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Chapter 2067: The Horror of That Blade, You’re Not Jun Tianci!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

That was because Jun Tianci’s aura was like a saber that dominated the world.

It was impossible for anyone to imitate it.

It was impossible for anyone to impersonate that terrifying existence.

Even though his cultivation base was vastly different from the first time he met Jun Tianci, it was more than a thousand times stronger.

His cultivation had even entered the Arcana Stage, and he was ranked among the top in the world. However, he was still very afraid when he thought of Jun Tianci.

Jun Tianci was the Destiny Sect’s chief disciple and their next sect leader, while Yang Dengxian was the Flying Celestials Sect’s next sect leader.

They were both future sect leaders, but the difference between them was like heaven and earth. Apart from the disadvantage brought about by their age gap, even he had to admit that Jun Tianci was stronger than him in terms of talent.

Even if they were the same age, he was probably no match for Jun Tianci.

This was a great humiliation for him, but he had to admit the existence of that gap. To ordinary people, he was already a genius that could only be seen in myths and legends.

However, there was a huge difference between the geniuses themselves. If he was an ordinary genius, then Jun Tianci wasn’t a human. He was a monster.

In all these years, he had only seen one person who could rival this monster, and that was Chu Yunfan!

Unfortunately, Chu Yunfan had fallen at Jun Tianci’s hands before he could grow up. It could be said that this alone was enough to make the Flying Celestials feel bitter and furious.

Chu Hongcai’s protection standards were much stronger than Yang

Dengxian’s in order to prevent similar things from happening again.

A peerless prodigy who could lead the Flying Celestials Sect to rise up had already fallen. They could no longer afford to lose another one.

Although Yang Dengxian, a high-ranking official in the sect, knew far more than the average person and knew that Chu Yunfan did not die at that time, so many years had pa.s.sed and no news had spread. Many people deduced that Chu Yunfan was probably doomed.

Others also guessed some things from the traces left on the battle. If it were them, they would not even have the ability to resist. They would basically die if they touched it.

Even if Chu Yunfan survived, his strength would probably be greatly reduced, and he would not be able to climb up to where he was before.

The person who had caused all this was Jun Tianci. One could imagine how fearful Yang Dengxian was.

Almost instantly, his hair stood on end, and the divine power in his entire body was condensed to the extreme. If anything was wrong, he would immediately escape.

Yes, he had to. He had no chance of winning against Jun Tianci. It would already be very difficult for him to survive.

Jun Tianci had even dared to attack Chu Yunfan, let alone him.

However, after Jun Tianci appeared, he didn’t even look at Yang Dengxian. It seemed that he didn’t care about him at all. Despite that, his movements weren’t slow. He turned his hand and slashed at Yang Dengxian.

“Destiny Saber! ”

Yang Dengxian’s pupils contracted slightly. Jun Tianci’s level was obviously not the same as the others. He was able to display the power of the Destiny Saber using only his hand. He didn’t need a magic weapon.Please visit fr??wn.?o? website to read fastest update

The power he displayed was at least several times stronger than Li Yuanjia, who was facing Yang Dengxian just now.

Yang Dengxian hurriedly retreated. He activated all sorts of defensive moves, barriers, and magic tools in an instant. However, they were still cut open by Jun Tianci’s hand.

Yang Dengxian’s defenses were like paper, being demolished in an instant.


Soon, a huge crack appeared on his chest. He was just a little bit away from being cut in half by the saber light that erupted from Jun Tianci’s hand.

At this time, Yang Dengxian had already run more than a hundred kilometers away.

“Huff, huff, huff!”

He panted heavily, his entire body trembling.

Just now, he was on the knife’s edge. He did not choose to resist head-on. The moment he cast all kinds of defensive barriers and divine arts, he retreated.

And now, reality had proven that his combat talent and premonition were extremely sharp.

Even though he had reacted so quickly, he was still almost cut in half by Jun Tianci’s hand. Even so, a huge crack still appeared on his chest.

But at this moment, he was covered in cold sweat, and the intense pain was suppressed. He only felt lucky that he had escaped death.

Although many years had pa.s.sed, he suddenly recalled the first time he saw Jun Tianci in action.

At that time, Jun Tianci had defeated a prodigy on the Prodigy List who had tried to challenge him with an unstoppable force. Just like that unknown expert, he had killed him with one blow and swept the whole area.

Among his peers, no one was his match at all.

The second place on the Prodigy List was not inferior to Li Qianyuan, who was in the following year. However, when he faced Jun Tianci, he had no power to fight back.

Their battle was almost a replica of the scene when Chu Yunfan beat Li Qianyuan up. This was why many people thought that only Chu Yunfan could compete with Jun Tianci.

After so many years, he had almost forgotten the shock that Jun Tianci’s battle had given him. But now, just a simple hand chop had instantly reminded him of that terrifying memory.

However, just being able to escape from this attack made him feel very fortunate.

“You’re not Jun Tianci!”

Yang Dengxian said slowly. His eyes were clear with a hint of fanaticism.

“Although 1 don’t want to admit it if even Yang Dengxian said so, then there must be something going on!’

Yang Dengxian’s words immediately caused an uproar in Zhongzhou.

The strike just now was too fast and looked too ordinary. Many people couldn’t see the mystery behind it, but they could compare it. Of course, they knew Yang Dengxian’s name and strength.

Compared to a decade ago, he was now one of the top figures in the Flying

Celestials Sect.

No one dared to treat him as a junior and ignore him.

Even in the battles with many seniors, he wasn’t at a disadvantage. Now, he had entered the Arcana Stage.

However, a person of this level was severely injured by Jun Tianci with just one simple move and almost died.

Everyone could see that if they hadn’t dodged quickly, that slash would have been enough to cut Yang Dengxian in half.

Despite all that, Yang Dengxian claimed that this person was not Jun Tianci.

Instantly, the entire city was in an uproar!

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