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Chapter 1079 - 1079 Internal Strife? Behead King Ren!

1079 Internal Strife? Behead King Ren!

Chu Yunfan’s fist force was too fierce. Even the Hallowed Wyrm Kingdom’s royals, which were famous for their strong physical bodies, could not compare to him.

White Dragon was sent flying a few hundred meters away. With a boom, he crashed into a small mountain like a comet, blasting it into pieces.

The scene was extremely terrifying. The battle between the two was powerful and terrifying. It was a battle where their fists. .h.i.t each other. It was extremely terrifying.

It was even more powerful than when so many Divines attacked at the same time. It could be said that the earth was shaking.

“Chu Yunfan!”

White Dragon let out a series of roars like an injured wild beast that had suddenly exploded.

He struggled to get up and tried to escape from the battlefield. Although he wanted to kill Chu Yunfan, he now understood the gap between them from the clash earlier. He didn’t want to die in vain here.

Chu Yunfan was too terrifying. It should be said that humans were too terrifying. He was only in his twenties. For the Hallowed Wyrm Kingdom’s royals, this age might not even be enough to lay an egg, but Chu Yunfan had already grown to an incredible level.

Although humans were not as good as them, once they stepped onto the path of cultivation, they could often achieve amazing achievements in a short time. Their speed was far faster than the long-lived demons.

On the other side, King Ren had also rushed toward Chu Yunfan and shouted, “White Dragon, are you really going to run now? Will he let you go? Only by working together can we kill him!”

Compared to White Dragon, King Ren understood Chu Yunfan’s ruthlessness. Several Divine Servants had died by Chu Yunfan’s hands,and he killed them without hesitation. From this, it could be seen that Chu Yunfan was not a soft-hearted person.

That was why King Ren didn’t think about running away. What a joke. Judging from the speed Chu Yunfan displayed, Chu Yunfan was clearly much faster than the two of them. It was almost impossible for them to escape from his grasp.

Unless Chu Yunfan was severely injured or killed, none of them could leave today.

King Ren made a hand sign, which instantly turned into a huge mountain that smashed down on Chu Yunfan.

“Mount Tai Seal!”

With King Ren in front of him, Chu Yunfan had no choice but to temporarily let go of pursuing White Dragon. He shouted, “You want to stop me with this?! Can it really stop me?!”

Chu Yunfan shouted and jumped up from the ground. His whole body burst out and he punched the huge mountain that was falling.


The huge mountain exploded in mid-air, turning into light spots that filled the sky. After all, it was only a divine power and not the real Mount Tai.

King Ren suddenly felt a suffocation in his chest as his divine power was reflected back at him. Since he had cultivated the Mount Tai Seal, he had basically swept through everyone. Very few people dared to go head to head with his seal, let alone someone like Chu Yunfan, who had exploded it with a single punch.

At this moment, he finally understood why White Dragon, who even he was afraid of, was sent flying by a single punch. Chu Yunfan’s physique cultivation was simply terrifying and he didn’t seem like a human.

After destroying the Mount Tai Seal, Chu Yunfan didn’t stop. Like a bolt of lightning, he pounced at King Ren.

“Since you want to die first, I’ll oblige!”

Chu Yunfan flew high up into the sky. His leg instantly tore out like lightning and martial intent materialized in the air, turning into an incomparably huge mantis. The leg seemed to be able to cut the world apart. The terrifying energy that seeped out was terrifying, and even the sun, moon, mountains, and rivers lost their color.

At this time, the Mantis Divine Kick that Chu Yunfan used was completely different from those of Innates. For a true master, even if it was a very ordinary move, it would have the power to turn something rotten into something magical, and the current Chu Yunfan was just like that.

King Ren felt the hair on his back stand on end. If he didn’t dodge this attack, he would have been cut in half.

“Chain Mount Tai seal!”

Sensing the danger, King Ren frantically urged the divine power in his body. His moon-white robe was full of energy, and his hand signing was as fast as lightning—so fast that the afterimages of his hands could was imperceptible.

One after another, huge mountains appeared out of thin air and started to fall in Chu Yunfan’s direction.

Chu Yunfan let out a long roar and threw out a punch. The fist energy shook the sky and the earth. The terrifying fist energy scattered in all directions and shattered everything. Those huge mountains were penetrated by his fist.


The force of the punch did not slow down and arrived in front of King Ren.

A powerful light burst out from King Ren’s body and formed a barrier in front of him, protecting him. However, this barrier was of no use. With just a single punch, Chu Yunfan penetrated the barrier and hsis fist landed on King Ren’s body.


King Ren immediately coughed up a mouthful of blood. He felt as if all the bones in his body had been shattered one by one. A terrifying fist force was raging through his body.


King Ren fell heavily to the ground, creating a huge pit.

He was thrown to the ground, but when he saw White Dragon from the corner of his eye, he felt like he was about to explode. He had said so much, and even stopped Chu Yunfan to buy time for White Dragon to recover.

Who would’ve thought that White Dragon was determined to escape? White Dragon didn’t even care that he had been knocked to the ground and immediately turned to escape. White Dragon had used him as a shield.

On the other hand, White Dragon’s thinking was much simpler. Looking at Chu Yunfan, did it look like he could be dealt with by two people working together? It was obvious that Chu Yunfan had reached an existence of another level.

Therefore, he wasted no time. He immediately dragged his broken body and fled the ruins.

Chu Yunfan saw that the two of them were not united and sneered. However, it was not strange. King Ren and White Dragon were originally hostile to each other, but under the pressure, they reluctantly joined forces.

As soon as one had the chance, one would sell the other party out immediately without any hesitation.

Chu Yunfan didn’t hold back. He raised his arm high, and a thunder spear appeared in his hand. Then, he threw it out.


The thunder spear swept toward King Ren at lightning speed.


King Ren didn’t have time to dodge and was locked on by Chu Yunfan’s divine will. The spear nailed King Ren to the ground and he struggled to get up.

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