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"Sis, we are here" , she saw the innocent face. Her little face gave an encouraging smile. "We'll be waiting for you."

And then she disappeared.

The knife dropped on the ground beside her.

Her very soul wanted to end it all. But then what would happen to her family? How will they be able to survive? How will they manage without her. Her mother was already broken with their father's death. And her little sister was too young to face the world on her own. Furthermore, Ares had promised to look after them until everyrhing was solved. Would he look after them if she was no more?

Even if he would, wouldn't Lares come after them too.

Killing her would be good for her but how could she be so selfish to only care for herself. Not only would she die she will unknowingly kill them all.

The only thing that she can do now is to look into the matter and investigate it thoroughly. There were a lot of questions to be answered.

Why is she being investigated upon?

Why does Lares hate her so much?

Why is Ares offering her protection?

No matter how rea.s.suring everything was, she always felt something amiss. Ares said he trusted her yet he still never disclosed why she was branded a criminal in this heathen.

This person Lares. He is a total psychopath. Why was he after her?

And after doing so much to her why did he leave her alive?

Also he looked very familiar. As if she knew him before. But where?
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Every thought brought a new question.

Every turn came to a dead end.

Now she was sure that everything was not as it appeared. And most probably her family was not safe.

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