwise, even the Flying Celestial Alliance would not have been able to protect Chu Hongcai.

With such strength, Chu Yunfan naturally exited his cultivation immediately.

Including himself, he was equivalent to twelve extremely powerful Major Arcanes. With so many of them gathered together, what kind of power was that?

Of course, the first thing was to cause trouble.

Especially since so many experts had been chasing Chu Yunfan for months. It was not Chu Yunfan’s style to not take revenge. Not to mention, the Sky Devourer Flaming Sparrow, the dragon-headed crocodile, and the others had been hiding for months. Now, they could finally find them all.

Chu Yunfan and the others quickly disappeared from where they were and targeted those forces that had once targeted them. The entire battlefield was quickly turned upside down by them.

All the forces that had once targeted Chu Yunfan had become his targets, especially the Blood-Clothed Tower, the Evil Path Alliance, the Monarch Alliance, and the Destiny Alliance. These four behemoths that had been clinging onto Chu Yunfan had become the most popular targets in Chu Yunfan’s eyes.

The Destiny Alliance’s top prodigy, Zhang Yu, was extremely happy. Yesterday, he had just obtained the inheritance left behind by a prodigy from an unknown era. Such things were very common in the Prodigy Battlefield because countless people had entered the Prodigy Battlefield and it had been opened countless times. In fact, it could even be traced back to the end of the ancient era. Countless prodigies had entered the Prodigy Battlefield and died countless times.

Naturally, many people did not have time to take their inheritances away and left them on the Prodigy Battlefield. These prodigies on the Prodigy Battlefield would also occasionally obtain these inheritances, causing their cultivation to increase explosively. This was commonly known as picking up trash.

However, the trash on the Prodigy Battlefield was not ordinary trash. They

were all good things that ordinary people could only dream of. Of course, if they died here, the things on them would also become the targets of future prodigies on the battlefield.

Especially since the outer region of the Prodigy Battlefield had already been completely developed, it was very difficult to encounter an inheritance that was accidentally left behind. However, there were still many such inheritances in the Prodigy Battlefield.

After all, this was the most dangerous place. The number of prodigies who died here was the highest, and their strength was also the strongest. At the same time, not many prodigies dared to enter, so the inheritance here was also the highest.

As a prodigy from the Destiny Alliance, although his strength wasn’t the strongest, no one in the core region of the Prodigy Battlefield dared to provoke him. After all, he had the backing of a colossus like the Destiny

Alliance, and there were many factions that were on good terms with the Destiny Alliance. Among them, there was even the Monarch Alliance, which had ambiguous relationships with the Destiny Alliance.

With such a force as his backer, he did not feel that the core region of the Prodigy Battlefield was dangerous at all. He just had to be careful of some monsters that suddenly revived. However, he would come to remember this day as a nightmare.

Before he could digest the inheritance he had just obtained, a group of people descended from the sky and surrounded him.

“This is a robbery! Hand over the item and I’ll spare your life!”

Zhang Yu was instantly enraged. As a member of the Destiny Alliance, he had always been the one to target others. Since when could others target him?

“You’re courting death! ”

Zhang Yu didn’t even look, grabbed at the air, and took out a treasured saber. Then, he slashed out with his saber!

“Destiny Saber! ”

The moment the Destiny Blade was used, it could slash the heavens and cut the earth in half. It was a secret technique of the Destiny Sect. In his hands, its power was displayed to the extreme.

However, before he could rejoice, he saw that this terrifying blade was crushed inch by inch by a white palm..

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